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CLASS OF 2013 Senior Presentation. AGENDA How Do I Choose the Best Post- Secondary Option? Research and Compare College Admissions ICAP (Individual Career.

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1 CLASS OF 2013 Senior Presentation

2 AGENDA How Do I Choose the Best Post- Secondary Option? Research and Compare College Admissions ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) Essays and Recommendation Letters NCAA/NAIA Requirements Financing a College Education (Financial Aid, Scholarships)

3 How Do I Choose the Right Post- Secondary Option for My Future? GATHER INFORMATION Use resources in the counseling office Meet with college representatives Meet with military representatives Explore job training, internships, etc. Consult and read college catalogs and handbooks Visit the college campus Internet resources-College in Colorado Post-Secondary Options Handbook

4 How do I choose a college? Research and compare colleges College admissions College application essay College timetable Financing a college education (Financial Aid) Scholarships Military Work force Helpful websites Forms

5 Research and Compare MILITARY 5 Branches of the Military – Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard ASVAB Assessment will help you determine your job in the military March 2 Success will help prepare you for the ASVAB as well as for the ACT and WORKFORCE Local workforce agencies and employment services can assist you in job searches, training, and placement and mploymentServices/index.html mploymentServices/index.html Students can gain the Career Readiness Certificate. For more information please go to

6 WEDNESDAY, OCT. 17 th Windsor High School FREE! The ASVAB is the most widely- used multiple aptitude test in the world. The ASVAB Career Exploration Program provides the opportunity to participate in a world-class, comprehensive career exploration and planning program.

7 Research and Compare FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES grant four-year degrees and above generally have admission requirements that range from highly selective to moderately selective based on grades and admission test scores TWO-YEAR COMMUNITY AND JUNIOR COLLEGES offer students the opportunity to improve their grades and may lead to eventual transfer to a four-year institution offer many opportunities to complete programs of study in one or two years, which lead to immediate employment in a particular field/career area less stringent admission requirements may help the student gain more direction and focus toward life goals

8 INDIVIDUAL CAREER AND ACADEMIC PLAN (ICAP) What does the ICAP means for you? Accessing online tools that allow you to explore your interests, values, and abilities Creating an electronic portfolio to organize college applications, scholarship information, resumes, and letters of recommendation Planning a relevant sequence of high school classes that will help prepare you for attending college or entering the workforce

9 Wizard ICAP

10 Go to Windsor Wizard ICAP

11 Higher Education Academic Requirements (HEAR) The following coursework will satisfy basic college admission requirements and help the student prepare for college admission exams. ENGLISH…………………...…..4 CREDITS SOCIAL STUDIES…..…..…...3 CREDITS MATHEMATICS……………….4 CREDITS (Algebra I and higher) SCIENCE………………….........3 CREDITS WORLD LANGUAGE………..1-3 CREDITS (please check specific schools for requirements) ACADEMIC ELECTIVES.......2 CREDITS (minimum)

12 CCHE COLLEGE INDEX AND HEAR REQUIREMENTS Click here to view the Colorado College Indexhere

13 Click here for more information on ACT test dates and online

14 SAT NATIONAL TEST DATES Click here for more information on SAT test dates and online

15 In addition to the ACT/SAT and GPA, college admission is dependent on the following criteria: CLASS RANK - Based on GPAs of all students in graduating class EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ESSAY LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION

16 THE COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY include information about the student that the statistical information does not provide focus on your future goals and aspirations include information about your interests, personal experiences, family situations, grades, and exceptional circumstances in your background tell admission officials why you want to attend that college reflect your writing abilities and English skills BE GENUINE

17 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION CAN MEAN ADMISSION! ***If the school states that the reference is optional, consider it a requirement!*** WHOM TO ASK 1.TEACHERS: Ask 2 Junior or Senior year teachers who know you well and who represent different subject areas or an area that you intend to study in college. They need to speak to: Intellectual promise Enthusiasm Initiative Written Expression of Ideas Effective Class Discussion Disciplined Work Habits 2.ADDITIONAL REFERENCES : Coaches, Employers, Club Advisors, Supervisors of Your Volunteer Experience

18 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION CAN MEAN ADMISSION! WHEN TO ASK Make a list of deadlines. A month before the first deadline is not too early; a week before is too late! HOW TO ASK Find a quiet time when the teacher can talk one on one and consider your request thoughtfully. Discuss your list of schools, your plans for college, and what you see as your accomplishments and strengths. Give your recommender a completed Letter of Recommendation Request Form (Counseling Office website or in the Counseling Office) ONCE THE LETTERS ARE SENT - THANK YOUR RECOMMENDERS!!!!!!!!!

19 College Timetable 1 st Semester Continue to take a full course load of college-prep courses. To male students: you must register for selective service on your eighteenth birthday to be eligible for federal and state financial aid. Attend Counselor/Student 15-minute appointment (September 17-20). Meet with college/military/trade school representatives. Talk to teachers, coaches, employers, etc. about letters of recommendation. If required by the college, give school report forms to your high schools counseling office and request that transcripts be sent to each college where you plan to apply for admission. Register for and take the ACT, SAT I, or SAT II Subject Tests, as necessary. Arrange to visit prospective colleges. Submit college applications. Seek out and apply for scholarships.

20 College Timetable 2 nd Semester Send midyear grade reports to colleges. Continue to focus on your schoolwork! Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) These forms may not be submitted before January Complete your College Opportunity Fund application at Watch your mail between March 1 and April 1 for acceptance notifications from colleges. Watch your mail for notification of financial aid awards between April 1 and May 1. Compare the financial aid packages from the colleges and universities that have accepted you. Make your final choice, and notify all schools of your intent by May 1. Send your nonrefundable deposit to your chosen school by May 1 as well. Complete follow-up paperwork for the college of your choice (scheduling, orientation session, housing arrangements, and other necessary forms).

21 NCAA/NAIA BE SURE TO TALK WITH YOUR COUNSELOR IF YOU INTEND TO PLAY A SPORT AT THE COLLEGE LEVEL Students must register with the eligibility center that governs the college where you will compete. NCAA Eligibility Center NAIA Eligibility Center

22 NCAA/NAIA There are different course requirements for each level of participation (Division I, Division II, etc.) There are GPA and SAT/ACT requirements for eligible student athletes. Please see your counselor for more info. ACT/SAT scores must be reported directly to the eligibility center. Scores will not be accepted if reported on a high school transcript.

23 NCAA/NAIA Please meet with your coach about your athletic ability and how you may or may not be competitive in specific college programs. Please meet with your counselor to discuss academic eligibility and meeting college admissions requirements.

24 There are various resources that are available in the counseling office. We are always happy to help! Libba James, A-G 686-8123 Alicia Martin, H-O 686-8122 Angie Rizzuto, P-Z 686-8124 Amanda LePage, Support Services 686-8126

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