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ODOT Physical Abilities Testing

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1 ODOT Physical Abilities Testing
Joe McFarlane - Regional Director OK/AR

2 Work Steps

3 OBJECTIVES Explain the purpose for the program.
Explain objectives of the program. Explain the ODOT process. Explain the “Employee Flow”.

4 ODOTS Goals: Provide a safer working environment.
Hire and retain physically capable people. Reduce Costs of Worker’s Comp. Insurance. Pre-employment physicals? Return to work physicals?

5 Why Physical Abilities Testing?
Increased costs of work related injuries. Aging work force. Difficulty finding and retaining workforce. Match the physical abilities of a worker to the specific physical demands of a job.

6 Why Physical Abilities Testing?
Helps to reduce the risk of injury due to over exertion and lack of physical ability. Cost reduction and cost containment related to reducing the number of work-related injuries. Additional reduction in associated costs such as time off, worker replacement, lost productivity, employee turnover, reserve allocations, administrative costs and legal expenses which all contribute to the negative financial impact of on-the-job injuries.

7 Additional Benefits of Post Offer Employment Testing
Establishes physical baseline for the employee. Limits employer liability for pre-existing conditions (apportionment). Limits medical treatment to “previous status only”.

8 Post Offer Employment Test Includes
Medical history interview. Blood Pressure. Cardiovascular Step Test. Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation by licensed medical provider comprised of 20 physical measurements of the spine and upper extremities. Static Lifting. Dynamic Lifting. Clinician measures full body impairment.

9 Post Offer Employment Test Includes
Clinician measures joint integrity or looseness. Clinician scores posture, strength, and full body flexibility. Clinician evaluates neurological components . Clinician measures lumbar and cervical range of motion. Clinician establishes baseline status and/or medical risk. Candidate performs job specific tasks. (PAT) Tests matches candidate’s strength and conditioning to job demands. Pass/Fail report provided to employer.

10 ODOT Physical Abilities Tests
Performed review of accident types and job classifications. Result of review: Most accidents coming from: Transportation Equipment Operators (I-IV). Transportation Technicians (I-IV). Auto/Engine Mechanics (I-IV). Majority of accidents soft tissue related (muscle pulls, strains, sprains and skeletal injuries). 30% of these types of injuries required days away from work.

11 ODOT Physical Abilities Tests
4 job descriptions were tested. Each job description has job specific tasks that have gone through validation testing. Validation testing was done on site at ODOT facility, with ODOT personnel, on ODOT equipment, with input from multiple levels of ODOT employees.

12 Protocols Automotive /Engine Mechanic Levels I-IV
Transportation Equipment Operator Levels I-II Levels III-IV Transportation Technician

13 Referral Process – Flow chart
Select Care Management Office (CMO) One call – One number Referral Form- Fax: Employee will be tested in hours Results will be sent back to the person who called the CMO immediately after testing All communication goes through the CMO to track process Robin Sexton at the CMO will manage all ODOT testing

14 Flow Chart Job Offer/ Return to Work
Contingent on passing Physical Abilities and Drug & Alcohol test Selects Call Center (CMO) ODOT representative sends a referral form via fax or immediately schedules with provider for the test within hours calls ODOT representative with appointment time, date, address, tester, etc. Potential/Returning Employee takes Physical Abilities Test Potential/Returning Employee PASSES Physical Abilities Test Potential/Returning Employee FAILS Physical Abilities Test Testing facility sends Select Call Center (CMO) Pass/Fail Form Immediately If fail is for medical reasons, the employee can get medication and release from physician to retake test Selects Call Center (CMO) sends form to ODOT representative Immediately Potential /Returning Employee follows up with ODOT representative once medical issue is under control. ODOT Representative contacts Select Call Center (CMO) to schedule test again

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