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ORGANIZING E-MAIL Using Windows Live Mail Barbara Alwin.

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1 ORGANIZING Using Windows Live Mail Barbara Alwin

2 Organizing Content - using Windows Live Mail The first thing I did was to set up 3 separate accounts for my incoming Personal from friends and acquaintances. 2 - Calendar entries and reminders from my Hotmail calendar. 3 - Miscellaneous incoming This is that comes from companies I purchase from on the Internet, or from anywhere I had to sign up by giving my address. Here is what my Live Mail account looks like when I open ….

3 Here is the first of my three incoming addresses:

4 Next is the second of my three mailboxes...

5 And then the address for all my general messages...

6 The next thing I did was to organize folders to store messages I want to keep. This allows me to move messages out of my Inbox and save them in such a way that I can more easily locate them in the future. I set up folders for family information, travel information, Computer club, church, Internet purchases, etc. Here is the display of my folder list:


8 Lets look at the folder for Amazon - where I store messages pertaining to purchases, shipping information, etc. when I shop at Amazon.





13 I also use my Live Mail to set up my on-line calendar, which sends reminders to me by (remember that second account I set up? Thats where those reminder messages go - so they dont clutter up my other ). This calendar is also linked to my iPhone, so I receive reminder alerts -- which I set up on the Live Mail Calendar. I can set up more than one reminder, so birthday reminders first come one week ahead, and then again on the day of the birthday. Here is what my calendar looks like for the month of November:

14 Calendar - Windows Live Mail

15 To set up an event, I just double click on the day of the event, and then fill out the details - including when I want a reminder sent to me.


17 Most programs are fairly similar to the Live Mail program. The purpose of my presentation is simply to show ways you can make the best use of your own program --by moving messages out of your Inbox, and storing them so you can more easily locate them later. This helps to keep your Inbox from becoming overloaded. Another reminder about keeping your program organized: Be sure to go into your Deleted Messages and Sent Messages folders periodically to delete those messages you no longer need.

18 I hope this will give you some ideas about how to organize your own program, so you can maximize the benefits it provides.

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