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Working with you, were changing the world one learner at a time. Gwinnett County Public Schools SuccessMaker ® At-Home.

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1 Working with you, were changing the world one learner at a time. Gwinnett County Public Schools SuccessMaker ® At-Home

2 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise 18 Research-based Courses for PreK-8 Reading/Language Arts Mathematics ESL, ELD and Bilingual Science (grades 4-5 only)

3 Why Use Success Maker? Improves student achievement –Introduce students to new concepts before they are taught by teacher –Individualized instruction at an appropriate level Reteaches non-mastered skills Enriches students above grade level –Analyzes student response in more depth than other similar programs –Provides helpful reports to teacher (example: Areas of Difficulty report) –Predicts CRCT success rate with 80% accuracy

4 At White Oak Our 3-5 th grade students use a Reading and or Math course 2 times a week for 15 minute sessions. You may purchase the at-home kit for any White Oak student. Only 1 kit needs to be purchased for each family. If purchased your child/children would be assigned the Success Maker courses that are age/level appropriate.

5 2 students may start out at the same level, but Initial Placement Motion determines the appropriate instructional level for each. Ongoing assessment and dynamic placement for individualized learning SuccessMaker ® Enterprise

6 Intelligent Tutoring

7 Mastery Learning Answer Patterns Here you see 2 students and examples of their answer patterns. Although both students received a 50% accuracy rate in the end, by examining their answer patterns, the software can identify that the student on the bottom row did eventually master the concept, whereas the top row student still needs tutoring with the concept. X XXXX 50% XXXXX

8 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise Reading Readiness for PreK-K Essential pre-reading skills – sessions are only 15 minutes long Print Awareness Phonemic Awareness Vocabulary Development Comprehension Skill Development

9 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise Initial Reading for K-2 Early literacy instruction – sessions are 15 minutes long l Letter Identification l Phonemic Awareness/Phonics l Word Comprehension l Sentence Comprehension l Sight Words l Passage Comprehension

10 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise Readers Workshop for grades 2-5 Systematic reading instruction and skill building – 15 minute sessions Vocabulary development Comprehension skills Reference skills

11 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise Reading Investigations for grades 6-8 Reading strategies and thinking skills – 40 minute sessions required Authentic fiction and nonfiction Develops comprehension and vocabulary Content area instruction

12 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise 16 strands covering over 1600 objectives Aligned to national and state standards Interactive practice and assessment Individualized instruction for self-paced learning Math Concepts and Skills for K-8 Fundamental mathematics instruction – 15 minute sessions

13 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise Promotes critical thinking and problem solving 100 pre-set activities Data bank with graphing tools Journal for communicating understanding Authentic assessment opportunities Dynamic tools to develop conceptual understanding Online manipulatives to provide a pictorial bridge from the concrete to the abstract Math Corner for PreK-5 Exploration of mathematics concepts

14 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise Reading Adventures Primary for K-2 Authentic literature and skill instruction l Award-winning literature l Decodable books l Integrated tools to encourage emergent writers

15 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise Reading Adventures for grades 3-6 Reading strategies and authentic literature Award-winning literature – Over 100 titles Integrated writing activities Essential skill development

16 SuccessMaker ® Enterprise Math Investigations for grades 5-8 Opportunities to explore, predict, construct and reflect Develops mastery and provides reinforcement of key concepts Includes highly interactive, engaging, context-rich environments Promotes student skills in applying mathematics and making problem- solving connections to the real world

17 Please Note: Your child has been assigned courses on his/her instructional level. An appropriate length of time has also been assigned. Please only have your child do 1 session of each subject per day. As a parent you can sit with your child and monitor but please do not help with answers; otherwise the needed tutorial will not kick in and data collected will not show childs true independent level.

18 Data shows that in most cases, more time on Success Maker = more gain within the program

19 SuccessMaker Hardware Requirements Pentium II or higher 64 MB RAM CD ROM Drive Internet Access Internet Explorer (included with software) Not yet compatible with Windows 7

20 Accessing SuccessMaker Enterprise at Home Complete the Success Maker at Home registration form (Found as a link off White Oaks Technology Page > Success Maker) Return completed form to Jessica Hill, along with a check for $30 made out to White Oak ES. Look in your childs book bag for software set to come home.

21 Accessing SuccessMaker Enterprise at Home Install courseware set up cds (first time only) Disable any pop up blockers Go to White Oaks Home Page and click on the Success Maker link.. Click on the Home Access Website link.

22 Accessing SuccessMaker Enterprise at Home Students will then use the same log in username and password as they do at school. If they do not use the program at school, a username and password will be sent home along with the software.

23 Accessing SuccessMaker Enterprise Parent Reports Click Generate Reports Select the category of report you want to view or print and click Next

24 Accessing SuccessMaker Enterprise Parent Reports Select the report you want to view and click Next Click the Users tab to select the user(s) Click View Report

25 Detailed reports to help parents pinpoint areas of difficulty and target instruction

26 SuccessMaker Courseware Information For more information about the courseware assigned to your child, go to: aker/ aker/ Click on the Courseware link

27 SuccessMaker Additional Curriculum Resources On the classroom interface, click on the globe

28 Copyright © 2002 NCS Pearson, Inc. All rights reserved.

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