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Clean Slate and Housing Providers Progressing practical responses to worklessness Jeff Mitchell.

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1 Clean Slate and Housing Providers Progressing practical responses to worklessness Jeff Mitchell

2 Progressing Responses Introducing Clean Slate Context Practical steps for housing providers Worklessness in the supply chain

3 Introducing... JM: 18 years in social enterprise Creating and supporting paid work for people facing barriers to employment Employment business with regular (Somer, Bath Abbey) and ad hoc opportunities Walk-in centres offering job preparation Supporting employers/ new enterprises, Quids in! Event in October to engage RPs

4 (Perceived) Barriers Costs: Support, returning to work, housing Culture change: addressing tenants/ worklessness One Size Fits All approach, not long-term Fewer jobs – and access (geographic/ cultural/ skills/ confidence/ practical, eg, CRBs) Limited info re. opportunities (esp. for employers) Punitive welfare system – Benefits trap

5 Welfare Reform (Crisis pres) Work Programme on-stream – no NFP delivery Pushing claimants towards JSA, later… Universal Credit – with taper for returners to work LHA revised down, Single Room Rate aged <35 £500 cap on household claims Social rents up to 80% market rate Under-occupancy, non-dependents at home

6 Financial Exclusion Quids in!: Money management magazine for people on low incomes Merlin research (South Glos) – now national Key findings (see handout): 42% working age and able to work; 31% are unbanked Biggest money worry: Paying bills (54%); Debt (24%) Needed advice on: Debt (33%); Income Max (25%) 88% of non-f/t employed worry about benefits

7 Engaging Workless People Job Shops with self-referral, drop-in access 350 visitors seeking help with CVs, job search Accessible: community- based and peer support Structured programme to work into the process

8 Getting On the Job Not the Work Programme: CVs: Resumes are not fit for purpose Building on skills and qualities, often buried IT a pre-requisite – practical application Role playing expectations Setting appropriate, personalised goals Bespoke action plans Employment – seeing skills at work


10 Aspiring to More Worklessness research: 60% looking for work 8% had no plans for work Money the motivation Interest in all kinds of work incl. wet trades, shop, office, animals and support work

11 Somer Pilot Somer Housing inspired to engage with combating worklessness. Clean Slate entered supply chain: Packing and delivery Supplying Clean Slate workers as temps Employability projects engaging workless people Handy Help Co (pilot underway) – looking at retro-fitting and (with Quids in!) engaging low income households Goodwill Good sense Common sense


13 Working Together Looking for employers with a clear social remit: 3 managers x 2 Temp Workers x 3.5 hrs pw CSTE supports Temp Workers and supervisors with job matching, induction work and coaching Individuals prove and improve their employability Low hassle, low risk, low cost to employers Value: Flexible, additional capacity Structured recruitment of tenants

14 Work Steps Back to Work events, emp support for tenants Signposting to existing opportunities Shared resources on best practice Step Path for people at different places Introduce Clean Slate to the supply chain – Temp Workers, HandyHelp, distribution/ packing Decision-making: Buy-in and approval

15 Clean Slate in B&NES Progressing practical responses to worklessness Jeff Mitchell

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