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UC ANR Sustainable Food Systems October 11 th, 2010 David Doll.

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1 UC ANR Sustainable Food Systems October 11 th, 2010 David Doll


3 MERCED COUNTY 110,000 acres of tree nut crops ~1500 Growers, PCAs, associated clientele SURROUNDING AREAS W/O POMOLOGY ADVISORS Predominantly Madera County and Fresno (Coverage by D. Munk, T. Turini) Roughly 200,000 acres of almonds alone ~2000 associated clientele Range in Size – small as 5 acres, large as 8000 acres

4 Farm Visits Phone calls/Emails/Mail Annual Meetings Newsletters Magazines, Popular Press Blog Twitter Youtube, Scribd, Wikipedia Tech Illiteracy Personally satisfying DPR Credit Builds County Support ID Collaborators Younger generation, new farmers Accessibility Easier, cheaper dispersal People Skills Writing Skills Current Events Language Translation Great for PD Potential Audience Brand ID Traditional Mass Media Modern Mass Media

5 Blog (June, 09) 184 entries, 132,541 page views Twitter (March, 10) Promotion, updates - 221 Tweets, 126 followers Youtube (May, 11) Video Blog Entries 5 videos, 1226 views Scribd (June, 10) Upload.pdfs,.ppts, 26 uploads, 7,087 reads Wikipedia (Open Source Encyclopedia)

6 A web log (blog) is an online tool occupies a space somewhere between static webpages and interactive social media formats Contains posted articles Usually in reverse chronological order with most recent posts on top Early versions were essentially online journals or diaries Kind of a hybrid between a newsletter and webpage, but allows for reader interaction



9 Search engine market share Google weights their hosted websites higher Ease of use, apps, ownership of other technologies (Youtube, analytics, etc) Go to the people…






15 Takes time If not regularly updated, low traffic Spend 4 hours a week for website and promotion Answering emails, phone calls, and comments Must be up to date with real issues facing clientele Difficult unless program involves constant contact DOES NOT replace traditional extension methods, but works synergistically Not everybody learns by reading, some people dislike videos, some people do not have internet Has not yielded any research collaborators

16 Filled a void within almond production extension Gives an online presence for UC, our research, our programs Nice compliment to my extension program Helps increase impact and outreach to new clientele, clientele without advisors

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