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Reforming Social Work in Tough Times. A Welsh approach:- Jon Skone.

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1 Reforming Social Work in Tough Times. A Welsh approach:- Jon Skone.

2 Wales


4 Wales: Population of about 3.25 million. £1.4 billion spent on social services. Employing 70,000 people. Supporting 150,000 people (5%) 6181 registered as having a social work qualification. 1996 LGR = 22 Unitary Authorities. 1997 Welsh Assembly Government.

5 The Miners Strike 1984. A key experience for many social workers. Part of community and the struggle. Loss of community. Would social workers react in the same way today?

6 Social work is not the same as social services. 2005 Social Work in Wales: A Profession to Value 2007 Fulfilled Lives/ Supportive Communities 2011 Sustainable Social Services for Wales 2013 Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Bill.

7 Social work is recognised as being a fundamental part of reforming social services in tough times! We are not, as a Government, minded at this point to develop a National College of Social Work in Wales.

8 Assessment and Care Management. We know that social workers are not simply the deliverers of pre- determined care, but co-ordinators of the support people need (2011) The co-production approach. Need to relearn skills and approaches.

9 Citizen Centred Services Children and young people have clear rights, supported by well developed structures to make these a reality, by advocacy services and by a Childrens Commissioner. The worlds first Commissioner for Older People.

10 We believe that the label personalisation has become too closely associated with a market-led model of consumer choice. Adopting an approach to stronger citizen control.

11 Welsh Government principles for social care. Strong voice and real control. Supporting each other. Safety Respect. Recovery and restoration. Adjusting to new circumstances. Stability. Simplicity. Professionalism.

12 A very public rejection. We will work with all stakeholders, and in particular with service user interests, to develop a model of self-directed support that is consistent with our principles for social care Sustainable Social Services (2011)

13 And finally…… The role of social work in reforming social services has been recognised. The need for changes in policies and practice has been recognised. The market led model for consumer choice has been rejected.

14 But beware of Politicians Inspectors Professional arrogance

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