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Added value with ADSL and ISDN. Access Europe Modem ISDN DSL Cable Access Europe 0,00 10,00 20,00 30,00 40,00 50,00 60,00 70,00 80,00 90,00 100,00 1999200020012002200320042005.

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Presentation on theme: "Added value with ADSL and ISDN. Access Europe Modem ISDN DSL Cable Access Europe 0,00 10,00 20,00 30,00 40,00 50,00 60,00 70,00 80,00 90,00 100,00 1999200020012002200320042005."— Presentation transcript:

1 Added value with ADSL and ISDN

2 Access Europe Modem ISDN DSL Cable Access Europe 0,00 10,00 20,00 30,00 40,00 50,00 60,00 70,00 80,00 90,00 100,00 1999200020012002200320042005 Year Mio. Subscribers Analog Modem Cable DSL ISDN Quelle: Dataquest (2002)

3 Modem versus ISDN versus ADSL The well known picture...

4 ... is completely wrong... Modem vs. ISDN vs. ADSL

5 ..., ISDN offers much more (not only for telephony)... Modem vs. ISDN vs. ADSL

6 ... A practical approach gives this picture : Modem vs. ISDN vs. ADSL

7 ADSL and ISDN Is more than ADSL over ISDN

8 ISDN & ADSL ADSL and ISDN are complementary services ISDN Integrated Digital Services Network Digital Quality Voice & Data 2 Bearer Channels DSL brings broadband Internet access IP Services

9 Facts ISDN, ISDN&DSL increase access revenue ISDN revenue 10 x higher than ADSL (spectral density) > Shift customers up ISDN customers shall easily migrate to DSL POTS,POTS/DSL shall easily migrate to ISDN ISDN & ADSL Advantages Telco

10 ADSL Last Mile Transports Voice & Broadband Internet

11 ADSL + ISDN: A perfect Marriage !

12 ADSL, How it works Usage of existing Telephone Network Data transfers in upper Frequency Range ADSL upstream ADSL downstream f ISDN 120 kHz138 kHz276 kHz1.104 kHz

13 Internet Access

14 Core Competence

15 PPPoE NIC 10BT Modem NIC Driver PPPoE Driver

16 FRITZ!Card DSL Card Driver

17 FRITZ!Card DSL CAPI 2.0 Controller #2 E-mail Server Proxy Server ADSL U TCP/IP Controller #1 ISDN S 0 NDIS WANPPP/CAPI Telefax Controller #n ISDN, BT,.. AAL5, ATM X.75,HDLC... PPPoE/A, bridged X.25,T.30, modem... Controller #2 Controller #1 Controller #n PHYS TRANS PORT ROUTE APP MS Internet Explorer IP Application CTI ISDN Application MS Outlook Express


19 FRITZ!Card DSL - Advantages As simple as FRITZ!Card –Absolutely plug & play: plug in the card, insert the CD - thats all –Incl. FRITZ!web DSL, preconfigured for ISPs –Automatic configuration wizard –No network configuration necessary High performance –Optimum PC integration –Fastest ping response times –High throughput Space saving –No external device, no power adapter; just one bus slot Security –Network Address Translation (NAT) / IP masquerading –Packet filtering –Line management

20 FRITZ!Card DSL Advantages Variety in applications –Complete ISDN capabilities –Internet access over ISDN –CAPI interface for ADSL/ISDN for various applications –Internet sharing included Variety in operation –ITU G.992.1 –ANSI T1.413 –U-R2 Versions 3 and 4 –ADSL 2


22 FRITZ!Card DSL Internet Access FRITZ!Card DSL ADSL

23 FRITZ!Card DSL Complete with ISDN ISDN Remote access Telephony Fax FRITZ!Card DSL ADSL

24 FRITZ!Card DSL ADSL Internet Sharing ISDN Remote access Telephony Fax ADSL

25 What the customer says… 8/21/2002 I bought a FRITZ!Card DSL yesterday. A leading product. 8/20/2002 I got my FRITZ!Card DSL from 1&1, and I think this combination is superb. 8/16/2002 A good product! Ive been using your DSL card for several weeks and Im very enthusiastic. I like the Windows integration; the software operation is well done. 6/21/2002 Just brilliant, guys! A company with a first-rate reputation ! 6/18/2002 Hurrah! Were really very satisfied with the FRITZ!Card DSL. 6/12/2002 … Im delighted ! 6/7/2002 Just great! As I expected from AVM, everything worked straight away.

26 What the Press says… GameStar: Saves an adapter card and an external box PC Praxis: A flawless solution for 149 Chip: Absolutely trouble-free installation Computer Easy: Saves space, simple to operate PC Professional: Fastest device ÖKO-Test: Complete communication center FACTS: Significantly more capabilities Computerbild: IP masquerading access security Internet Professional: Very simple installation PCGames: Top speed Proven PCI flexibility ZDNet: First-class package ct: ISDN is real extra value



29 Simplest installation Just one cable to connect to the PC Four status LEDs Use ADSL and ISDN simultaneously

30 All the capabilities of FRITZ!Card DSL Flexible for different workplaces, e.g. Desktop PCs, Laptops FRITZ! DSL USB Everything Included

31 Whats On the Way? Traffic shaping FTP upload does not prejudice downloads ( Asymmetry effect) Fair bandwidth distribution ( First come, first surf) Even more easier use with: One-Button Internet Access Configurable incoming connections FRITZ!web DSL supports server services Alice / H.323 supported

32 FRITZ!Card DSL: Double Value

33 DSL and ISDN Optimum placement Multiple prize winner Variety, investment security 5-year warranty Free support

34 Summary ADSL and ISDN combined for a unique set of capabilities A variable solution that grows Investment security through protocols in software Long-term customer support from AVM Use of new technologies targets new customer groups


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