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CATEGORY C – DIRECT APPROACHES Entry title: Launch of Peugeot 207SW Advertiser: Peugeot Entry maker: PHD, Parsek, Futura DDB.

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1 CATEGORY C – DIRECT APPROACHES Entry title: Launch of Peugeot 207SW Advertiser: Peugeot Entry maker: PHD, Parsek, Futura DDB

2 Launch of Peugeot 207 SW in Slovenia Ljubljana, 5.11.2007

3 BACKGROUND Peugeot 207 SW is important part of whole range of Peugeot 207 family. Theres increasing competition in small medium car segment. Potential target group was found among young active families.

4 TASK Achieve high awareness among target group (TG). Create and build personality of the car. Narrow targeted communication to be used. Focus on Internet and BTL. Increase E-mail list database. Reach target sales.

5 INSIGHT Active young families, age 25-35 yrs. Target group (TG) are core internet users as demographic segment. TG is active – they spend their free time together, preferably outside. TG have special shopping habits, visit stores for kids. WE NEED TO CATCH THEM IN THE RIGHT TOUCHPOINTS – IN RIGHT MOOD AT THE RIGHT TIME

6 SOLUTION REACHING YOUNG ACTIVE FAMILIES TOUCHPOINTS Reach young families in their everyday life and in the right mindset. Engage families to strenghten the link between consumers and Peugeot 207 SW. Choose wide range of touchpoints to increase model recognition and create a buzz among core target group.

7 STRATEGY Reach Involve Engag e Three steps campaign was created. REACH our target group in the right touchpoints; INVOLVE them into our communication through right kind of events to establish deeper connection with the brand; We wanted to ENGAGE them through our prize winning game.

8 CAMPAIGN We created wide range of communication channels. Each channel had its own role. Positioning, awareness and sales are driven by synergy effect of all communication combined. Synergy

9 WEBSITE launched with three special animal characters + 207SW. Web site included: character profiles with videos and voting, internet game, event calendar. Prize winning game with ZOO tickets prizes was done. Later in time photos from the events and a presentation of 207 SW was included. SOLUTION Presentation of characters in children language Events calendar Character profiles and voting Presentation of 207SW

10 SOLUTION INTERNET GAME Simple Internet game that can be played by young children. Winners get tickets to the ZOO where marketing materials are present.

11 SOLUTION LEAFLET WITH PRIZE WINNING GAME 75.000 copies distributed: Prize winning game coupon: SEARCHING FOR A TEST DRIVER

12 SOLUTION E-MAILING We choose Email list of Ringaraja is most comprehensive slovenian web site for young parents. Its Email list consists of 22.000 conscious parents. We choose it to invite families to events in ZOO Ljubljana.

13 SOLUTION EVENTS IN LJUBLJANA ZOO 3 Events created to invite and engage young families. Events took place in pre-school relaxing period. Car was present to increase awareness at entrance of ZOO at the time of the events. 3 posters with main characters were present in ZOO. Leaflets were distributed. 3 EVENTS IN ZOO Ljubljana Hosteses, drawing workshops, photo sessions with kids and 3 main animal characters, clown creating vivid characters with baloons 7758 visitors visited ZOO We handed out: 1350 baloons 920 badges 1500 drawings 746 photos – 170 of children and animal characters 500 promo leaflets

14 SOLUTION PRESENCE AT OTROŠKI BAZAR 07 Otroški bazar is a anual 3-day children fair in Ljubljana. Atracts more than 15.000 visitors – from all over Slovenia. Peugeot 207SW presence: Cars was present to increase awareness. Leaflets were distributed to engage target group.

15 SOLUTION CONNECT WITH BABY CENTER Baby center is Slovenias leading retail chain for Children with more than 70% market share. ADs were present in: Promo catalogue distributed to 120.000 Slovenian households; Winter catalogue distributed to 90.000 A-customers. Posters were present at the counters. 50.000 Leaflets were distributed at the counters throughout Slovenia. Car was present in front of flagship store in Ljubljana BTC to increase awareness.

16 SOLUTION TARGETED PRINT ADVERTISING ADs were present in: Moj malček – leading young parents magazine; Za starše – popular children magazines supplement for parents; …

17 RESULT Deeper connection with target group WAS established. We communicated directly to specific audience cathing them in the right mindsets. Target segment successfully reached on the internet Average visit more than 6 minutes long with more than 10 pages visited. 881 coupons returned to dealers. Sales plan reached within two months after launch. Campaign a success!

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