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IP PABX Product Another Fine. One World, One PBX.

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1 IP PABX Product Another Fine

2 One World, One PBX

3 What is IP PABX? IP PABX is a hosted PBX solution, which uses internet as the backbone and uses IP protocol's to deliver crystal clear digital voice quality. The customer does not need to buy any hardware, software or do extra wiring. Only IP Phone sets are needed, and the Existing Ethernet wiring is used as telephone wiring.

4 Features: empowers enterprise with Customized Auto Attendant Multiple Number Management Call Recording Voice Mail Voice Call Recording Call Forwarding Integration with Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo and AIM Flexible and scalable web-based management that is easy to maintain.

5 Unique Features: Free Calls between users, anywhere in the world. Call Recording of any extension or phone Line online. Voice Notes to hear your call recording and use them as notes later on. API and Web services to integrate into any other type of application like call centers or CRM. Customized Auto Attendant Voice mail to email delivery. Call Forwarding from desk phone to Mobile phone if off line.

6 Flexibility: The same PABX is easily accessible in multiple locations with as many as 1000 extensions, and the user can be anywhere in the world. The extension 101 can be the next table, The Next room, the next city, or the next country. It DOES NOT matter, where physically the person on the extension is. Similarly the entire company can now be using same one phone line, and a local number can now be reached anywhere. No more multiple PBX's in different locations. IP-PABX gives choices of phone numbers both local and international (over 30 countries.)

7 Usage Requirement: Any SIP Compliant IP Phone, or a software with internet access it the requirement for using our system. The new Nokia E Series phone have SIP Built-in, so you can use this phone with our IP Pbx system without having to pay any roaming charges, or long distance charges when talking from any Nokia N80 to N80 anywhere in the world.

8 Competitiveness: At this time, there is no other company in the world, which offers the same flexibility, features and the presence globally then and that all also at a very low price. Other companies that come close to us are Cisco and 3com, but they too do not offer all the services that we offer at this time in the world.

9 Quality: It uses clustering technology to route the user to the nearest server and in case of an emergency can use any other server for the call. IP-pabx has been accredited and approved for usage by a few major telecom companies and international corporations.

10 Market Potential: is a truly global product, with marketability globally anywhere in the world where there is internet. According to one survey the IP PBX market holds over 4 billion dollar market in 2006 alone. IP-pabx already have over 100 international customers in 10 different countries using us in beta mode for the last 1 year.

11 Revenue Model: charges a small setup fee, and then makes money on small rental on the qty of users, Which varies from market to market. Ie in the the US we charge at this time 99$ setup fee and then only 2.99$ per extension. We also charge for out going calls at low cost and per month on the phone line cost. The ARPU (Averages Revenue Per User) is very good.

12 International Promotion: was present in the VON ( VOICE OVER THE NET) show in San Jose in April 2006 Is Present in the VON Fall IN Boston Sep 2006 Will be in VOIP China Expo in November.

13 Partners: Partners of IP PABX include

14 There are no charges for extension to extension calls. Get 1 US Number and 10 Extension free on every new signup. IP-PABX.COM Company Name: Admin Email and User Id Total Extensions Total DID's Talk Time Balance Amount Balance: Mr. Faheem Ahmed faheem 5 Click here for list 0 Click here for list $ 35.12 $ -229.00 IP-PABX.COM Copyright © Super Technologies Inc. All rights Reserved.

15 Each Extension would cost you $ 2.99 per month. How many Extension would you like to add in your account? Continue

16 Serial # Display Name Extension 1 Faheem 249000249000 2 Available 249001249001 3 Available 249002249002 4 Available 249003249003 5 Available 249004249004 IP-PABX.COM Copyright © Super Technologies Inc. All rights Reserved.

17 Serial# Device Name MAC Address Port1 Extension Port2 Extension Port3 Extension 1 CISCO ATA186 CiscoATAFaheemCiscoATAFaheem 2 LINKSYS PAP2 Faheem MAC2Faheem MAC2 3 SP8000 FaheemMACAddressFaheemMACAddress 4 SPA-2000 SPA FaheemSPA Faheem

18 IP-PABX.COM Copyright © Super Technologies Inc. All rights Reserved. Select Your Device MAC Address CISCO ATA186 Add Device

19 IP-PABX.COM Copyright © Super Technologies Inc. All rights Reserved. Show Missed Calls View ext. call log View channel call log Call to specific # View by date View by Month View by Week Sep 01 07 2006 This Week Last Week Show Incoming Call Show Busy Show Unanswered Yes Submit

20 IP-PABX.COM Copyright © Super Technologies Inc. All rights Reserved. View From Extension View to Number Particular Date View by Month View by Week Sep 01 07 2006 (e.g. 15671234567 or use pattern e.g. *6578*) to This WeekLast Week Search













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