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What is the Internet? The Internet is a......distributed hypermedia network of networks.

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3 What is the Internet?

4 The Internet is a......distributed hypermedia network of networks

5 Distributed Information on the Internet is located on many millions of computers No one agency has jurisdiction of the Internet; everyone plays a part

6 Hypermedia The Internet supports many different formats of information ÙText files ÙPictures ÙPhotographs ÙSound files ÙVideo files

7 Network of Networks Network : two or more computers hooked together Network of networks : Hundreds of Thousands of networks of computers all hooked together

8 How the Internet Works Packet Switching –TCP-IP Connecting to the Internet –Schools, Companies –Online Service –Internet Service Provider

9 E-Mail Addresses Username followed by @ symbol Computer name and domain UsernameComputer name & domain

10 Internet Addresses IP Address– Internet Protocol – 4-part numeric address for internet locations Domain Name – Text version of the IP address

11 URL: Uniform Resource Locator Address of a file on the Internet Contains type of protocol followed by the computer name, directory and file name ftp://

12 Anatomy of a URL Hypertext Transfer Protocol Address of ISP Directory on the server File name (HTML format)

13 Web Browsers A computer program that lets you access the WWW and browse the Internet for information Common browsers : Netscape Navigator Internet Explorer Firefox AOL, MSN

14 Home Page

15 Web site Internet locations that contain hyperlinked documents Links in documents that quickly move the user from one document to another. Hyperlink

16 Different Domains on the Net.comcommercial.netnetwork.edueducational.orgorganization.milmilitary.govgovernment

17 Multimedia on the Web 1.Graphics Gifs, JPEGS 2.Animation Animated GIFs, Flash, Shockwave 3.Audio Simple Audio, Streaming Audio 4.Video Streaming Video, Real Player 5.Virtual reality – 3D Games

18 Searching for Information on the Web Organized Directories of Web sites Search tools Search engine – software program that finds web sites

19 Finding Information on the WWW Search Engines Software programs that scan the contents of Web servers to create large indices of information User can perform keyword searches Google, Yahoo Newest – Cuil, Bing

20 Where do you want to go today?

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