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What to Do When You've Lost Motivation at Work Lost My MOJO.

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1 What to Do When You've Lost Motivation at Work Lost My MOJO


3 Challenges One of the challenges of working a part- time or full-time job is staying motivated at work. Losing your motivation for work can have devastating consequences if left unresolved. Would one be expected to be motivated at work all the time?


5 Why Do People Have Low Motivation at Work? No Incentive No Feedback No Help Not Focused Personal Life Decision Making


7 Make Time for Exercise Our activities outside of work can play a significant factor in our job performance. Moderate exercise three to four times a week can have a positive impact on your Moreover, a change in your mood, attitude or energy level can help you regain your lost motivation at work.


9 Stay Positive A positive attitude can translate well into work. This will help you be more successful at work and eventually your attitude will become habitual in your actions.

10 Give Yourself a Reward Rewarding yourself can sometimes help to regain lost motivation. PVAs employee appreciation day can be more often than once a year.

11 Set Small Incremental Goals Some people lose motivation at work when a task becomes overwhelming and unconquerable. This will provide you with a plan to take action and the satisfaction of completing each step. Identify when you're at your peak performance level and schedule time to complete the task then.

12 What else??? Reevaluate your Personal Goals Reevaluate your professional goals Are they in alignment with where you want to be at this time? Is the person in the mirror, who you want other people to see and know? Go back to where your enthusiasm was contagious and you will find your MOJO!!!

13 Questions


15 For more information Visit the website: Here you can find simple motivation tips and techniques to improve your life.

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