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Delayered High Performance work systems Kamlesh Parikarath (PGDM 13-15) IMT Ghaziabad.

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1 Delayered High Performance work systems Kamlesh Parikarath (PGDM 13-15) IMT Ghaziabad

2 What is Delayered HPWS? Shared Information Knowledge Development Performance- linked rewards Egalitarianism Fundamental HPWS Principles Complete Change in Organizational Structure & Dynamics Employees replaced by Knowledge Workers having greater freedom, flexibility & responsibility Flat Organization - Lesser Layers Factors of Delayered HPWS Employee Narrowly defined skill & job Clearly defined duties Ignorant of overall direction of business Unaware of Company performance, plans & strategies Limited or no involvement in creating business Knowledge Worker Handling wide-ranged/Multiple work Handling key business process with undefined variables Well aware of the direction of business Fully aware of Company performance, plans & strategies Extended responsibility & say in deciding Business Creation.

3 Work-Flow & Technology Integration Kw POC for KWs for Professional/Personal assistance Use high-tech systems to mine, manage and disseminate knowledge Guide KWs regarding policies surrounding executive roles Keep track of performance of KWs precisely Lead Servers High Tech Integration Efficient Information dissemination Easier Knowledge retrieval for KWs and Lead Servers Precise assessment of work performed by KWs for better performance rewards HRIS – highly detailed and complex calculation of talents and capabilities of new recruits

4 Replenishmen t/Resource Centres Round-the- clock facilities 24-hour Food Courts Free Transporta tion BYOD Flexible hours Recreation for family members Conveniences & Compensation Work centers become 24-hour replenishment centers Mobile Work System High-tech devices Work from Home VPN enabled Business Phone/online Pre-booking for campus facilities Performance based Compensation Highly detailed and weighted mapping Freedom to choose performance objectives Centrally maintained progress report Sustainable mobile work environment Performance-linked compensation

5 Recruitment CHRO led comprehensive recruitment process HRIS enabled talent acquisition KWs as part of recruitment panel Talent rich and high interpersonal skill based recruitment Re-hiring policies of just-left employees not satisfied with new ventures Recruitment policies directed to minimize attrition Training Early Exposure to Work Environment Extensive training on dealing with diverse group of people Sensitizing on management of classified information & Executive roles Internships part of School & College final projects Internal Branding to increase employee pride Recruitment & Training


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