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Results, Analytics and Management Portal

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1 Results, Analytics and Management Portal

2 Results, Analytics and Management Portal

3 Overview RAMP (Results, Analytics and Management Portal) is an extension to the 3M Sustainability and Monitoring program. Made available to current Sustainability and Monitoring clients, it delivers additional capability to the current reporting system. Key features of RAMP: Web-based reports Online Report Viewer (ORV) Exclude specific DRGs or Service Lines Drill-down to patient detail Electronic submission of data

4 Process improvements with RAMP
3M / Client Hospital data submitted via 3M processing 3M analysis Report delivery to client 3M review with client Encrypt data attachments Loading, grouping and validation 3M review and creation of final reports with attachments 3M RAMP Online submission of data 3M processing 3M analysis Reports uploaded to RAMP No need for separate encryption. Unlimited file sizes Automated loading, grouping and validation 3M review and creation of final reports 3M review with client Client RAMP View reports online via RAMP Custom DRG exclusions Drill-down to patient data Download or Export reports Accessible by client 24/7 Via the Online Report Viewer you can exclude specific DRGs or Service Lines View patient/physician data behind values in the report. Download reports or export report and/or drill-down data to Word or Excel

5 RAMP Requirements RAMP access via the web at Secure User account created upon request End User License Agreement Security Secure Socket Layer: A cryptographic protocol that provides secure communication over the internet. AES 256-bit encryption: Data submitted to the 3M web servers is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. The same encryption adopted by the U.S. government. Transparent Data Encryption: Perform real-time I/O encryption and decryption of data and log files residing in Microsoft© SQL Server. Firewalls: DMZ firewall at the web server exists to isolate database for the Internet. Also, data residing on 3M servers is protected by the 3M corporate firewall. Limited access facility: 3M servers are in isolated, card-access facilities with restricted access.


7 Double-click to view report
Double-click to open in Online Report Viewer


9 Online Report Viewer


11 Submitting Data to 3M Select the proper contract and payor
Select time period Add and upload files

12 Summary Improved data submission process
Online viewing of Sustainability and Data Monitoring reports. Custom filtering Drill-down to patient level data

13 3M HIS Representatives Data Analysts RAMP Operations Web Site
Beth Bumgarner Christy Williams Terry Paronish Judith Salpeter Julie Salomon Carla Stafford RAMP Operations Tonya Habersham George Chafin Web Site 3M Health Information Systems Marianne Wells Syree Dunton

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