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Minority language success Not only Catalan but in Catalan Dublin, 27th September 2007.

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1 Minority language success Not only Catalan but in Catalan Dublin, 27th September 2007

2 History of Catalan First written document – Homilies dOrganyà (1080 -1095) 1714 – Defeat of Barcelona – Utrech Treaty – Felip V 1716 - First banning law for Catalan – Decret de Nova Planta Renaixença (literature movement) - June 18th 1907 Institut d'Estudis Catalans Mission: Recovery and organization about everything related with the genuine Catalan culture Pompeu Fabra with the support of Institut d'Estudis Catalans 1913 Normes ortogràfiques 1918 Gramàtica catalana 1932 Diccionari general de la llengua catalana 1931 – Recovery of Generalitat de Catalunya

3 History of Catalan 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War No Autonomous Government Public use of Catalan again banned 1975 End of Francos dictatorship 1977 Generalitat de Catalunya returning from exile 1978 Spanish Constitution Castilian is the official Spanish language of the State and as the official language, All Spaniards have the duty to know it and have the right to use it, it goes on declare, The other Spanish languages shall also be official in their respective autonomous communities with their statutes. The wealth of the different language variations of Spain is a cultural heritage which shall be the object of special respect and protection..

4 History of Catalan 1979 Approval of Estatut de Catalunya 1983 Approval of Llei de Normalització Lingüística 2005 European Union approves the use of Catalan, Galician and Basque in the European Parliament, Regions Committee and the European Council of Ministers 2006 Approval of new Estatut de Catalunya Catalan is the mother tongue of the people of Catalonia and together with Spanish are the official languages. Later on, it states that Catalan people have the right to use both official languages and the duty to know them.

5 Minority Language? The 10th language in number of translations from other languages It is present in more than 150 Universities outside Spain Position number 26 in total volume of pages at Internet 9 daily newspapers Around 200 radio stations with presence of more than 50% of Catalan in their programs 2 full time TV channels Normal language at Education, Public Administration and Catalan Parliament In terms of inhabitants Catalan is the 7th language in comparison with the official languages of the EU

6 Minority Language?


8 Catalan and new technologies Normalisation of Catalan language as another language useful in the technological world and specifically at Internet In the 19th century for a language it was important to have own literature, papers and magazines In the 20th century was important to have schools and a strong presence in the media In the 21st century if you do not have an Internet presence you dont exist We will be what Saint Google says we are Eva Piquer - Journalist

9 Catalan and new technologies Early stages: direct funding from the Catalan government of products to be translated into Catalan. nice to have 2nd stage: no more direct funding but technical and linguistic support must have

10 Terminology 1985 – Creation of TERMCAT sets out to guarantee the quality and availability of resources and working methods puts into practice in the public and private sectors promotes the participation and implication of society in all its activities to motivate, in a multilingual scenario, the development of the terminology in Catalan language and to contribute to the general progress of this language in all the social scopes The resources developed by TermCat are available through the Internet and can be browsed and downloaded

11 .cat Domain puntCat foundation – non making profit association created in 2001 Founders: IEC CCRTV – Public Media Broadcasting company Economical support from Generalitat direct from the public budget 15th of September 2005 – Approval of domain 1st domain that represents a language and a culture that doesnt match the administrative or territorial boundaries of a State

12 .cat Domain puntCAT Foundation – non making profit association managing domain 21000 records first year 3000 public institutions 40% of the remaining 18000 records are from individuals, professionals, associations that asked for an Internet domain for the first time

13 Catalan at Internet January 2001: Catalan version for Altavista and Alltheweb 16th March 2001: Catalan version of Google January 2002: Catalan section of Lycos In January 2003 there were 10 Catalan websites among the top thousand most visited Website Ranking for Catalan pages 1. La Caixa 2. Generalitat de Catalunya 3. Generalitat Valenciana 4. Ajuntament de Barcleona 5. Servei de Telemàtica Educativa de la Generalitat de Catalunya 6. El Periódico 7. Vilaweb 8. Fútbol Club Barcelona

14 Open Source Movement - SOFTCATALÀ Softcatalà ( is an non- profit-making association Its aim is to promote the use of Catalan into the new technologies and Internet Created in summer 1997. 2nd of october 1998 Catalan translation of Netscape Communicator 4.04 for Wndows Products Mozilla, OpenOffice, Opera, Fedora (Red Hat), Linux, Gaim, Gimp, etc. Google – collaboration in the first translation in 2001

15 Some important companies IBM Translation volumes for 2006 Websphere ~ 800K words AIX ~ 800K words Lotus ~ 1,5 milion words Hardware ~ 150K words

16 Some important companies Microsoft XP ~ 200K words Vista ~ 250K words Office 2003 ~ 250K words Office 2007 ~250K words Windows Mobile 6 (now in translation) Marketing campaign through the web: Fes un clic al català

17 Localising in Catalan - Particularities à, è, é, í, ò, ó, ú l.l (ASCII code 183) Eg. Cancel Cancel.lar ç (ASCII code 231) Eg. Barça, release llançament ï, ü Eg. frecuency freqüència, provider proveïdor Use of apostrophes Eg. the computer lordinador

18 Conclusion Catalan language has got an important presence on the Internet There is a need for SW products in Catalan, not only by the requirements of the Catalan public institutions but also from the individual users A Catalan user will use the Catalan version if that version exists

19 Fèlix Donoso Localization – Software Engineer Business Development Manager Mail: Web: Telf: +34 93 419 63 43 Fax: +34 93 419 65 61 Dirección: C/ Galileo, 303 6ª, 08028 Barcelona Japonés Hebreo Thank You Inglés Merci Francés Danke Alemán Grazie Italiano Gracias Español Obrigado Portugués Árabe Chino Simplificado Chino Traditional Coreano Hindi Tamil go raibh maith agat Gaélico Tak Danés Grazas Gallego Holandés Dank u Dankon Esperanto Tack så mycket Sueco


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