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CSC 101 Fall 2012 Felicia Furino December 13, 2012.

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1 CSC 101 Fall 2012 Felicia Furino December 13, 2012

2 Societal Topics Weeks 7 and 8 Week 7 Internet Regulations - Internet Regulation is used to control only certain information to be accessed. Internet Regulation controls and allows domain registration, IP addresses, and data to not be viewed by people that shouldnt have access to it. This is important because people want to see that there private information isnt accessed by strangers. Internet Governance - Internet Governance is applied to technical standards. It is the main application that has rules, procedures, and programs that make up the evolution and use of the internet. Internet governance is not only on government parts of the internet but is a role in my activities on the internet society to keep it safe. Week 8 Edx- Edx is an online computer course. This course is taken by students at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The website has both online courses and also shows how students are learning. This enterprise is growing more and more everyday so students can have a better learning experience. Internet Protocol (IP) addressing - Internet Protocol (IP) addressing is numbers need for any device that connects to the internet. The IP addresses manage the stability of the internet. Each IP address is distributed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) who is responsible for all IP addresses.

3 Societal Topics Weeks 9 and 10 Week 9 IPv6 - IPv6 is the new IP address that is used by most computers today. An IP address is a postal code for each computer that allows information to be transferred to websites. Without IP addresses there wouldnt be a way to look up websites and websites would also run slower. Net neutrality - Net neutrality is how you control what you do online. All public internet services should treat all content in a neutral manner. It is the founding principle of the internet and allows it to be grow and be an important part in history. Week 10 Windows 8 - Windows 8 is the newest update for the windows system. This windows operating system is used for small businesses and at home. The system is used on personal computers, laptops, and tablets. The system is more updated so the user experience is better. Routing Autonomous Systems (ASNs- Routing Autonomous Systems (ASNs) is a group of IP routers that control network operators. It is a clearly defined policy that the internet uses to keep networks working. Usually at an organization will use this to connect networks together.

4 Societal Topics Weeks 11,12, and 13 Week 11 Border Gateway Protocol- A border Gateway Protocols job is to make core routing decisions on the Internet. It is used for companies to keep up to date on their routing systems. BGPs do not need to be run at home because most people have a single Internet connection. Privacy- Internet privacy is when your personal information cant be accessed. Having your own IP address allows you to keep your own personal information private from other people using the internet. Week 12 Spam- Spam is commercial advertising that is sent to people through the Internet. Most people dont want these messages but they are sent on a daily basis. These advertisements are sent so people are forced to read them. MOOC- Massive Open Online Course is an online course aimed at a large amount of participation and open access through the internet. This system is an idea of how education can be progressed. This program is like college but you cant receive credits just a type of certificate. Week 13 Security- internet security is a branch of security that is often used on the internet. There is browser security and network security. Both of these securities help the internet be safe and let people keep their own personal information. Standardization- Standardization is the process of developing technical standards. Standardization is to help make decisions on all technical standards used on the internet and the whole network of the internet.


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7 Book Study Results

8 2ed Half Homepage - HTML

9 Google Maps 10 and 11 Week 10 Week 11

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