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Four Generations Working Together Puget Sound Business Travel Association Seattle| Sept. 2012 Juliann Wiese Director Talent Management and Development.

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1 Four Generations Working Together Puget Sound Business Travel Association Seattle| Sept. 2012 Juliann Wiese Director Talent Management and Development

2 Companies committed to staying on top of shifts in workplace attitudes and expectations need to recognize how inextricably intertwined the workforce and the information services of tomorrow will be. Understanding the strategic implications that emerge from the evolution of both will enable organizations to position themselves better to innovate, attract top talent, and win in the marketplace. Daniel W. Rasmus Director of Business Insights Microsoft Corporation

3 Relevance Generational differences can significantly impact: Recruiting and retaining talent Knowledge transfer Change management Motivation and morale Commitment and productivity Innovation and technology

4 Where does your company fall in the following generational change spectrum? Level 4: The generation of people at our organization isnt an issue. Level 3: The generational change is an emerging issue within our organization but we havent done much about it. Level 2: We view generational change as an emerging opportunity. Level 1: Were actively changing the work culture to harness the power of each generation.

5 Does this look familiar?

6 Todays Workplace Demographic Traditionalists or Pre-Boomers (pre- 1946) 6% of work force I am my work Baby Boomers (1946–1964) 41.5% of work force I live to work Generation X (1965-1980) 29% of work force I work to live Millennial/Gen Y (1981-2000) 24% of work force I work to play

7 Traditionalists Or Pre-Boomers Born Pre-1946 Born in the Industrial Age Respectful of authority Sacrificed for the greater good Conventional Fiercely loyal Strong work ethic

8 Boomers =related

9 Baby Boomers Born 1946 - 1964 Grew up in an era of reform Questioned authority Competitive Defined by their professional accomplishments Everyone should pay their dues 80 million could exit the workforce in next decade

10 Generation X – Born 1965 to 1980 Information Age Generation of firsts Self-reliant Friends became family Work/life balance critical Work smarter, not harder

11 Do You Know WHY they are called Generation Y?

12 Millennial or Gen Y Born 1981 to 2000 The why generation Highly educated – least experienced Trophy Kids Confident Technology Dependent High expectations

13 Technology Dependent?

14 Pre- Boomer BoomerGen XGen Y AttireFormalBus. Casual (smart) Bus. Casual (relaxed) Casual and comfortable Work Environment Office onlyLong hours office and home Office, home, flex schedule Mobile anywhere ROWE MotivatorsSelf-worth/ Loyalty Salary/ Recognition Security/ Flexibility Personal Life/ Fun/ Relationships MentorWisdom and Experience need to be utilized Pay your dues, earn your place Dont Micromanage me Coach me/ Involve me/ Support me CommunicateFormal – face to face Face to FaceEmail/ phone/Web IM/Text CareerOne job for life Excel at what you do Transferable career Goes where the fun is SNAPSHOT

15 Pre-Boomers Supporting ThemBring Out Their BestWorking TogetherThe Last Word Ask questions Respect their knowledge Avoid techno-babble Adapt the work (print size) Reward publicly Provide opportunities for knowledge transfer Ask for their opinions Harness their expertise Demonstrate loyalty Offer flexible work solutions Consider using a more formal approach Make and keep appointments Face to face is preferred Respect me From the children are seen and not heard era Command and control style Work ethic is power I am my work Grew up in the Depression / WW2

16 Boomers Supporting ThemBring Out Their BestWorking TogetherThe Last Word Respect their knowledge Upgrade their technology skills Avoid techno-babble Cross mentor Encourage to challenge the status quo Adapt work environment Offer flexible work solutions Support programs that bridge retirement Socially conscious work opportunities Allow telecommuting Reward with title and position Recognize and reward Speak face to face Counsel respectfully Listen to their advice Avoid age jokes Get to know who they are not just what they do Value me Civil rights, womens rights Job opportunity abundant Workaholic Epidemic divorce Work experience is power I live to work

17 Gen X Supporting ThemBring Out Their BestWorking TogetherThe Last Word Help grow their resume Be authentic – walk the talk Provide career-paths Informal approach Guidelines vs. policies Explain the what, not the how Individualize training plans Provide meaningful work Create a fun environment Relax the work settings Create flexible benefits and rewards Offer lateral moves Let go of pay your dues thinking Avoid micromanaging Support life goals alongside career goals Ask what do you think Involve them in strategy and planning Acknowledge efforts Engage in open and honest dialogue Be open minded to creative ideas Be flexible with work hours Manage less structurally Invest in me I work to live Columbine Global warming Personal Computers Realists Loyalty to self Values work life balance

18 Gen Y Supporting ThemBring Out Their BestWorking TogetherThe Last Word Provide stimulating work Avoid micromanaging Attach rewards to performance Offer project based work Embrace social media and technology Offer career-paths Educational reimbursement Promote lateral moves Offer individualized attention Provide internet discussion groups Leading edge training programs Shortened training periods Flexible benefit and work options Promote autonomy with boundaries Make work fun and build in humor Ask about friends, families and hobbies Give them real responsibility Encourage input Provide for coaching and mentoring Avoid hierarchy Informal communication Show commitment to growth and development Be transparent and honest Follow policies that promote teamwork, diversity, inclusion Open space office concepts for idea sharing Show appreciation for tech-savvy skills Mentor me I work to play 9/11 Cell phones/internet/iPods Blended families the norm Environmentally and civically minded Raised with limited rules Desensitized

19 Key Actions! Collaborate Communicate Educate Accommodate

20 2020 Predicted Trends Business decentralization trend will continue Work day punctuated Knowledge transfer critical Just in time learning Thinning of middle management Blended workforce

21 Despite our differences… We all want… Respect Appreciation To Contribute

22 Thank you! Juliann Wiese Director Talent Management and Development

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