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Tele-Robotics Demonstration (Rover Tele-operation) JUSTSAP-PISCES Symposium 2008 November 11, 2008.

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1 Tele-Robotics Demonstration (Rover Tele-operation) JUSTSAP-PISCES Symposium 2008 November 11, 2008

2 2 Agenda Demonstration overview Technology and Products of remote control platform Let s enjoy Rover Tele-operation Time Trial

3 3 Demonstration overview Let's experience the effect of "latency cancel technology" for teleoperation. Rover Wireless LAN Access point Internet simulate PC Operation PC PISCES Simulate data transmission delay in Internet InternetInternet Japan/US A

4 4 Technology and Products You can develop advanced remote control system easily and at a low cost. TelePresence over IP Platform for the remote control system which requires the digital video transmitted by wireless LAN and internet.

5 5 Technology and Products Advanced remote control system Operation from everywhere of Internet available places High operativity using Motion JPEG video Easily and low cost I/F for using COTS equipments (WirelessLAN, Internet, PC, game controller, etc.) Software Library for easy system development by users All-in-one platform for video-based remote control system

6 6 Remote control system using TPIP Video & Sound data Sensor data Control command data Sound data internetinternet PC controller Target System Wireless LAN card WireLess LAN Access point Bidirectional WireLess LAN IEEE802.11a/b/g NTSC Camera Sensor Microphon e Speake r Motor control input output TPIP Unit TPIP Library

7 7 Minimization of Video transmission delay NTSC video capture JPEG Encoder JPEG compression Wireless LAN IEEE802.11g 20Mbsp 15Kbyte(1/60) Decoder & rendering JPEG decode & rendering PC monitor Refresh Rate:60Hz VGA/QVGA 30fps NTSC Camera + Internet 33ms Processing time 20ms 6ms 20ms 17ms TPIP TPIP Total delay time 96ms 100ms Web Camera Total delay time500ms Network Camera VGA 15fps QVGA 30fps

8 8 High-speed image compression image compression 30 frames/sec. (NTSC -> Motion JPEG) No re-transmission Communication UDP/IP High-speed image rendering High-speed Motion JPEG decoding, image processing middleware ResolutionVGA(640 x 480),QVGA(320 x 240) Frame rate30 frame/sec Video transmission delayLess than 100ms Performance Minimization of Video transmission delay

9 9 Removal of Transmission delay influence 1sec delay 1sec delay moves during delay time 4km/h ex. walk 4km/h ex. walk 10km/h ex. model car 10km/h ex. model car Hawaii Japan 6sec? delay 6sec? delay EarthMoon Hawaii 2.8 m Moon Hawaii Moon 5700km 384400km 16.8m 6.6m 1.1m

10 10 received image captured at T received image captured at T corrected image view at T+ΔT Steering angle speed Image transmission delay ΔT Image transmission delay specify a red frame part by three data Point T T+ΔT Removal of Transmission delay influence

11 11 Correction of Transmission delay fluctuation Remove the video frame intervals fluctuation which degrades operativity without image buffering Delay timet1 Time Stamp t1=Time now -T1 Sendimage Receiveimage Displayimage A fluctuation by the transmission delay occurs display images at same interval by time stamps

12 12 Lets enjoy Rover Tele-operation Time Trial Start and Goal First Gate Second Gate Latency cancel technology 1 st lapOFF 2 nd lapON

13 13 An Introduction TPIP Unit

14 14 Image processing board Control board The feature of TPIP unit Value remote control platform All-in-one platform for video-based remote control system (Image processing board, control board, software library) Various input/output for remote control system TPIP Unit Input image : NTSC Output image : MotionJPEG (VGA/QVGA 30fps) Sound input/output : Audio Wireless Communication : IEEE802.11a/b/g Digital I/O RC servo I/F DC motor I/F Pulse input Analog input CAN I/F RS232 I/F

15 15 TPIP Unit Hardware

16 16 TPIP Unit Specifications Vout V1 V2 V3 pw RS232 SH2 50MHz S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 WirelwssLAN (11a,11g) Servo NTSC CAMERA Voltage Encoder V in RS232 pw Ethernet Wireless LAN Card DC6 16V Sensor Analog Input JPEG chip Motor SH4 240MHz Image processing board Target control board P1 P2 A1 RS232 CAN I/F RS232 Other unit 5V A3 A2 A4 A5A7 A6A8 I1I3 I2I4 O1 O3 O2 O4 O O O O Sensor Digital INPUT Switch Audio Mikespeaker Vout NTSC display ItemSpecifications / performance Commu nication LAN Wireless IEEE802.11a,g,b (PC card) × Cable 10baseT / 100baseTX × Image Image transmit VGA/QVGA 30fps, delay Less than 100ms Remove IP network delay time Camera I/F Max change signal Sound Sound transmit Monaural recording bidirectional transmit Sampling Rate:16/8KHz,44.1KHz) Board size105×84×60mm ItemSpecifications / performance I/ORC servo I/F Max 10ch DC motor I/F1ch Pulse inputEncoder Input 2ch Analog input8ch Digital I/OInput 4ch / output 8ch (TTL) CAN I/F1ch RS232 I/F2ch

17 17 Compatibility with the radio control system Image processing board R/C receiver Servo Motor amp Motor amp Radio control system for hobby Servo Motor amp Target control board TPIP unit DC Motor Output RC servo Output 11a CameraInput SensorInput RC parts usable RC servo Output replaceable Two-way Digital control command Video & Sensor data One-way Analog control command only DC Motor Output

18 18 TPIP Unit Software

19 19 Soundcontrol TPIP library OS : Linux JPEG compression board Motor control board JPEG device driver Real-Time Image transmit Software UDP / IP S/W H/W Internet TPIP Unit ControllerSoftware PC/AT compatible machine OS : Windows XP UDP / IP JPEG decode Software Real-Time Image transmit Software High-speedrendering User program DLL (Dynamic Link Library) TPIP Library

20 20 TPIP library USB Display WirelessLAN RS232Othercontroller Controller input function Image control / transmit function SIO Communication function Graphic control function UDP function UDP-SIO communication function Base library apply library TPIP library TPIP Unit

21 21 University Technical junior college Researchlaboratories SanritzAutomation Technical information information TPIP Library source code Community Productinformation Research & developmentresults offer & technical support archive Research and development(school) Research and development(school) 26 members 26 members Research and development(Enterprise): 11 members 11 members RRC Student member : 23 members Student member : 9 members Activities theme Robot Control Robot Control OpenCV Image data processing OpenCV Image data processing etc… etc… TPIP User Community

22 22 And… TPIP Platform customize TPIP Platform customize TPIP Systems construction support TPIP Systems construction support Image processing board compression & transmit compression & transmit \140,000 TPIP Platform PACKAGE \200,000 academic price \100,000 Price in Japan Tele-Operation Rover PACKAGE \2,500,000 academic price \1,500,000 Remote control Target(Rover) TPIP Unit TPIP library TPIP Unit TPIP library Image processing board TPIP library You can choose TPIP Platform

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