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Patterns and Directions Found in the 2007–2011 Plan of Work Bart Hewitt April 2007.

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1 Patterns and Directions Found in the 2007–2011 Plan of Work Bart Hewitt April 2007

2 Plan of Work – A Short History Development began January 2004 Proposed Guidelines Published June 2005 Final Guidelines Published January 2006 2007-2011 Plan of Work submitted June 2006

3 Plan of Work Goals Why do we have a new Plan of Work Electronic System? Responds to AREERA Opportunity to reduce reporting burden over time Maximize usefulness of information Improve Plan of Work accountability Meet requirements of Program management OMB and USDA Congress

4 Plan of Work – Benefits Reduced reporting burden on institutions Easier for Partners to review what other states are doing (POWs are Published in REEIS) Easier for both Partners and CSREES to identify performance measures & track progress with structured format States will receive better and more timely feedback on their Plan of Work and Annual Report from CSREES Supporting documentation for Internal and External Requirements To produce the Plan of Work Summary Document

5 Plan of Work Data Use How will CSREES use the information from the Plan of Work for planning and accountability? Program Leadership State Plan of Work Accountability Portfolio Reviews OMB PART process Budget Performance Integration GAO and OIG inquiries Answer Congressional & Departmental inquiries Brings greater visibility of successes of Formula Funded Programs

6 Quick Statistics - Submission 85 Plans of Work Received 93 Plans in Old Plan of Work 50 Combined Submissions 48 Combined Research/Extension 1 Combined 1862/1890 Research 1 Combined 1862/1890 Extension 35 Single Entity Submissions

7 Quick Statistics - Review 6 Plans Returned for More Information All 85 Plans of Work Approved Average Approval Time: 70 Days 79 days under the old Plan of Work

8 Planned Programs 1018 Planned Programs Range: 1 to 76 Planned Programs Median: 9 Planned Programs


10 Most Frequent Top 10 Planned Program Title Themes 1. Youth Development and 4-H 2. Rural and Community Development 3. Natural Resources and Environment 4. Health 5. Plant Production 6. Animal Systems 7. Nutrition 8. Agricultural Systems General 9. Sustainable Agriculture 10. Food Safety

11 FTEs in Planned Programs 16972 FTEs Total

12 FTEs by Knowledge Area Top 10 806Youth Development10.46% 205Plant Management Systems5.65% 802Human Development and Family Well-Being4.20% 703Nutrition Education and Behavior3.44% 307Animal Management Systems3.19% 212Pathogens and Nematodes Affecting Plants3.11% 216Integrated Pest Management Systems3.11% 102Soil, Plant, Water, Nutrient Relationships2.97% 801Individual and Family Resource Management2.71% 601Economics of Agricultural Production and Farm Management2.43%

13 FTEs by Knowledge Area Bottom 10 512Quality Maintenance in Storing and Marketing Non-Food Products0.04% 611Foreign Policy and Programs0.05% 103Management of Saline and Sodic Soils and Salinity0.08% 122Management and Control of Forest and Range Fires0.08% 214Vertebrates, Mollusks, and Other Pests Affecting Plants0.11% 404Instrumentation and Control Systems0.12% 134Outdoor Recreation0.17% 313Internal Parasites in Animals0.17% 902Administration of Projects and Programs0.19% 314 Toxic Chemicals, Poisonous Plants, Naturally Occurring Toxins, and Other Hazards Affecting Animals0.19%

14 FTEs by CSREES Portfolio 1. International Economic Development 2. Agricultural Structures and Farm Management 3. Agricultural Markets and Trade 4. Food Processing and Bio-Based Products 5. Plant Production 6. Animal Production 7. Economic and Business Decision-Making 8. Quality of Life in Rural Areas 9. Food Safety 10. Plant Protection 11. Animal Protection 12. Nutrition and Healthier Food Choices 13. Forests and Rangeland 14. Soil, Air, and Water



















33 Expected Activities


35 Expected Outputs Patents YearNumber 2007349 2008389 2009426 2010423 2011487

36 Expected Outputs Extension Direct Contacts YearAdultYouth 200717,187,0009,132,000 200817,358,0009,274,000 200917,594,0009,449,000 201017,373,0009,616,000 201117,970,0009,792,000 (Rounded to nearest thousand)


38 State Defined Outputs and Outcomes Wide Array of Outputs and Outcomes Need to link to KAs for Analysis Analysis once Annual Reports Submitted



41 Stakeholder Input Use of media to announce public meetings and listening sessions75% Targeted invitation to traditional stakeholder groups87% Targeted invitation to non-traditional stakeholder groups74% Targeted invitation to traditional stakeholder individuals88% Targeted invitation to non-traditional stakeholder individuals74% Targeted invitation to selected individuals from general public60% Survey of traditional stakeholder groups67% Survey of traditional stakeholder individuals64% Survey of the general public44% Survey specifically with non-traditional groups41% Survey specifically with non-traditional individuals26% Survey of selected individuals from the general public27% Other20% Actions taken to seek stakeholder input that encourages their participation

42 Stakeholder Input Use Advisory Committees95% Use Internal Focus Groups64% Use External Focus Groups64% Open Listening Sessions69% Needs Assessments64% Use Surveys65% Other21% Method to identify individuals and groups

43 Stakeholder Input Meeting with traditional Stakeholder groups95% Survey of traditional Stakeholder groups69% Meeting with traditional Stakeholder individuals87% Survey of traditional Stakeholder individuals64% Meeting with the general public (open meeting advertised to all)61% Survey of the general public35% Meeting specifically with non-traditional groups56% Survey specifically with non-traditional groups42% Meeting specifically with non-traditional individuals47% Survey specifically with non-traditional individuals34% Meeting with invited selected individuals from the general public59% Survey of selected individuals from the general public33% Other15% Methods for collecting Stakeholder Input

44 Stakeholder Input In the Budget Process67% To Identify Emerging Issues95% Redirect Extension Programs72% Redirect Research Programs78% In the Staff Hiring Process67% In the Action Plans73% To Set Priorities92% Other12% A statement of how the input will be considered

45 Merit Review Process Internal University Panel39% External University Panel71% External Non-University Panel38% Combined Internal and External University Panel39% Combined Internal and External University and External Non-University Panel32% Expert Peer Review65% Other14%

46 What Next? Publish the 2007 – 2011 Plan of Work Summary Prepare for how we are going to summarize the 2007 Annual Report Work with IT to get the data organized for use

47 Plan of Work Additional Information CSREES Plan of Work Web Page Contact Information Bart Hewitt, Accountability and Reporting Leader 202-720-0747

48 Q&A

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