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Analyzing Student Work National Board Candidate Support Jolynn Tarwater 2006.

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1 Analyzing Student Work National Board Candidate Support Jolynn Tarwater 2006

2 Enduring Understanding Analysis of student work will serve to broaden and deepen your practice, thus enhancing student learning.

3 Essential Question How do student responses illuminate your practice?

4 Objectives – Participants will: Communicate the importance of analyzing student work Understand the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching Analyze student work Connect practice with student evidence Relate writing practice to portfolio entry

5 Article Analyzing Student Work, Improving Teacher Practice by Kathy Checkley (ASCD Classroom Leadership, vol. 3, no. 5, February 2000)

6 Main Points of Article Student work can be a tool for teachers to analyze their own practice It is important to learn to look and be descriptive and specific about the work Teachers must also pay attention to what a student gets right Analysis of student performance required more knowledge about the student (NBPTS Standard link) Questions and answers about a students work an help map an instructional course



9 Enhanced Architecture of Accomplished Teaching START HERE: ASSESSMENT OF STUDENTS Who are they? Where are they now? What do they need and when do they need it? Where should I begin? Set high, worthwhile goals appropriate for these students, at this time, in this setting Implement instruction designed to attain these goals. Evaluate student learning in light of the goals and the instruction. Reflect on student learning, the effectiveness of instructional design, particular concerns and issues. Set new high and worthwhile goals that are appropriate for these students at this time. Provide timely, meaningful feedback to students about their level of accomplishment of the targeted goals.

10 Student Work Samples What does this students response to the assignment tell you about his or her understanding/misunderstanding of the content area under study? (sample question from the portfolio instructions) Look at work samples using An In- Depth Look at Students Work

11 Work Sample




15 Your students samples Use the Analysis of Student Work page to practice analyzing your students work.

16 Summarizer Why does the NBPTS have teachers submit student work samples and provide written commentary including description, analysis, and reflection?

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