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Linking Australian Education to the World Who is ISCA and what do we do for you? ISCA works with Mary MacKillop College and manages their homestay.

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2 Linking Australian Education to the World


4 Who is ISCA and what do we do for you? ISCA works with Mary MacKillop College and manages their homestay program. ISCA interviews and selects homestay families. Maintains a database of suitable homestay families with current Blue Cards. ISCA liaises with the new girls and finds each girl a homestay family as close a match based on her requirements and interests as possible. ISCA monitors the well-being and progress of the girls in homestay and in school. ISCA also is there to listen to the homestay family. In case of problems or situations, ISCA is there to mediate and counsel, assist and support. We always try to find the best outcome for both student and family. ISCA with Mary MacKillop College manage the payments to host families. Students are not to enter into private financial arrangements with families except via ISCA.

5 ISCA Contact Details Office: 14 Grays Rd, HAMILTON Brisbane QLD 4007 Telephone: 3268 6117 Facsimile: 3868 2830 E-mail: Postal Address: PO Box 735, HAMILTON QLD 4007 Web: Student Advisor: Nivi Das Homestay Manager: Robyn Phillips Emergency Contact: 0413 229 960 OR 0438 424 988 (24 Hours a Day)

6 ISCA team you will be dealing with.. Robyn PhillipsNivi Das Rbyn Phillips Wendy Geldenhuys

7 Enrolment & Fee payments ISCA will invoice students parents for homestay fees Legal requirement for parents and students to sign the ISCA enrolment forms

8 Who do we contact and when: Any homestay related issues - students and homestay families, please contact either ISCA or Mrs Narelle Dobson, the Deputy Principal and Coordinator of International Students at school. Any issues related to school/ homework/ extra-curricular activities, please contact Mrs Narelle Dobson. Group Teacher, House Co-ordinator, and Mrs Dobson. It is important for your student to remain in contact with your House Group Teacher, your House Co-ordinator, and Mrs Dobson. Mrs Narelle Dobson is the International Coordinator and is in charge of the welfare of the overseas students – Mobile No: 0433 455 570 If the student is unwell, a responsible adult from the homestay family needs to call the School Absentee line 3266 5733

9 Relationship between Dept. of Immigration, The School & ISCA Important to remember Students from overseas are classified as VISA students by Immigration who set very strict guidelines for the students while they are at school in Australia. It is imperative that the student attends school every day and that if she is absent through illness a doctor's certificate is required. Any student who is absent from school for more than 10% of a term (usually a term is between 8 to 10 weeks long) must be reported to Immigration and could be sent home. The school monitors weekly the attendance of the Visa students to enable us to take action early if a student appears to be taking time off school regularly. Homestay parents need to remind students of the policy and need to alert ISCA and the school if they are concerned about their student and her desire to be absent for unexplained reason. This policy is explained to the girls at interview.

10 School and DIAC Early departure from school at holiday times is unacceptable. The excuse that cheaper airfares can be obtained outside the holiday period is not reason for early departure from school. Please remind your student that the school expectation is that she arrange travel departure for the first day of the school holidays or the evening of the last day of term. Any student who takes early leave to fly home and does not inform the school will have her enrolment terminated. Immigration sets very strict standards for the performance of students in relation to academic progress. The school must monitor the performance of all VISA students and report to immigration any student who is not trying her best with her studies or who is presenting a poor attitude to school and her academic program. Homestay parents should let their student know that they are aware of these expectations and monitor the homework and study pattern of their student.

11 How can the homestay Family help? Notify ISCA immediately of any emergency involving your student (medical or otherwise); Contact with Mrs Narelle Dobson by the homestay parent is the most appropriate course of action in the first instance if there is concern about any matter relating to her students school life Extra-Curricular activities - the school encourages all students to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity in either the sports or music program. Homestay parents should encourage this and support the transportation of their student to and from the activities. If your student is unwell, please phone Mary MacKillop College EACH morning your student will not be attending school to inform them on the following number: 3266 5733. If your student is unwell and visits a doctor, please make sure your student submits a doctors certificate to school on their return. Year 11 and 12 students who are absent from an exam or assessment date MUST have a doctors certificate.

12 Curfew time and other rules Irrespective of age (under or over 18 years of age), sleepovers with friends is not encouraged. Unless prior arrangements have been made, forms signed and permission granted, students are not permitted to travel and stay overnight away from their homestay family home. ISCA also requires notification that a student will be away from their homestay family, after the correct procedure has been followed and permission granted. The host family must be involved in the arrangements regarding transport, pick up etc. A day trip (eg to the Gold Coast), arriving home before dark, is permitted. It is essential that you know where your student is at ALL times; During the school week, your student should travel home directly from school (perhaps a quick trip to the shops, if necessary) but basically, students should not be at a shopping centre for any length of time wearing their school uniform. Students must always be home by 5 - 6pm (before dark in summer or winter). Nundah Village is out of bounds for Mary MacKillop College students; On weekend nights (Fri & Sat), your student should also always be home by 10pm. This does not mean leaving the city at 10pm, it means leaving the activity so that you will be at your home by 10pm. If a social activity is planned (eg a party with school friends), 10pm is the suggested curfew time, and a student should be picked up rather than catch public transport from the venue. Prior to the activity, the host family should make contact with the person arranging the activity to ensure there will be suitable and adequate supervision, and obtain name/address and contact phone numbers; If your student works part-time, similar guidelines apply regarding transport home from the location of their employment. Arrangements should be made for a taxi (at the students expense) or for a host family member to pick up the student;

13 Important notes for Homestay Families Please ensure you have your students mobile number with you at all times, and that your student has all your familys and ISCAs contact phone numbers with them at all times; For further information regarding your student going out with their friends, please read this section in the Overseas Students Host Family Orientation Booklet (available at Orientation) If you feel your student has broken or may have broken any rules, please contact ISCA immediately.

14 Students Ask your homestay family to explain their daily routine to you in detail; Always ask questions so that you understand what to expect; Get enough rest by keeping a regular bedtime schedule. You will probably be very tired by the end of the day; Communication between yourself and host family members, especially your host mother, is very important; ISCA staff are always available 24/7 to assist you and to talk to you Someone is always there for YOU.

15 Please dont turn off your Mobile phone if you are out in the evening- Please give your mobile phone number to your homestay family, International Co-ordinator in your school and to ISCA so they are able to contact you in an emergency. Please ensure your phone does not run out of credit, or out of battery when you are out and about. Please keep your phone turned on when you are out in the evening or during weekend.

16 Be Safe: Common-sense is important You can never be TOO safe Always keep credit on your mobile phone and your battery charged. Take your phone with you so you are always contactable. Get home before dark. Do not wait alone at bus-stops or train stations after dark. Always inform your host family where you are going, who you are with, when you are coming home When you are at the beach: swim between the flags Always use sunscreen and sun hat when you are in the sun.

17 If you are ill:- If you become unwell, let your host family know immediately. The host parents may have medication that is safe to take; or seek advice from the pharmacy; otherwise an appointment will be made to see a doctor who may prescribe medication. If you have to visit a doctor you will be expected to pay for the consultation at the time of appointment. You can claim this back later from your medical insurance by completing a Claim Form issued by Medibank Private. You will need to show them your Overseas Health Care Card. You will then receive a cash refund.

18 You can make this as easy or difficult as you want it to be!

19 Different food? Well try everything out. At least once. Let your host family know Allergies Food preference Dietary restrictions How much or how little you like

20 Internet If you are accessing internet on the host familys wireless system, you need to follow some rules and protocols for the usage of Internet Please obey house rules regarding Internet use. Discuss your needs with your host parents. If you are permitted to use the computer, use only at the time that is appropriate and under the conditions allowed. If there is only one telephone line into the home for telephone and internet, you may need to limit your time on the internet. Please discuss how much download time is available with your homestay family if you use a laptop or familys computer. Exercise caution in which internet sites you access as you could leave the family computer open to virus attack and or spyware infiltration. Also avoid visiting sites which maybe considered inappropriate by the household. Do not download large amounts on information, movies, music, video streaming and flashcards on the family computer.

21 Taking lift from a P Plate driver Is not allowed for Overseas Students on Student Visas This also means a P plate driver in the homestay family.

22 You and the environment Australians are very environment conscious and as a visitor here, you must respect this! Saving Electricity Turn off the light in your room when you leave the room. If your room has a heater or a fan or air-conditioning, make sure you turn them off when you leave the room. Turn off the television or stereo if you are the last one to leave the room. Water is scarce Australia is usually a very dry country and water is scarce. It is expected that people will not spend a lot of time in the shower (4 mins recommended). Rubbish Always throw your rubbish in a bin. If you can't find a bin, take it home and throw it in the bin there. X

23 The New Family: Fitting in Host family routines and expectations: Parents like to know the 3 Ws when you go out 1. w here 2. w hom with 3. w hat time Always seek permission before going out with friends or to an unsupervised activity. Dinner is an important time to share stories & chat with family.

24 Suggestions only (no hard and fast rules): Iron own uniform Make own lunch Change bed linen and put dirty linen in washing basket Help lay the table Assist with dishwashing or with shopping Assist with bringing in laundry, folding the laundry. Homestay family please bear in mind that during exam times, the student probably needs more time to study and you may discuss with the student what chores they can still assist with What chores can the Student help Homestay family with?

25 Other Housekeeping tips Hygiene In Australia because of the temperate climate people normally shower or bathe daily. Australia is usually a dry country and water can be scarce. Take short showers. Laundry Homestay mother will let you know if she will wash your clothes for you or whether she prefers that you do your own washing. Security Some homes have a security system and your host family will teach you how to operate it. If you are the last person to leave the home in the morning, remember to close windows & lock all doors.

26 School! And Friendship It is important to ask questions during this time. It is important to make Australian friends. Speak in English, not in your own language Participate in extra-curricular activities like sports, music, drama. Its a great way to make friends.

27 School! Behaviour You must not be late to school Uniforms are compulsory in most schools including Mary MacKillop College. Some types of behaviour and actions are not acceptable and could lead to consequences such as withdrawal of privileges or class time. Bad language, truancy and inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex. Some behaviours may result in a student being expelled from school or possibly being asked to return to your homeland should you be found guilty of smoking, drinking alcohol and taking or possessing illegal drugs.

28 Summarise. Q/A time Wearing of uniform outside school hours Girls MUST inform host parents who they are going out with, when and where they are going / returning Specific curfew times for all Mary MacKillop girls. Students must always be home before dark (5pm - 6pm depending on summer and winter months) from Sunday to Thursday; and by 10pm on weekends, ie Friday and Saturday nights Boyfriend issue: Can the girls have a boyfriend and what are general guidelines and protocol? Respect for homestay family and fitting in Absence from school through illness Students helping at home with some light chores like ironing own uniform Guidelines for Holiday times and supervision (Parents written Permission required). Early departures/ Late returns to school after holidays Monitoring Academic performance Contact with the Coordinator of International Studies, Mrs Narelle Dobson by the homestay parent Extra-Curricular activities - the school encourages all students to participate in at least one extra- curricular activity in either the sports or music program. Away from home over night or several nights is not encouraged; allowed by special permission only. If student works part-time, transport home from the location of their employment. Ensuring you have your students mobile number with you at all times, and that your student has all your familys and ISCAs contact phone numbers with them at all times. Student going out with their friends If student has broken or may have broken any rules, please contact ISCA immediately.

29 Visit by your Natural Parents Please advise the School and ISCA staff when you know that your natural parents are planning to visit you. If your parents wish to take you out of school while they are here, it is important that the school and ISCA are advised so that permission can be received for you to be absent from your study program.

30 Holidays, Tours and Excursions 1. If you are going on a Holiday with your host family, please advise the ISCA homestay co-ordinator so we are aware of where you are going and how we can contact you should an emergency arise. 2. If you wish to visit another city during the school holidays. You may be able to visit other cities and towns with special permission from your parents, and your school, as well as from ISCA who may be able to organise alternative accommodation arrangements.


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