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Starwebz Software… creating smart solutions that people understand. hello:

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2 Starwebz Software… creating smart solutions that people understand. hello:

3 Today we will cover… –Introductions –Overview of Starwebz –WebShop demonstration –Discuss compelling points –Discuss the opportunity –Close

4 Starwebz software our people Solid management structure Business process analysts Software interface designers Database programmers e-commerce experts Graphic designers Interactive media developers Web developers

5 Starwebz software our skills Business process analysis User-interface design Database programming e-commerce systems design Systems integration Interactive content writing Graphic design Web development

6 Starwebz software A well established, well qualified, well disciplined group capable of delivering a solution to benefit any companies sales Objectives.

7 The pace of the Internet The internet age is here.

8 The pace of the Internet Cost-Performance of electronics doubles every 18-24 months (Moores law) Source: Prof. Jim Norton, Institute of Directors 1 10 100 1,000 10,000 100,000 1,000,000 10,000,000 100,000,000 1,000,000,000 10,000,000,000 100,000,000,000 1,000,000,000,000 1940195019601970198019902000201020202030

9 The pace of the Internet Coopers Law for Wireless (doubles every 2½ years) Source: Prof. ArrayComm Coopers Law, (after ArrayComm Chairman, Martin Cooper), states that the number of conversations (voice and data) conducted over a given area, in all of the useful radio spectrum, has doubled every two and a half years for the last 105 years, ever since Marconi discovered radio in 1895

10 The pace of the Internet One days activity in 1999 was equivalent to… Source: Prof. Chatham House Forum 1949 all world trade 1960 all scientific projects 1983 all telephone calls 1990 all e-mails

11 The pace of the Internet The internet age is here.

12 Our work introduction Starwebz White label their WebShop software creating Custom built software for E-commerce Systems We also supply Full Custom web design And Provide full Web Integration

13 Our customisation process introduction Define Capture all requirements Design Design functional architecture Generate visual concepts Create functional model Build Build functional components Compile and test Deliver

14 The need Europe is second for Internet use in the global economy Internet Access by Region as at September 2000 Source: NUA Internet surveys Growth: From 201 M 9/99 to 377 M 9/00. 88% new in last thirteen months

15 Awareness North America and Scandinavia lead in Internet use Percentage of Penetration Source: NUA drawing on multiple published studies at Sept 2000 UK: 32.72% Based on statistics gathered between Dec 99 & Sep 2000 The UK will advance rapidly.

16 Growth Number of Internet domain names registered in the UK Source: Nominet

17 We believe that these figures show the INTEREST & NEEDS of people today The understanding

18 The perfect niche… Looking at the facts today in Computer development and e- commerce, you will realize the potential of this powerful tool that Starwebz has created. Starwebz Software

19 The marketplace so consider the expanded opportunities of selling through the web… but whats the catch… its a www.mystery… knowledge cost Convenience Maintenance Management hassle Many small business owners are not yet accessing the web and are far from creating a fully functional e-commerce website A small website featuring a product catalogue, an online payment facility, etc. can run into thousands of pounds for the initial effort. Creating a website from scratch takes a considerable amount of time and effort, even with a web design company Every time the website needs minor updates the web design company needs to get involved. A product catalogue may often change frequently, prices may require updating, and special offers will need constant changing. its not as easy as it seems… Ongoing costs and time involved in continuing to work with a web design company

20 The marketplace So, what does it take to break down the barriers? Microsoft Windows bought computing to the masses… Starwebz WebShop brings e-commerce and websites to the masses.

21 A look at WebShop To understand better it is important to see Starwebz WebShop for yourself…

22 WebShops value Starwebz WebShop removes all the boundaries… Starwebz WebShop is a one-stop solution that enables the small business to enter the information age by themselves knowledge cost convenience maintenance management hassle

23 WebShops value Starwebz WebShop is the winning choice for small to medium businesses entering e- commerce because –Its faster to use –NO need to be ONLINE –You have 100% control –No one else owns your information –Its adaptable

24 WebShops value After you demolish all the boundaries of knowledge, creativity, maintenance, management and hassle…

25 WebShops value What would you expect pay to get your business on the web fully e-nabled? Especially a package that makes it easy to enter your own text and graphics, helps you create and manage your product catalogue. And - delivers a professional result? Traditionally $5000 and up.

26 WebShops value What a gift for a business. A genuine opportunity that will allow them to exhibit their products WORLDWIDE forever. How do you value that?

27 WebShops value So, what if we literally give the complete e- commerce solution to a business, that he simply loads in to his/her computer?

28 WebShops value What is in it for You ?

29 the Deal… We can offer revenue sharing deals that will in no time at all return the minimal investment required in set up costs, which would then continuously return a profit. Received in return is a fully managed e-commerce solution giving a fantastic tool to promote new business sales through the internet.

30 the Deal… Starwebz Software offer our flagship product at the set-up cost involved in giving the product to end users.

31 A typical Deal… Based on 500 exhibitors per month rising to 3000 in the 3 rd year and only a 15% take-up, you see complete return on investment after the first year plus profits rising annually through the second and third years.

32 logistics Starwebz will work with the customer to fully understand their preferences in developing an ongoing strategy towards end users. We will then handle every aspect of implementing and managing the promotion

33 easy to say yes This solution is ready to go subject to contract with minimal upfront commitment.

34 What are we providing? Were providing Shovels… Were not a dot com company. We are a full- service Internet software provider.

35 why Starwebz? Award Winning Software… We provide a realistic product for the man on the street.

36 why Starwebz? Starwebz Software… We can provide anybody a complete solution to their internet needs.

37 why Starwebz? The Competition? We chose two of the best offerings to compare features against Starwebz WebShop… –Virgin Site Builder –BT Store Centre Easy to use Wizard driven Create & manage site entirely offline Inexpensive: $499 (software) + $19-$129/mo hosting Unlimited database Integrated shopping cart + web site Starwebz Limited viewing & creation capability Browser driven Create & manage site online only $600/yr + $900 annual fee Unlimited database Integrated shopping cart + web site Virgin Site Builder Limited viewing & creation capability Browser driven Create & manage site online only Expensive: $3750/yr + $1500 annual fee Unlimited database Integrated shopping cart + web site BT Store Centre

38 A sneak peek at the future… A truly international product Full backend office integration Full management reporting tools Multimedia capabilities 3D product catalogue Customer tracking Fully customisable web editor Service sector integration WebShop's future

39 WebShops value Consider the real value of Starwebz WebShop An adaptable, powerful e- commerce tool that will in itself be used as a sales tool. Starwebz WebShop TRULY PRICELESS

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