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Work-Planning and Reporting

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1 Work-Planning and Reporting
Kenroy Roach Monitoring and Evaluation Analyst United Nations Development Programme Guyana 21 September, 2009 Ocean View International Hotel

2 Objectives To reorient participants to UNDP Project Management Approach in the context of RBM To orient participants to UNDP’s Reporting Requirements

3 Overview of Project Management in UNDP
Signing of Project Document – UNDP enters into an agreement with an Implementing Partner (IP). AWP is attached. IP is responsible for : (a) fairly and accurately reporting on project progress and (b) maintaining documentation that shows proper and prudent use of resources

4 Hierarchy of project-level inputs leading to programme-level outcomes

5 IP Project Initiation Process

6 UNDP Project Cycle

7 Key Reporting Considerations
Initiating a Project Key Reporting Considerations

8 Running a Project Report Submission

9 Running a Project: Work-Planning
AWP – using AWP as a basis, develop quarterly work-plans (outputs, targets, planned actions for the quarter, deliverables, financial delivery targets) Quarterly Work-Plans – project implementation tool, accountability tool (at institutional level), and supports preparation of Quarterly Project Progress Report (PPR) Individual Work-plans – sub of quarterly work-plan

10 Example – Quarterly Work-plan

11 UNDP Project Progress Report: An Introduction
Functions: Support project monitoring and tracking Documents realized outputs vs planned outputs for quarter Support financial management and informs delivery projections Enhances accountability Provides Information for Decision making

12 Quarterly PPR Template

13 Risk and Issues Log Risk Definition
“ The possibility that an event will occur and affect the achievement of a the project results either negatively or positively.” It can represent a THREAT or MISSED OPPORTUNITY. Requirements - The preparation of a risk and log is a corporate requirement for each project at the design stage - Project Managers are required to monitor risk and issues and update risk log thoroughout the life of each project - Each Quarter, Project Manager (IP) must submit a report on risk and issues.

14 Risk Log # Description Date Identified Type of risks Impact &
Probability Countermeasures / Mngt response Owner Submitted, updated by Last Update Status Environmental Financial Operational Organisational

15 Issues Log # Description Date Identified Type Impact & Probability
Countermeasures / Mngt response Owner Submitted, updated by Last Update Status Enter a brief description of the issue When was the issue first identified Request for Change Problem Other Describe the potential effect on the project Enter priority on a scale from 1 (low) to 5 (high) Priority = What actions have been taken/will be taken to address this issue Who has been appointed to address this issue Who submitted the issue (In Atlas, automatically recorded) When was the status of the issue last checked e.g. pending, solved

16 Quarterly Reporting Commitments to UNDP: Summary
Project Progress Report – due 10th of 3rd month of each quarter Risk and Issues Log –dues 10th of 3rd month of each quarter FACE – due 10th of 3rd month of each quarter Annual Project Review Report – due 10th of December

17 Group Session: Having considered the presentations made on RBM, Work- Planning and Reporting: (1) Identify 2 key challenges your agency have experienced in the past in reporting to UNDP? (2) Identify 2 key challenges you envisage in complying with UNDP reporting requirements in future? (3) What positive or negative lessons have you learnt in developing UNDP reports.

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