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Port Ludlow Internet Portal One mans investigation into the issues I speak only for myself, without PLVC review or endorsement 1.

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1 Port Ludlow Internet Portal One mans investigation into the issues I speak only for myself, without PLVC review or endorsement 1

2 Internet Importance of Local Websites 2 RI CMS provides Intranets Local Residents Website PLVC uses Joomla CMS Note Exponential Scale Local Web Sites Internet Importance Google 0-10 Local Web Sites (continued) Internet Importance Google 0-10 Jefferson County5Golf Club2 Artemis Computing4Ludlow Maintenance Commission2 Bluebills4Port Ludlow RV Park2 Chamber of Commerce4RV Park2 Coast Guard Auxiliary4South Bay Community Association2 Fire and Rescue4Bayview Village HOA1 Port Ludlow Associates4Inner Harbor Village HOA1 Amateur Radio3Krumme Family1 Captain Bry's Sailing Charters3Port Ludlow Today1 Computer Club3Port Ludlow Vacation Rentals1 HCV Partners3Teal Lake Village1 Port Ludlow Arts Council3Vacation Rentals1 Port Ludlow Village Council3Admiralty I HOA0 Yacht Club3Port Ludlow Condos0 Community Church2Woodridge Village HOA0

3 Resident Interactives Digital Village 3

4 Resident Interactive Business Model is the Local Business Pays their Fees 4

5 Comparison of the three CMSs 5 joomla!RIDrupal Technical SupportGood (Local?)Good (RI)Good (PT) TransportabilityGood (Most Apache)Only Runs on RIGood (Most Apache) Own BackupYes (Rebuild?)No?Yes (+ Rebuild) Add-in FeaturesGoodFair (RI)Excellent (2,000) Easy Initial SetupGood (?)Best (RI?)Fair (<1 day) Easy Content ChangeGood (wysiwyg) Modify DatabaseYes (?)No (maybe for $)Yes (e.g., Archives) Speed of Initial LoadFair (5 sec)Slow (10 sec)Fair (5 sec) ImprovementsAssured + RapidHighly Probable*Assured + Rapid StaffingFair Committed costsLow (Open Source)High (Contract?)Low (Open Source) Multi-site hostingFair (Add-In)Poor (Intranet only)Good (IP level) *Private Co with captive user base is potential merger target – Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!

6 Position of PLT as of June 29, 2009 6

7 Questions for Port Ludlow Today Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws Members of Board of Directors and Officers and method of election Any currently available contract form with RI How does RIs subsidized business model work Assurances/confidence that RI or successor will not use member data for own purposes PLT assurance of long-term governance by representative community body? Business plan or – Financial statement and projections – IRS approval for qualification under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code – Staffing plan, limits on compensation for those involved – Contingency plans if revenues do not meet expectationswhat happens to clients? – Subsite projections and ease of reversion – Impact on Voice whose $55,000/yr budget is 2/3 ($36,000/yr) from advertising – Impact on other Port Ludlow organizations that depend heavily on advertising income Ability to – add database features – add Internet visibility and direct page links for improved Internet ranking – improve load time, e.g., caching – provide compatibility with Google Chrome, Apple Safari browsers, and back button function – download all data for local backup and potential for re-hosting 7

8 Local Market Penetration 8

9 Subsidized Business Model 9

10 What is Franchising? 1.authorization granted by a company to sell or distribute its goods or services in a certain area. WikipediaWikipedia 2.Accounts for 35% of all retail and service revenue in the US 3.Franchisor grants operator use of its software for license royalty + percent of operators incomeformulas vary 4.Franchisor provides management, technical, and marketing 5.Operator provides local presence, labor, sales, and services in accordance with Franchisors terms, conditions, and controls 6.Resident Interactive is the Franchisor; PortLudlowToday it the Operator (Franchisee) 7.A powerful and effective division of labor; Franchisor enforces exacting control of the goods and services 8.Failure to make payments normally terminates franchise 10

11 Who Benefits, Who Loses Follow the money Advertisers benefit by inexpensive digital advertising Residents benefit by digital access to information, some of which is not available by other means Resident interactive benefits by royalties, fees, and possibly by selling resident lists (unless contractually prohibited) 11

12 RI Display Apple and Google is Poor 12

13 Only Foxfire Back Button Allows Exit 13

14 Problem of Bookmarking Pages and Getting High Search Ranks 14 Resident Interactive is an Intranet. Entry to individual pages is via RI. E.g., true Internet URL of home page is: E.g., true Internet URL of calendar page is: No page path in Universal Resource Locator (URL) Low PageRank, Control by RI

15 Load Times from Internet 15 Load Times After Deleting Browser Caches (seconds) WebsitesBrowsers Owner of WebsiteEngineWebsite URLChromeFirefox I.E.SafariAverage LMCHTML InitiativesAmendmentHTML SBCAHTML PLVCHTML PLVCJoomla! IHOPJoomla!http://www.ihop.com5. Harvard UniversityJoomla!http://gsas.harvard.edu2. Boulder, COJoomla!http://www.bouldercolorado.gov2. PortLudlowTodayRI/InterEZ Whitehouse Blog & Videodrupal Port Ludlow Portaldrupal Port Ludlow Portal on PCdrupalhttp://localhost/drupal/index.php1. Huffington Postdrupal Recovery Accountabilitydrupal AIA, Seattledrupal Average Time: LegendBelow Average Load Time: Above Average Load Time:

16 RIs Corporate Identity 16 InterEZ 2175 Leeward Walk Circle Alpharetta, Georgia 30005 770-655-6655 Resident Interactive (was PO Box 4587 Atlanta, GA 30023

17 PLT About US 17

18 Internet Back-Links to 18 Very low link count compared with site visitor count – probably result of sites use of incomplete URLs – reduces value of site to advertisers and therefore reduces site income Links from computer club Link added by author Unknown link source

19 19 Washington State Corporations Division Registration Data for PORTLUDLOWTODAY.COM

20 PLT Calendar 20

21 PLT Activities & Amenities 21

22 Merchant Village 22

23 PLT Classified Ads (Craigslist) 23

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