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Preparing a Work Plan BA25 Business Communications Professor Melody Thomas.

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1 Preparing a Work Plan BA25 Business Communications Professor Melody Thomas

2 Work Plan A carefully thought-out plan for ensuring you produce good work on schedule by identifying all tasks to be performed and making sure nothing gets overlooked.

3 Work Plan Elements Statement of the Problem or Opportunity Statement of the Purpose and Scope of investigation Research Strategy Tentative Outline Work Schedule

4 Statement of the Problem Clarifies the challenge you face Helps you stay focused on the core issues Assists everyone in avoiding distractions

5 Statement of Purpose Starts with infinitive phrase: To... Defines the focus of the report Sets the boundaries (scope) of the project by stating scope of research Points out significance of report Discusses limitations affecting the research or where findings can be applied

6 Our companys market share is steadily declining. We need $2 million to launch our new product. To explore different ways of selling our products and to recommend the ones that will most likely increase our market share. To convince investors that our new business would be a sound investment so that we can obtain desired funding. PROBLEM STATEMENTSTATEMENT OF PURPOSE

7 PROBLEM STATEMENT Many women between the ages of 22 and 38 have trouble finding jeans that fit. The leases on all company cars will be expiring in three months. Expenses and paperwork for employee-owned cars seems excessive. To secure an advertising contract from Lee Jeans that will examine published accounts about the jeans industry and Lee Jeans in particular. To recommend a plan that provides sales reps with cars to be used in their calls. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

8 Research Strategy Potential sources of information Methods of collecting data Constraints on time, money, personnel, or data

9 Tentative Outline of Report Problem factoring: –Divide the major problem into subproblems stated as questions to be answered. Working outline guides research efforts

10 Work Schedule States assignments Provides deadlines Describes final products Estimates time needed for each task Follow the journalistic approach –Who, what, where, when

11 Sample Work Plan Company is considering whether or not to to launch a newsletter

12 Statement of Problem The rapid growth of our company over the past five years has reduced the sense of community among our staff. People no longer feel like part of an intimate organization where they matter as individuals. Statement of Purpose The purpose of this study is to determine whether a company newsletter would help rebuild employee identification with the organization. The study will evaluate the impact of newsletters in other companies and will attempt to identify features that might be desirable in our own newsletter. Such variables as length, frequency of distribution, types of articles, and graphic design will be considered. Costs will be estimated for several approaches. In addition, the study will analyze the personnel and the procedures required to produce a newsletter.

13 Sources and Methods of Data Collection Sample newsletters will be collected from 50 companies similar to ours in size, growth rate, and types of employees. The editors will be asked to comment on the impact of their publications on employee morale. Our own employees will be surveyed to determine their interest in a newsletter and their preferences for specific features. Production procedures and costs will be analyzed through conversations with newsletter editors and printers.

14 PRELIMINARY OUTLINE I. Do newsletters affect morale? A. Do people read them? B. How do employees benefit? C. How does the company benefit? II. What are the features of good newsletters? A. How long are they? B. What do they contain? C. How often are they published? D. How are they designed? III. How should a newsletter be produced? A. Should it be written, edited, and printed internally? B. Should it be written internally and printed outside? C. Should it be totally produced outside? IV. What would a newsletter cost? A. What would the personnel costs be? B. What would the materials cost be? C. What would outside services cost? V. Should we publish a company newsletter? VI. If so, what approach should we take?

15 WORK PLAN Each phase of this study will be completed by the following dates and personnel: Action Deadline Person Responsible Collect/analyze newsletters 9/3-9/14 Entire team Interview editors by phone 9/16-9/27 Susan and John Survey employees 9/16-9/27 Mary and Joseph Develop sample 9/30-10/7 John Develop cost estimates 10/8-10/11 Mary Prepare report 10/14-10/25 Joseph Prepare graphics 10/14-10/25 Susan Rehearse presentation 10/25-10/27 Entire team Complete PPT slides 10/27-10/29 John Submit final report 10/30 Joseph

16 Preparing Your Reports WRITTEN REPORT Divide workload Conduct research Interview foreign student Write draft Submit to editor Complete final report for submission CLASS PRESENTATION Divide workload Prepare slides Submit to editor Rehearse class presentation Conduct final presentation Assign team leader Select report topic and team name Establish meeting dates for rest of term

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