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ENERNET Bob Metcalfe Polaris Venture Partners April 9, 2008 at Venture Summit East, Boston Four Seasons.

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1 ENERNET Bob Metcalfe Polaris Venture Partners April 9, 2008 at Venture Summit East, Boston Four Seasons

2 MIT Energy Initiative President Susan Hockfield says, Jump! And I ask, How high? on the way up.

3 Polaris Venture Partners Diversified, so why not energy?

4 Not Energy, Not Cleantech, and certainly not Green Enertech Color? Black and Blue

5 ENERNET Lessons from 62 years of Internet history about how to meet accelerating world needs for cheap and clean energy.

6 Birth of the Internet? 1998 Founding of Google 1991 Gore Bill signed by George Bush I 1989 World Wide Web 1984 Arpanet to TCP/IP 1973 Ethernet, TCP/IP, Cellphone 1969 Arpanet 1957 Sputnik 1946 Transistor and Me (62)

7 Avoid Hardening of the Categories FCC 1968 Carterfone Decision: Network vs. CPE FCC 1960s-70s-80s: Computers vs. Telecoms Bell System Divestiture 1984: Local vs. Long Distance Voice, Video, and Data: ISDN Telephone, Television, Internet Communication vs. Transportation Information vs. Energy Energy: Generation, Transmission, Storage, Consumption Feed, Food, Fuel: Corn Ethanol

8 Internet Surprises Conservation -> Shannon -> abundance Time Sharing -> Interactive Minis -> PCs Incestuous Traffic -> LANs Wireless -> Cable, Cellular, Satellite, DWDM Ethernet vs. Godzilla Security, Economics, Quality of Service Voice, Video, Data -> Data Bubbles -> PC, LAN, Dotcoms, VOIP…

9 Internet Laws Groschs Law -- centralized mainframes Amdahls Law -- Mips -> Mbps Groves Law -- telecom monopolies Moores Law -- integrated circuits Coopers Law -- cellular vs. Marconi Wirths Law -- hardware and software Metcalfes Law -- network effect (V~N^2) Lets collect Enertech Laws…

10 Where research? Not in monopolies. (not AT&T, IBM, Xerox, Microsoft) Not in government laboratories. (not DOE) Competing research universities. If only they were better managed.

11 Silver Bullets IBM punched cards Transistor and Integrated Circuit Interactive time-sharing minicomputers Bit-Mapped Display, Mouse, WYSIWYG TCP/IP and Ethernet World Wide Web and Mosaic Lasers, Optical fibers, DWDM Google Cellular

12 Internet Winning Principles Break Monopolies (AT&T, IBM) Layered Architecture Google / Web / Internet / Ethernet Distributed -- Smart Edges Standards -- De Jure Competitive -- FOCACA Build it, and they will come; dont, wont. Use the Internet to build the Internet

13 There was the Internet Bubble and now there is the Global Warming® Bubble Global Warming® is caused by CO2, so now we must urgently build the political will for a Manhattan Project to conserve energy, sequester CO2, and develop clean (but not nuclear) energy sources that can scale, for which there will be no silver bullets, and we will have to pay more.

14 Enertech will not be conservation. Sure, lets conserve energy. I just traded in a 12-cylinder Mercedes for a 4-cylinder Mini. I have a SmartCar on order. But when the Enernet is done, we will be using many times MORE energy than we do now. Prosperity is linear in energy.

15 Bubbles accelerate technological innovation. They are a tool against the status quo. Outlawing speculative bubbles over-damps technology transitions. The trick is not to get caught when bubbles burst. Caveat emptor. Not only is Global Warming® a bubble, but also are enertech, biofuels, and algae farming. Bubbles are a good thing.

16 Accelerating world needs for cheap and clean energy will best be met by competing teams of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and, yes, venture capitalists. They brought us the Internet doing computing and communication. Lets now ask them to do energy.

17 Diversified High-Tech Venture Capital. Waltham MA and Seattle WA

18 40Gbps Long-Haul DWDM Optical Transmission. Acton MA

19 Integrated High-Processor-Count Linux Clusters Delivering Factors of 10 More Enertech Supercomputing Per dollar, per foot, per watt. Maynard MA

20 Embedded Energy Management Networking Using ZigBee Standard CMOS Radios and Protocol Software. South Boston MA

21 Solid-state Thin-film Lithium-ion Batteries for low-cost microelectronics requiring miniaturization, durability, flexibility, rechargeability. Littleton CO

22 Black Silicon, Using Femtosecond Lasers Irradiation To Enhanced Silicons Light Responsivity. Beverly MA

23 Multicrystaline Silicon Solar Cells With Photovoltaic Efficiencies and Costs To Compete with Coal-fired Electricity. Lexington MA

24 High-Productivity Farming of Algae By Recycling CO2 From Flue Gasses To Produce Feedstocks For Feed, Food, and Fuel. Cambridge MA

25 Physicists have long been taunted by the huge nuclear fusion reactor that flies daily across the sky. Maybe its best we keep our fusion reactor 93 million miles away and beam in the comparatively small amount of energy that well need. Earth is likely itself a huge nuclear fission reactor. While waiting for fusion, maybe its best to distribute fission reactors on Earths surface. Nuclear Energy: None, Fission, Fusion, or Other?

26 Global Warming® is a bubble like the dotcoms, Al Gore and all. While doing cheap and clean energy, we need research in climate control. Lets control Earths albedo with benign reflecting nanoparticles in the upper atmosphere; lets position a retractable photovoltaic and reflecting parasol at L1. Then well have to argue about what temperatures we want.

27 END

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