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MHealth: Trends und Best Practice im Markt der mobilen Gesundheitslösungen Zürich 20th of June 2013 Ralf-Gordon Jahns.

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1 mHealth: Trends und Best Practice im Markt der mobilen Gesundheitslösungen Zürich 20th of June 2013 Ralf-Gordon Jahns

2 2© research2guidance, 2013 Introduction Market intelligence and consultancy for the mobile applications market www.

3 3© research2guidance, 2013 Our clients are leading app market players, start-ups, major brands and government organizations (excerpt)

4 4© research2guidance, 2013 Topics of todays presentation 30 min. Look 5 years back, to see what has changed in so little time 2007 See current status of mHealth 2013 Discuss 6 trends that will shape the mhealth market in the next 5 years 2017/18

5 5© research2guidance, 2013 What has changed over the last 5 years in the mobile industry 20072013 Source: Gartner, IDC Smartphone share of global mobile device shipments

6 6© research2guidance, 2013 Complete eco systems disapeared Source: Gartner Smartphone OS market share

7 7© research2guidance, 2013 App user base is growing 15 times faster than stationary internet user base Number of internet and app users worldwide (in Millions) Sources: research2guidance, Bitkom, Worldwide-Datas Internet users: Users with access to a stationary internet capable device App users: Smartphones and tablet users that use mobile apps CAGR 16% ++ + CAGR 251%

8 8© research2guidance, 2013 Have you been aware of mobile health solutions 5 years ago? Number of mHealth apps between 2007 and 2012 Base: 62 major app stores which have mHealth apps. Source: research2guidance, 2013.

9 9© research2guidance, 2013 Todays mHealth apps are made for consumers/patients not for professionals

10 10© research2guidance, 2013 Is there a reason to try something new in healthcare? Source: OECD. Healthcare expenditure as a percentage of GDP (1980-2009)

11 11© research2guidance, 2013 Are physician ready for change? Sources: 1 – Google/Manhattan Research, 2 – Manhattan Research, 3 – Google/Manhattan Research, 4 – Float Mobile Learning, 5 – Prism Healthcare, 6 – EPG Media, 7 – EPG Media, 8 – DocCheck, 9 - DocCheck Smartphone and tablet penetration among physicians in 2012

12 12© research2guidance, 2013 We want to discuss 6 trends that will shape the mHealth app market in the next 5 years 1. Smartphone app users will drive the demand for mHealth apps 2. mHealth app business model will change to freemium and service revenues 3. mHealth will become wearable 4. mHealth sensors will track a multitude of health and fitness data 5. APIs Eco-systems will drive interoperability 6. Distribution channels of mHealth apps will change

13 13© research2guidance, 2013 App users will drive the demand for mHealth apps mHealth users* (2010-2017) * mHealth user: a user that has downloaded a mHealth application at least once. Source: research2guidance, 2013.

14 14© research2guidance, 2013 mHealth apps generate reach also in Germany Average accumulated downloads of the top 10 free apps per category and platform (February 2013) FREE Sources: research2guidance 2013, appannie, and prioridata App category and platform comparison x3 x8 x3

15 15© research2guidance, 2013 In-app purchase The revenue model for mHealth apps will move towards freemium and sensor and service sales Most common (60% of content) 70% developer share Penetration varies among app stores and app categories Penetration grows rapidly but depends on app category 50%-70% publisher revenue share Penetration growing (>80% of Top50 grossing AppStore apps) In-app advertising Pay-per- download Subscription 12 Outside app stores Few applications Health services and devices 3

16 16© research2guidance, 2013 Smart devices become wearable Video sharing and storage: Physicians could record medical visits and store them for future reference or share the footage with other doctors. A diagnostic reference: If Glass is integrated with an electronic medical record (EMR), it could provide a real-time feed of the patients vital signs.. A textbook alternative: Rather than referring to a medical textbook, physicians can perform a search on the fly with their Google Glass. Preventing medical errors: With an electronic medical record integration, a nurse can scan the medication to confirm whether its the correct drug dose and right patient.

17 17© research2guidance, 2013 They track your activities (steps, distance), monitor calories, food and liquid consumption, sleep pattern and allow sharing Jawbone Up Fibit Flex Nike Fuelband Price: 129 EUR, App free Activity and sleep tracker Sensor : accelerometer Steps, distance, calories Food, Drink Monitor Social media Price: 99 EUR, App free Activity and sleep tracker Sensor : accelerometer Steps, distance, calories Food, Drink Monitor Social media Price: 149 USD, App free Activity tracker Sensor : accelerometer Steps, distance, calories Social media NikeFuel, a universal metric of activity

18 18© research2guidance, 2013 Sensors will allow patients to track health &fitness parameters on the go without manual data input Scanadu: temperature, ECG, heart rate, oximetry and stress Hold against the forehead and connect via Bluetooth Runtastic: Heartrate Connect via Bluetooth iBG Star: Diabetis, Glucolevel Connect to the smarthone Withing: Weight connect via Bluetooth Cardiodoc: Bloodpressure, heartrate Docking station Uchik: Urine Image recognition Asthampolis: Asthma, air volume Connect via Bluetooth Temperature ECG heart rate Hemoglobin Weigth Glucolevel Air volume Stress Blood- pressure Urine Steps More than 150 app sensors today App sensor market will reach 5,6 bn USD in 2017.

19 19© research2guidance, 2013 APIs will drive interoperability and access to billions of health and lifestyle data mHealth data Precription Product photos Health data, (blood presure, temperature, Gluco level etc.) Facility locations Research results Data SourcesAccess&Display API platform provider Databases Devices Apps Cloud platform for medical mobile devices API Libraries Devices Datamanagement HCPs Patients Payers Apps API Eco-System

20 20© research2guidance, 2013 App stores are the most important distribution channels nowadays Share of respondents *Physicians and hospitals will prescribe or make available to patients mHealth applications as part of their treatment plan. Source: research2guidance, 2013. n = 1.032 Distribution channels that offer the best business opportunities for mHealth today (2010-2012) 201020112012 62% 50% 59% 37% 59% 28% 47% 2017 In 5 years apps will be distributed also in traditional healthcare channels

21 21© research2guidance, 2013 There will be specialized distribution platforms for mHealth apps Founded in 2010, Happtique is a mobile application management company Total Number of apps: 7,000 Available platforms: Apple IOS, Android, Blackberry Happtique offers healthcare enterpriseslike hospitals, continuing care facilities, and physician practices the ability to create individually branded, secure substores that support employee and patient mobile technology use. Hpptique is creating a system to allow doctors to prescribe apps. Happtique has established its own set of guidelines to determine the quality of healthcare-related apps. "Happtique has 'curated' the iTunes medical apps, sorting them by disease and medical profession, and will soon be classifying them further by subspecialty, and the like.

22 22© research2guidance, 2013 Thank you M OBILE H EALTH M ARKET R EPORT 2013-2017 T HE COMMERCIALIZATION OF M H EALTH APPS R ELEASE DATE : M ARCH 2013 Contact us: Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Mob: +49 (0) 172 616 5655, If you want to get a deeper look:

23 23© research2guidance, 2013 OUT

24 24© research2guidance, 2013 Example. Health Tracking Tools: MyPersonalDiet (VidaOne Inc.) Available for iPhone OS, Windows Mobile, Windows Pocket PC and Palm devices. Prices vary per distribution channel ($4.99 US to $19.99 US)

25 25© research2guidance, 2013 Example. Medical Reference: ePocrates Essentials (ePocrates Inc.) Available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile devices. Application: Free, subscription from $99 US to $199 US per year.

26 26© research2guidance, 2013 Example. Continued Medical Education/Medical Reference: Blausen Human Atlas (Blausen Medical Communications) For iPhone - $19.99 US, with in-app-purchases of additional material for $3.99-$4.99 US each. For iPad - $29.99 US, price per additional individual atlas: $8.99-$9.99 US.

27 27© research2guidance, 2013 Example. iBG Star Blood Glucose Meter (Sanofi Aventis) Available only for iPhone OS. Price per download – Free. Price for sensor - $80 US.

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