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MMS Work Transfer Ihab Guirguis

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1 MMS Work Transfer Ihab Guirguis
Senior Manager – Services and Service Architecture Sprint Industry Standards Version 1.0

2 MMS History MMS Development started in 3GPP in 1998
3GPP2 adopted the 3GPP MMS stage-1 Release 5 in 2002 3GPP2 adopted the 3GPP MMS stage-2&3 Release 5 in 2003 3GPP2 adopted the 3GPP MMS stage-1 Release 6 in 2004 3GPP2 is planning to adopt 3GPP MMS stage-2&3 Release 6 by 2004

3 Is MMS Collaboration with OMA New to 3GPP2?
OMA (and previously WAP Forum) developed the specifications for the interface between the mobile devices and the core network (MM1) to meet 3GPP requirements and was adopted by 3GPP2 OMA developed the IOP for MM1 OMA was able to meet the need for the MM1 and was able to deliver specifications in timely manner

4 MMS Activities Stage-1 S.R0064 - Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS)
X.S GPP2 Multimedia Messaging System MMS Specification Overview Stage-2 S MMS Stage 2, Functional Description Stage-3 C.S Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Media Format and Codecs for cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems X.S MMS MM1 Stage 3 Using OMA/WAP X.S MMS MM1 Stage 3 Using M-IMAP for Message Submission and Retrieval X.P MMS MM1 Stage 3 Using SIP (not published) X.P MMS MM3 Stage 3 (not published yet) X.S MMS MM4 Stage 3 Intercarrier Interworking X.S MMS MM7 VASP Interworking Stage 3 Specification

5 MMS – New Work in OMA 1.3 MMS Conformance Specifications
Focus on content to person Vector Graphics, Music Larger Pictures Changes as a result of Release 6 Normative references from OMA to 3GPP2 MMS specifications

6 MMS Collaboration Scenario
No Specification Transfer OMA is allowed to copy text from 3GPP2 MMS specifications to produce a consistent specification set for MMS 1.4 OMA to refer to C.S0045 for codecs for MMS

7 Implications of MMS Work Transfer
3GPP2 will focus on the access technology dependent requirements and specifications. OMA will own the requirements and specifications that are access technology independent 3GPP2 will replace the access independent specifications with the appropriate references to OMA specifications.

8 Copyright Issues The 3GPP2 OPs would need to grant licences to OMA to copy the text contained in the MMS Specifications for the purposes of developing specifications for MMS.

9 IPR Issues OMA and 3GPP2 IPR policies are different
3GPP2 is FRAND to all OMA is FRAND to OMA members Today, to implement MMS, a company will need to licence essential IPR from both OMA companies (relating to OMA MMS specifications) and 3GPP2 companies (relating to 3GPP2 MMS specifications) With the transfer scenario: Specifications prior the transfer: The essential IPR inherent in 3GPP2 specifications remains as it is under the 3GPP2 IPR policy (NO CHANGE) New material developed in OMA will potentially mean new IPR – this will be subject to the OMA IPR policy The essential IPR inherent in OMA MMS 1.3 specifications remains as it is under the OMA IPR policy (NO CHANGE) Without the transfer, companies will still have to deal with the two existing IPRs since the current MMS specifications are split between OMA and 3GPP2 (No problems are known to exist as a result of the split)

10 3GPP PCG Response on MMS Transfer
3GPP PCG on MMS transfer “…3GPP Partners would strongly urge OMA to reconsider its IPR Policy in order that it be aligned with the Policies that prevail within Standards Development Organizations…” “…On the assumption that OMA does see fit to set in place a process to align its IPR Policy, the 3GPP Partners would be pleased to add a specific Agenda item to their next meeting …If, on the other hand, OMA feels that alignment of the IPR Policy is not within their attainment, then it is the view of the 3GPP Partners that further discussion on the transfer of responsibilities would be rather fruitless.”

11 OMA Effort to Complete MMS Work Transfer
OMA-TP set up a task force to make technical preparation for the work transfer OMA-BOD set up a task force to especially address 2GPP PCS’s input, with objective to provide feed back to PCG by October 2004

12 Conclusion The MMS work transfer does not mean transferring the specifications but it means granting OMA license to copy and generate derivatives of 3GPP2 MMS specifications The MMS work transfer is nearly ready from the technical point of view Copyright and IPR issues need to be discussed Need to take into consideration the 3GPP response As a result of the existing split of the MMS Specifications between OMA and 3GPP2, companies had to deal with both IPRs and no problems are known to exist Need to start discussion between 3GPP2 OPs and OMA to discuss the legal implications of the work transfer

13 Q & A

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