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Standardized Work Creating Continuous Flow

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1 Standardized Work Creating Continuous Flow
Process Coaching Incorporated Presented by: Brian D Krichbaum

2 Standardized Work Definition
A detailed and documented system in which production workers both develop and follow a repeatable sequence of tasks within a work assignment. The standardized work sequence represents the best practices for the operator to follow in the completion of his/her job.

3 Standardized Work Elements
Takt time – Demand Rate Cycle Time – Production Time Work Sequence

4 Standardized Work Takt Time
Takt Time - the demand rate of production, the rate at which we sell our product or service. Takt is a German musical term which refers to the pace, or drumbeat of a musical score. The concept of takt keeps our activities on pace much as the metronome keeps the musician on the beat.

5 Standardized Work The Tools
Process Instruction Sheets Standardized Work Analysis Sheet (Cell Layout) Time Observation Sheet Operator Balance Chart Standard Work Combination Sheet

6 Standardized Work Process Instruction Sheets
Definition Detailed, visual instructions written from the perspective of the operator which detail the sequence, methods, tools required and critical to quality characteristics of an operation.

7 Standardized Work Cell Layout
Definition Detailed, visual representation of the location of everything in the workcell, including workstations, parts racks and storage areas, and operators. Used to plan the layout of cells, analyze the amount of walking built into the process and to institutionalize improvements

8 Standardized Work Time Observation Exercise
Job Descriptions: Production Operators – Remove labels from 3” x 3” blocks Packer – Pack boxes and maintain supplies Industrial Engineer – Conduct time studies

9 Standardized Work Time Observation Exercise
Work Instructions Obtain Full Box of Blocks Empty Box – Place Blocks on Table Remove 1 blue label from each block Remove 1 yellow label from each block Remove 1 red label from each block Repack Box Return to storage area


11 Standardized Work Operator Balance Charts
Definition A graphical representation of the times required by each operator in a cell to complete their individual work elements. Operator balance charts are used to distribute work and ensure work is being completed near takt.


13 Standardized Work Equipment Guidelines
Before investing in more equipment: Eliminate waste in the machine cycle Split apart tasks at the bottlenecks; use more than one machine Install multiple machines at the bottlenecks Create another cell When there are no other choices, operate the bottleneck in a decoupled manner (batch, not flow) 8. Ibid - page 63

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