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BCGS Ministry of Energy and Mines B RITISH C OLUMBIA The MapPlace - An Internet-based Mineral Exploration Tool.

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1 BCGS Ministry of Energy and Mines B RITISH C OLUMBIA The MapPlace - An Internet-based Mineral Exploration Tool

2 BCGS Larry Jones Don MacIntyre Pat Desjardins Ward Kilby acknowledged as early developer of MapPlace The MapPlace Web Site Features & Design Available Data & Maps Examples


4 An Internet-based system providing access to vast amounts of geospatial data Users can interactively view, search and download datasets Create, copy and print maps and reports What is The MapPlace ?

5 BCGS Internet Raster Image Web Browser MapGuide Viewer Netscape, Microsoft.MWF HTML Document HTTP:\\.MWF Raster MapPlace Web Server MapGuide Server CGI Gateway Interface CGI Gateway Microsoft's Internet Info Server ( Cold Fusion SQL RDBMS SDF Data Files OLE DB.HTML Raster Data Files.CFM Access MapGuide Author.MWF.MLF MINFILE/ARIS ColdFusion Servers MINERAL TITLES ColdFusion Server ( ( CORDLINK MapGuide Server ( NGSC/CGPD MapGuide Server MMSD MapGuide Server ( (

6 BCGS What Data is Available ? Metallic & industrial mineral potential ranking Bedrock & surficial geology Regional silt & water geochemistry (RGS) Mineral occurrences (MINFILE) & COALFILE Assessment reports (ARIS) Mineral & Petroleum Tenure/PNG Wells

7 BCGS Base Data Available Administrative boundaries, gazetteer, grids Topographic features, such as roads, rivers, and contours Raster images - digital elevation model (DEM) shaded relief, satellite (LandSat), aeromagnetics & othophotos

8 827 reports; 8350 boreholes; 3324 trenches; 11,917 titles; very large; 7000 TRIM maps; DataObject TypeNo. of Objects / Coverage Reports, Downloads and Web Links Bedrock GeologyPolygon, Line60,000; 180,570legend reports & download Mineral PotentialPolygon788data report & download AggregatePoint, Polygon725 pts / 3 areastable download COAL Reports, Boreholes, Trenches, Bulk Samples Point, PDF filesreports & downloads 459 bulk samples MINFILEPoint12,091reports, downloads, links ARISPoint, PDF files25,941reports, downloads, links RGSPoint, Polygon44,428complete data download Mineral TenurePolygon41,862report & links Crown GrantsRaster image100%TIFF file downloads Petroleum Tenure & WellsPoint, Polygonreports & downloads 14,405 wells Topography: Contours, Roads, Rail, Rivers, Lakes, Aquifers Points, Polygon, Line 1122 aquifers Geographic Locations (Map Grids, Gazetteer) Point, Polygon41,500 Administration Areas (First Nations, Parks, Forestry) Polygonmultiple Raster ImagesDEM, LandSat, Aeromagnetics, Gravity, Orthophotos BCGS

9 Geology BCGS 1:250,000 scale compilation legend reports & download maps in GIS format GSC 1:1 M & 1:5 M scale geology of Canada served from MapGuide site in Ottawa Terranes, Mineral Potential, Indexes

10 Geology 1:5,000,000 1:1,000,000 1:250,000 Terranes

11 BCGS Geology with 1:250,000 Contour Lines

12 BCGS Point Databases MINFILE - mineral occurrence locations linked to reports, downloads & MINFILE\www searches ARIS - exploration assessment report index linked to reports, downloads, ARIS searches & PDF reports COALFILE - reports, boreholes, trenches, bulk samples linked to reports, downloads & PDF reports RGS - regional geochemistry surveys linked to spreadsheet downloads Others – PNG wells, claim posts, aggregate pits, gazetteer, mining & smelting operations

13 BCGS MINFILE with LandSat & Report Link

14 BCGS ARIS with Ortho- photo & Link to PDF Report

15 BCGS Map report of COALFILE data on DEM

16 BCGS Regional Geochemisty Surveys (RGS) on DEM

17 BCGS Mineral Tenure with Aeromag & Link to Report

18 BCGS MapPlace Tools & Menu Vector, Raster, Point display URL & database linkages from map objects Hardcopy and digital output Zoom, copy, bookmarks, view reports Buffer generation, multiple projections, distances Object selection by buffer, polygon, radius Client input capabilities Extensive help & tutorials

19 BCGS 21 Theme Maps Available BCGS Geology Map Exploration Assistant Mineral Titles Map World Map Canada Map USA Map Jennings River Geology Barkerville Geology Lillooet LRMP Map Guichon Batholith Vernon Geology Map Aggregate Potential Map Terrain Map Index Regional Geophysics Map Relief and Radar Map Southeast BC Geophysics Petroleum Titles and Wells Coal Map BC Geology Map Index GSC & GSB Geology Indexes Mineral Activity Maps

20 BCGS Available Maps The BCGS Geology Map has access to most of the available geospatial datasets. The Exploration Assistant allows you to actively search and display elements of 4 main databases. The Mineral Titles Map displays mineral, placer and Coal tenures, with a lower window linked to Titles database. Crown Grant rasters are downloadable on this map.

21 BCGS Investigate The MapPlace

22 BCGS Exploration Assistant query tools (JavaScript, ColdFusion) Gazetteer to find location Discovery Potential: where Mineral Resource Assessment program predicted new deposits MINFILE by commodity or deposit type or name Regional Geochemistry by provincial or map sheet statistical threshold Geology by age, lithology and terrane Mineral Titles by claim name and anniversary date

23 BCGS JavaScript frame provides search capabilities Pop-Up Menu use the right mouse button Print... Pan Reload Copy Zoom Bookmarks Select View About Page Setup Select Map Objects Select within polygon Select Radius Select Polygon Select Clear Cursor Position Viewing Scale Size of map window Exploration Assistant Report for selected object Pan Zoom-to search tool Copy to other graphic package

24 BCGS Display and download data from 38 geochemical elements

25 BCGS Display geology by age, lithology & terrane

26 BCGS Mineral Title Map Tenure on TRIM features

27 BCGS Crown Grant Raster Index Layer links to Raster Maps for viewing or download

28 Selected Theme Maps Jennings River Detailed Geology delivers SHP files Guichon Batholith

29 Selected Theme Maps Vernon Geology Structures Mapping Stations, Ages Aggregate Potential

30 Selected Theme Maps GSC Geophysics Gravity, Aeromagnetics SEBC Geophysics

31 Selected Theme Maps Mineral Activity mining, coal, industrial mineral, refining & Smelting operations Petroleum Tenure & Wells

32 Selected Theme Maps Terrain Map Index surficial geology & terrain maps Digital Version of (Open File 1992-13) GSC & GSB Geology Map Indexes

33 BCGS Benefits Operational for 5 years Built & maintained at low cost Free Internet access to comprehensive data Capable of delivering any georeferenced data Remote map authoring over the Web Link to and from other MapGuide sites Create your own maps for display Vector, raster & point data downloads

34 Professional Geoscientists maintain, support, & offer training on the site Excellent client feedback BC & Yukon Chamber of Mines Award 1999 Service to the Public Award 2001 Top Website at Ministry of Energy & Mines Other jurisdictions adopting site style Efficient and Flexible Satisfy client requests for custom queries & maps Rapid addition of new data & changes to existing data BCGS Benefits

35 BCGS Thank You & Please Visit For Your On-line Exploration Toolbox

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