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Stories and Lessons by Roy Nakamura ACC Jan 2013

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1 Stories and Lessons by Roy Nakamura ACC Jan 2013

2 Who I am Who this is for Ten Ways Bonus material Q&A

3 Entrepreneur in Las Vegas since 2002 Owner Horizon Web Marketing Silicon Valley hi tech, 20+ years Education: MBA, CPA Active networker: Asian Chamber, CFO group, BNI, and more Other things I enjoy: –Running – marathons, half marathons –Go – this is a board game with stones on a 19x19 grid –Helping people –Learning: 10,000 hour rule –Humor

4 Owners, small/medium-sized business Self-employed professionals One person marketing departments Salespersons (to generate own leads) Business executives (to better understand the internet) Fundraisers for non-profits Web designers (to learn more about internet sales and marketing)



7 Bottom layer: offer free stuff Next to bottom layer: free stuff with email opt in Next: one digit - up to $9.99 Next: Two digit - up to $99.99 Next: etc. At the very top: Premium package Story: Roy buys a $120 e-book

8 Why dont we get any customers??

9 Best restaurant in the world is no good in Death Valley Search engine robots and spiders crawl the internet looking for food: Keywords Content, Content, Content Links URLs Titles, Headers, Descriptions

10 Your Website Hey girl, have you heard of …. I Like this; you should, too! Check this out, friends! This company is awesome! I love shopping here!!! Just bought something online

11 Facebook – realtor might check for moving to Las Vegas in a conversational string Twitter – same thing LinkedIn – get endorsements, recommendations

12 Youve got yourself a deal!

13 1.To make money 2.To save money 3.To save time 4.To reduce stress 5. To increase sense of security 6. To look good 7. To feel good #8 Food!

14 1 8 9 10 11 12 4 5 6 7 2 3

15 Need to follow up and keep following up – why? People are rarely ready to buy at first 12 Touch Rule After one touch 90% of people fail to follow up After four touches, 50% dont follow up Most closes happen after five touches Plan to do 12 touches, spaced 3-5 weeks apart What is a touch? Automated email, snail mail, voice message, phone call, lunch, etc. Rule of 54 (impressions affect buyer behavior) Dont be salesy, give useful advice, tell interesting or funny stories


17 1.Keyword 3.Benefit 2.Call to Action

18 Breed Tropical Fish – Learn how to breed rare tropical fish for fun or profit in just 48 hours Piano Lessons – Learn how to memorize beautiful chords over this weekend Renew your mortgage – Get an instant quote quicker than your bank Start a home-based business – Create ideal earning potential while you set your own hours Smart investments – Earn a second income while you sleep


20 Translation company story Start narrow, go wide later


22 How Lexus became a client Glenn Esquivel – the Brake Shop Glenns wife Joann Joanns boss, Bill, Lexus general manager, martial arts expert


24 Show your website url everywhere Biz cards, email signatures Letter heads, voice mail greetings Promotional items Domain name - have a keyword in it Create url redirects


26 Baby furniture story Optimize for baby names To get baby furniture sales

27 Attitude: Help others first Have a call to action Share good books and articles Learn how to ask for referrals – copier example, real estate agent example Video – a must have! Call Steven Patchin, Patchin Pictures, Genius traits (3)

28 Updated content every week Follow the 9 second rule Allow for user interaction Include video or audio content Have a call to action Capture email contact info Links to social networking sites Support mobile browsing Analysis of website traffic Did you know? 84% of all transactions are preceded by an internet search

29 1.Price Pyramid 2.SEO 3.Social Media 4.Seven Reasons 5.Maintain top of mind awareness 6.Use compelling titles 7.Focus on a niche first 8.Tell stories 9.Publicize your website 10.Be Creative

30 Questions ?

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