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T ransmitters M onitoring & C ontrol S ystem Technomedia Solutions Pvt Ltd., New Delhi, India 1.

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1 T ransmitters M onitoring & C ontrol S ystem Technomedia Solutions Pvt Ltd., New Delhi, India 1

2 2 Introduction SNMP Devices Features & Benefits of TMCS Architecture Screenshots of TMCS in action TMCS on Mobile System Requirements

3 Introduction 3 TMCS –Transmitter Monitoring & Control System The TMCS is developed by Technomedia is a real time network monitoring system that monitors the health of Transmitters (Txs), in a network. A service provider having multiple broadcast transmitters in a network need to be alerted of Tx performance in real time and take quick responsive action that prevents service breakage. TMCS provides a powerful monitoring of the whole transmitter network with a geographical and detailed block diagram of all the Tx on a map.

4 4 TMCS provides instant snapshot of the Broadcast transmitters critical parameters like VSWR, Transmitter Forward Power, Reflected Power, PA Status, Temperature etc. It is monitored using an Ethernet interface, the tool provides instant access to a SNMP device interfaced with the transmission system, on the network either over the internet or intranet, directly on the system browser, with rich and valuable features. TMCS also monitors the strength of the Transmitter through the serial port (RS232) from Tx. Introduction

5 SNMP Devices 5 Using inexpensive SNMP devices like WVRC-8 of Broadcast Tools USA or IP2Choice of Audemat France, the TMCS pulls the key transmitter parameters that are wired to the SNMP devices. By wiring this device appropriately one can: 1. Measure power output, temperature, voltage, current and other parameters. 2. Monitor studio equipment, generators and server room. 3. Monitor Environmental parameters. 4. Silence sensing. Modern transmitters provides IP interfaces that can provide similar transmitter parameters. The TMCS can also support these interfaces from the transmitters and pull the key transmitter parameters.

6 TMCS Configured with SNMP device. 6 Key Parameters that are being monitored in private FM networks in India : VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) Forward Transmitter Power Reflected Power TX Inlet Temperature PA MOD Temperature Room Temperature PA Fault Status Audio Alarm Standby Transmitter Fwd. Power

7 7 Parameters that can be controlled from SNMP Device Transmitter ON Transmitter OFF Transmitter Power Raise Transmitter Power Lower Stand By Transmitter ON Stand By Transmitter OFF Coaxial Switch Position B PA Module Select

8 TMCS Configured with SNMP device. 8 Other Parameters those can be monitored are : UPS monitor / control. Diesel Generator monitor / control. Air-conditioner monitor / control.

9 9 DG Status of the DG Fuel level RPM Customized reports based on the dates can be generated ON / OFF control is also possible

10 10 UPS Status of the UPS Battery level check ON / OFF control is also possible

11 11 Air Conditioner Status of A/C Temperature lower / higher Room Temperature ON / OFF control is also possible

12 Transmitters (All parameters) Audio Codec (Status) ON-AIR - Audio Monitoring DG status (All reqd. parameters) Air conditioner status UPS status TMCS - One stop Solution

13 13 TMCS Architecture Internet / Intranet IP interface Built-in Transmitter TMCS Server Serial to Ethernet Convertor SNMP Device



16 16 Features Provides instant snapshot of all monitored Tx on the network map Easy way of understanding the exact failure of component in and on a block diagram Easy to configure all Tx parameters from a single web based interface for different thresholds of each snmp device and channel. Configurable Alerts to the users through email. Hourly logging of events in the database for analysis. Report Generation for all monitored devices from the logged in data of the database for each site depending on the values configured.

17 17 Features… contd Very powerful filters to generate the reports, based on Station, Location, Tx Type, State wise and Zonal wise Parameters. The reports can be viewed as a table and exported into an Excel Spreadsheet. Engineers can log on to any issue faced by them at CTI centers and can be viewed by all CTI engineers to avoid the recurrence of same problem in other centers. Ability to export the issues to excel for analysis. With powerful filter options, user can select three desired parameters and view them in five types of charts, which are very useful to the management.

18 18 Features… contd For a very quick alert to the client, the status view of all stations shown in the first page itself. Ability to select the parameters in the summary and report view column as per users desire. Capability of showing any 3 parameters in the graph. This would highly helpful to the user to do the analysis. Ability to provide the status of STXLP Transmitters as well. Capability to control the STXLP Transmitter like ON / OFF the Transmitter Increase / Decrease the FWD power of the Transmitter

19 TMCS Benefits 19 Benefits Easily configurable Geographical Network Map. With Tx Nodes and thresholds. Ability to view the individual Tx layout, Tx type like FM 5 C or FM 10 C etc., of each station with detailed block diagram. Instant view of Monophonic / composite audio, PA module status, FWD Power, RF power, VSWR, Room Temp, Inlet Temp and PA temp etc., Instant Summary view of all Transmitters. Ability to view the critical, high, low and normal status of transmitters respectively. Instant alarm if any one station turns to critical. Ability to show which portion got into critical in the block diagram.

20 TMCS Benefits 20 Benefits cont… Detailed values of the parameters of all monitored nodes on a single map. Hourly logging of values of parameters. Customized e-mail alerts. Ability to send alert emails if critical, high and low to state wise technicians and All India Technical Head as well. Alert email even if critical rectified and turns to normal. Ability to listen the ON-AIR audio

21 TMCS Benefits 21 Benefits… Email alerts provide instant notification of major problems, that might prevent a transmitter from going OFF AIR. To identify potential problems because of a recurring deviation in transmitter parameters from the normal. This might help to save valuable equipment replacement, if the root cause is fixed before it becomes a major fault. Ability to generate power full reports based on The status wise The parameters wise Zone, State, Location and Station wise Tx type wise

22 22 TMCS - ADMIN Login screen

23 23 TMCS - Normal status

24 24 TMCS - State map view

25 25 TMCS - High status

26 26 TMCS - Critical status

27 27 TMCS - Tx schematic Diagram

28 28 TMCS - Transmitter block diagram

29 29 TMCS - Codec status





34 34 TMCS - Issue report

35 35 TMCS - Issue report -> view

36 36 TMCS - Audio Monitoring







43 43

44 44 TMCS on Mobile

45 TMCS is a mobile application that provides drilled down details of transmitter health on the go. Open the browser on your mobile, type the URL & set username and password to start instantly monitoring your transmitters on the TMCS network in real time. This is a classified view for a quick snapshot of all the transmitters health on your network. These classified views provide a drill down to the last parameter to find the root cause, for the transmitter that is either in the HIGH, CRITICAL or NORMAL status. 45 TMCS on Mobile

46 46 TMCS on Mobile

47 47 System Requirements Hardware Requirements WVRC–8 unit/IP2Choice (SNMP Device for each transmitter) Windows PC with min. of P4 processor 1GB RAM 120 GB HDD Software pre-requisites Apache Server with PHP/MySQL DB. Java runtime environment (JRE 1.6) High speed internet connection Minimum of 256 Kbps DSL line (could be a shared one)

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