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Presented by Group 4 (Lesti, Suci, Wita, and Wahyu)

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1 Presented by Group 4 (Lesti, Suci, Wita, and Wahyu)

2 E-learning future potency in Indonesia E-learning application due to a learning medium, process and the variables E-learning concept (definition, purpose and benefit)

3 One of definitions of E-learning: learning at the distance that uses computer technology (usually internet) (Henderson, 2003)

4 Conventional learning: face to face interaction, definite time and certain place, and costly E-learning: more efficient, practice, and flexible * Solution: blended learning

5 To increase students learning opportunity and flexibility. To enhance general quality. To develop skill and competence. To meet various learning styles or need. To improve learning cost effectiveness.

6 3. Benefit Convenience and flexibility More effective and efficient learning experience and opportunity. Dynamics and qualified education system

7 Divided into: 1. As a medium, need a web E-learning model is used as medium or technology. The use of such a technology is influenced by institution, education program and management. 2. As a process E-learning has several differences to conventional learning. The differences are influenced by method and quality of interaction between teacher and students.

8 Key success appropriate pedagogy and qualified human resources OR technology and the users 4 components absolutely exist: 1. Technoware (tools, electronic devices, machines, etc) 2. Humanware (quality to maintain technoware) 3. Orgaware (supporting institutions) 4. Infoware (utilization or method that function to provide accurate information)


10 Take action soon or left behind Determine design and plan of E- learning Train educators Prepare hardware and software

11 Thank You

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