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Status of the Shared Areas Work Dan Romascanu Pat Thaler.

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1 Status of the Shared Areas Work Dan Romascanu Pat Thaler

2 1. IETF TRILL Fine-grained labeling and IEEE tags - CLOSED 2. IETF BFD and IEEE 802.1AX – Initial concern about using BFD to detect Link Aggregation failures – Clarified scope of the work in BFD (liaisons and direct discussions) – BFD documents to be reviewed by IEEE – Owners: Adrian Farrel, Norm Finn

3 3. IETF NVO3 and IEEE DCB – IEEE 802.1Qbg VDP might be used as the basis for the communication that NVO may need between an end system and an external box (e.g. bridge or router) doing the NVO encapsulation. Coordination will help determine if VDP is a suitable candidate and possibly to make any amendment needed in VDP for NVO usage – Followed up by IEEE participation in NVO3 WG and by sending documents (requirements and architecture) for review to IEEE when available – In monitoring – Owners: Adrian Farrel, Pat Thaler

4 4. IETF awareness of IEEE 802.1Q-2011 – Tutorials at IETF-86 – Owners: Pat Thaler, Dan Romascanu – Proposal to close 5. Effect of virtualization on IEEE 802 architecture – Internet-Draft and Presentation at IETF-86 (Technical Plenary, OPSAREA) – Owner: Glenn Parsons – Proposal to close 6. IETF EMU and IEEE 802.1X, and security based on EAP - CLOSED

5 7. IETF Ethernet MIB, ADSL MIB and IEEE – Alignment between the IEEE and IETF documents IEEE passed Sponsor Ballot and will be published in June draft-ietf-opsawg-rfc5066bis – will undergo 2 nd WGLC Informational RFC documenting the transition of the MIB work from the IETF to the IEEE 80.3 WG to follow – Owners: Benoit Claise, Howard Frazier 8. IETF 6LOWPAN and IEEE – IEEE activity on Layer 2 routing may impact work in the IETF 6LOWPAN WG – Established liaison and personal contacts – IEEE estimation - no immediate impact – In monitoring – Owners: Ralph Droms, Clint Powell

6 9. IETF PAWS WG and , , – PAWS charter explicitly mentions the need to coordinate with the relevant WGs in IEEE 802 – WGs identified, much of the connection consists of Gabor Bajkos participation in both SDOs – Communicated on IETF LC of draft-ietf-paws-problem- stmt-usecases-rqmts – Owners: Bruce Kraemer, Gabor Bajko 10. IETF IPPM and LMAP, and IEEE Metrology Study Group – IEEE P ("Mobile Broadband Network Performance Measurements") needs coordination with work in IPPM and LMAP (when formed) – Established relation and exchanged liaisons – Owners: Roger Marks

7 11. IETF Mobile IP and EC OmniRAN Study Group – proposal for a new IEEE 802 WG to specify access network abstraction layer above IEEE 802 access technologies, noting that the work is related to some IETF WGs (e.g. DMM, MIF, NETEXT), and made the following recommendations: - IEEE 802 OmniRAN can close the gap and tie 802 devices into a family of standards within a heterogeneous IP network supporting evolving IETF standards – Presentation in this meeting – Owner: Roger Marks 12. IETF HOKEY and IEEE CLOSED

8 13. IETF MIF and IEEE – Avoid duplication of work between MIF and IETF MIF should identify requirements and make references to media independent and media specific SAPs where appropriate – Overlap discussed at IETF-85 – Owners: Subir Das, Ralph Droms (to be replaced by …) 14. IETF IPFIX Information Elements for Data Link monitoring – IEEE Expert Review required for IETF document that models Data Link information – WGLC comments from IEEE and draft-ietf-ipfix- data-link-layer-monitoring – Owner: Benoit

9 15. IETF RADIUS attributes for IEEE 802 networks – IEEE Expert Review required for IETF document that models Data Link information – The document was forwarded for comments to the IEEE Security TG No comments received – To be sent again at IETFLC – Owners: Bernard, Benoit 16. IEEE802.1Q SRP (and Gen2 updates) and SDP/SIP – work to date has used SIP and SDP, and that he is looking into other communities and IETF working groups like DISPATCH and CORE to see if they need to be involved – there is a challenge in getting cross-membership fertilization between the groups – Owner: Michael Johas Teener

10 17. IEEE 802.1AS/1588 and NTP – IEEE 1588 is about to be opened for revision, and the IEEE 802.1AS revision has already started as project 802.1ASbt – need one or more IETF experts to work with the 1588 and 802 communities, particularly since the relevant parts of those standards are (or soon will be) open for revision – RAI ADs responded that they consider this out-of- scope, no answer from the Transport ADs – Presentation later on the agenda today – Owner: Michael Johas Teener

11 AS/1588, 802.1Q time aware shaper(s) and RTP – IEEE 1722 is a non-routable simple streaming format similar to RTP and the IEC formats used by Firewire: IEEE 1394). Although 1722 was originally only being used in the pro A/V community, it's also being used in automotive and industrial control networks. Recent work in the IETF AVT-core group is building on new RTP extensions so that a precise timestamp based on 1588 or NTP can be directly used without the RTCP cross- timestamp. This simplification work opens up the possibility of using RTP as an IP carrier of IEEE 1722 streams in mixed IP/1722 environments. – RAI ADs recommended to start by discussing the issues on the AVT mailing list (AVTCORE working group) – Owner: Michael Johas Teener

12 19. Common OAM proposal – Proposal in TRILL, Needs coordination and architectural consistency with the IEEE architecture and OAM practice – A couple of presentations in IEEE followed by comments and modifications – TRILL OAM requirements to be sent to IEEE for expert review – Owners: Ralph (to be replaced by …), Norm Finn, Ben Mack-Crane

13 20. use of TRILL as an alternative path selection protocol for use in mesh networks – Proposal in IEEE , possibly using TRILL developped in IETF – No decision yet by IEEE , no action required by now, follow-up – Owners: Owners - Ralph Dorms (to be replaced by …), Tony Jeffree, Bruce Kraemer

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