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Growing Your Anthem Blue Cross Business. 2 You already do some or all of these activities, right? Internet marketing E-mail marketing Direct mail Advertising.

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1 Growing Your Anthem Blue Cross Business

2 2 You already do some or all of these activities, right? Internet marketing E-mail marketing Direct mail Advertising Networking Can you do even more to increase leads and grow your Anthem Blue Cross business? Is It Enough?

3 3 How Do I Generate Leads? Define your goals Build and market a website; get AgentConnected Purchase internet leads Use e-mail/e-marketing Use AMAP Program to: Advertise in local papers/magazines Send traditional direct mail Cold call Ask for referrals Network

4 4 Define Your Goals What are your initial plans and goals? How much time and money are you willing to commit to grow your Anthem business? What kinds of activities will you do first? How much do you want to increase your prospect database/revenue? What are your follow-up plans and goals? How will you supplement your initial lead-generating activities? What kind of return on investment do you expect? Work with your RSM to develop a customized approach to grow your business.

5 5 Are You Ready for the E-Consumer? Consumers are shopping for more services via the internet than ever before In 2006, more than half of all health insurance purchases already involved the Web* By 2011, more than 90% of all individual health insurance policies will be purchased, either partially or completely, on the Web* Do you shop online? YOUR OPPORTUNITY Consumers shopping for health insurance online need an educated and reliable agent to assist them through the sales process. *Celent, Online Insurance Sales and Marketing: What's Happening and What's Next, July 17, 2007

6 6 Need Help Creating a Website? To get started, here are just a few of the companies that sell domain names and offer web development services. GoDaddy BuyDomain

7 7 Make Your Site… Visible Include your internet address on business cards, stationery and all marketing materials Actively e-market or buy internet leads Customer-focused and professional Speak to your customers needs and interests – discuss 3 plans that are basic and good sellers Include only a minimum amount of information about yourself Avoid jargon, unless youre marketing to a very select audience Ability to provide real-time quotes Easy to view and navigate Use links to information rather than big blocks of text Use an experienced vendor, unless you or someone on your staff has this experience

8 8 Become an E-Agent Quickly and Easily If you arent ready to develop a website yourself, you can combine the tools that Anthem offers: Utilize our AgentConnect tool to create your web page and an online application tool Utilize The AgentAssistant download to act as your: quoting tool proposal generator client database follow-up system

9 9 AgentConnect: Your Site. Our Tools. Your Sale. A quick, easy way to establish your web presence and start earning commissions from online sales Your agent information populates automatically on applications clients complete on your site You get an automatic e-mail notification when someone starts an application on your site You get a follow-up notice if an application is still not complete after 2 days Applicants can easily forward your web address to friends or relatives – E-References! For more information or assistance with AgentConnect, contact your RSM or call Agent Technical Support at 1-888-ANTHEM-1 (1-888-268-4361)

10 10 View benefit information Search for providers Print forms Get quotes Apply online! From Your AgentConnect Site... Prospects Can:

11 11 Sample AgentConnect Page Your personalized information Direct links to: Find a provider Get a quote Apply online Tonik website

12 12 Sample PlanFinder Page What a prospect sees when viewing our website through AgentConnect (note agent information) What a prospect sees when viewing our website on their own (note page framing)

13 13 Internet Leads – Basics Usually non-exclusive, so quick follow-up is a must First-touch e-mail and phone call immediately Let prospects know youre there to guide them through the process of shopping for health insurance After gathering information from prospect, send plans and rates right away via e-mail and follow-up with phone call Use phone call to instruct them on starting the application Establish and utilize a follow-up system Invest in a portable device (Blackberry, Palm, etc.) so you can access e-mail when out of the office Track results

14 14 Internet Leads – Getting Started The number of leads you buy depends on your budget and resources. When starting this program, you should work no more than 5 leads a day if you are a one-person shop or 5 leads per sales representative. As you are able to handle the workflow, you may increase that number accordingly.

15 15 Internet Lead Flow Prospect becomes interested FOLLOW UP Send email blasts, postcards, letters Prospect is not interested at this time Walk prospect thru your website to apply online Prospect is interested Follow up by e-mail and phone Agent sends quote via email; Use AgentAssistant to store prospect info Lead sent to your e-mail account Purchase internet lead

16 16 Sample Internet Lead

17 17 Where to Buy Internet Leads Popular Internet lead vendors: 1.Vimo 5.Leadbot TM 7.United

18 18 Internet Leads – Cost What do they cost? Exclusive leads* @ $25-30 per lead Non-exclusive leads @ $8-12 per lead

19 19 E-Marketing E-mail signature – include link to your website E-newsletters Make informative (e.g., general news, health and wellness tips) Prospects/clients can opt in or out Keep yourself in front of prospects who may turn into buyers Web reviews Encourage your clients to submit a review of your business on review sites such as:

20 20 Traditional Lead Generation Agent Marketing Assistance Program (AMAP) Professionally designed advertising and direct mail templates ready to customize with your information AMAP turnkey program for convenient, one-stop direct mail service Includes artwork, printing and distribution for a single package price Also ideal for creating letterheads, envelopes and business cards Earned AMAP advertising dollars can cover a percentage of your costs, including printing

21 21 Your AMAP Support Marketing support is just a phone call away 1-800-310-2273 – AMAP assistance More information at AMAP general information and materials Agent site AMAP AMAP reference online: Your Complete How-To Guide Reaching Your Target Audience

22 22 Traditional Advertising Resources Newspapers Daily News818-713-3382 Los Angeles Times San Fernando Valley & Ventura 818-772-3413 Inland Empire 909-484-7030 Orange County 714-966-7496 PennySaver714-996-8900 Ventura County Star805-437-0000 Orange County Register714-796-6975

23 23 Traditional Advertising Resources Newspapers cont. Sacramento Bee 916-321-1000 San Francisco Chronicle415-777-1111 San Jose Mercury News408-920-5000 Posting Board Carwashads.com800-787-2717

24 24 Traditional Leads and Direct Mail List Brokers NameFinder (Ben Sawyer) – 800-241-2642 or 206-285-7057 Direct Response Associates (Kurt Naegle, age-in/Senior list broker) – 800-353-5475 Shared Direct Mail Many Faces ad (contact your RSM for information) MoneyMailer, ValPak, etc. – 805-557-6656 Le Tip Lead Club Join a local chapter Give and receive leads with other members Competitors cant be members of same chapter (no conflicts of interest) 800-255-3847, Use colorful or oversized envelopes for direct mail

25 25 Cold Calling and Other Old Reliable Stuff To jump start your business, try to do 100+ cold calls a week Get referrals from existing clients Every quarter, select 6-8 couples to join you for dinner at a nice restaurant to show your appreciation for their business Make sure youre AgentConnected: applicants who apply through your site can easily forward your web address to friends/relatives when they reach the end of their online application Market to your existing clients with a survey or census form to capture changes in coverage needs, changes in address, etc. Ask existing clients if you can use them for testimonials Re-market your past inquiries Go through your list of potential clients once a year

26 26 More Old Reliable Stuff Always carry your business cards Get a rubber stamp for all outgoing mail Dont forget to include your web/AgentConnect site address! Authorized Independent Agent for Anthem Blue Cross Ask for a Health, Dental & Life Quote [your contact info, including your web/AgentConnect site address] Get post-it notes with your name, phone number and website/AgentConnect site address Business card magnets Never let a day pass without engaging in at least one marketing activity Maintain a file of marketing ideas

27 27 Last But Not Least... Networking Contact your area Chamber of Commerce Find out about upcoming events; get your own booth or share with another agent Get a list of local organizations, e.g., Rotary, Lions or Soroptimist clubs Call on friends/acquaintances who own or work in personnel agencies Ask if they will display Anthem Blue Cross Individual sales materials, including Short-Term Plan information Ask if you can do a short talk on health insurance Be a guest speaker at your local college or trade school Explain the basics of insurance Give handouts with your name and phone number Be active in industry community online forums and groups such as craigslist

28 28 And More Networking When visiting Small Group clients, leave behind materials for: employee exit packages employees who are on new-hire waiting periods employees who are on leave

29 29 Whats Next for You? Of the ideas covered today… Choose 3 activities you want to implement in the next 30-60 days Decide how much time and money you can invest (remember to check your earned AMAP balance) Document an actionable plan Let your RSM, Agent Support and AMAP Support help you get started and keep you moving forward!

30 30 THANK YOU! Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association. ® ANTHEM is a registered trademark. ® The Blue Cross name and symbol are registered marks of the Blue Cross Association.

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