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Helsinki Telephone Corporation

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1 Helsinki Telephone Corporation

2 Agenda What is Helsinki Arena 2000? Consortium Arena is a Network Structure of the Arena net Arena, TV and the Internet Content Virtual Helsinki Pilot Projects Arena Lasipalatsi

3 What is Helsinki Arena 2000? Local Internet -> Intranet of the citizens of Helsinki (700 000 households) Use of the present telephone network Fast connection to every household (2Mbps/sec) City authorities services from the net Companies can serve customers through the net Culture from the net

4 Consortium Finnet-Group –Helsinki Telephone Corporation Hardware suppliers –IBM, ICL Software suppliers –IBM, ICL, NOVO Group, TT Tieto Network technology –Nokia, IBM, ICL Content providers –City of Helsinki, Merita bank, Helsingin Sanomat, Universities

5 Arena is a Network Arena is a broad band data network, the intranet of people living in the Helsinki Metropolitan area Arena is a platform that enables for example –VHS quality video transformation from and to homes –mass broadcasting

6 The Structure of the Arena net Use of the current copper cables Connections –ISDN, xDSL Platform technique –IP/ATM

7 Gateways - IP-PSTN Telephone - IP-ISDN Dial-Up - Internet Supplementary Services Router PC IP/ATM Network PSTN/ISDN Access Network Services, e.g. ISP PC ISDN 128 kbit/s Telephone ISDN Central Office IP/ATM node Access node HDSL 2 Mbit/s ADSL 6Mbit/s/640kbit/s Network Architecture

8 Arena, TV and the Internet Same technology (TCP/IP) Arena net has an access to the Internet, –Contract with an ISP i.e. Kolumbus –Internet cannot guarantee quality - Arena net can Cable-TV –Cooperation with the content delivery Digital-TV –Arena will be the return channel from homes

9 Applications The same as in the Internet In the Arena net also: –Multicast –Video phone with directory –Telecommuting (fast connection)

10 Content Arena is a place for network content –Independent content providers –HPY also a technology provider: electronic commerce, video casting, chat channel –City authorities services; application forms, notices etc.

11 Virtual Helsinki

12 Why a Virtual City Model? User interface of the future? Place oriented people Window to the real world Professional applications New way of finding services Additional value, doesnt replace existing services

13 Usage of the 3d model Public use –Meeting point –Casino –Electronic commerce –Shopping channel –Cultural and religious content (for example church services for the disabled) Professional use –Driving simulator –School over the net –The police –Fire Department –Defensive forces

14 3D-city as a User Interface

15 Successful Pilot Projects

16 Videophone Simple, easy and cheap videophone for every household Videophone directory

17 Virtual Museum Senate square yr. 1805 kaumuseo

18 Education Studia Generalia public lectures together with the University of Helsinki

19 Network Concerts Student concerts to the network Live broadcast Cooperation with the Sibelius Academy

20 CD Launch Together with Warner Music First in Finland KaijaKoo

21 3D Telephone Catalog

22 TV Broadcast in the Network HTC company news

23 Arena Lasipalatsi 3D model of the Lasipalatsi building located in the middle of Helsinki as an environment for the world Use the network and come in ! Doesnt depend on your physical location Economical - equal - fun - sometimes only choice ? Virtual world in the network

24 Arena Lasipalatsi Text communication between two or group of users Voice communication between two or group of users Communication by using gestures and body movements Telephone calls New way to communicate Shown by studies : most of the Internet users want to and do use network for communication purposes

25 Arena Lasipalatsi Meet people - communicate - enjoy Keys: Interactivity, participating, communities Entertain yourself and each other by using the services of the environment: for example listen music on live radio broadcast or hear latest sport news, watch previews of movies or TV programs. It is your choice ! Entertaining forum to meet people

26 Arena Lasipalatsi Technically Community System Networked multi-user system that is capable of delivering content to a number of users across the various data networks. System has capability of receiving actions from users, and mediating those actions to other users. Leading edge technology

27 Arena Lasipalatsi –Integrated conference system that allows Arena Lasipalatsi to be adapted to existing conference infrastructures, as well as being basis for total solution offerings for various applications, such as training and customer support, as well as casual chat within created virtual environment. Leading edge technology

28 Arena Lasipalatsi –Possibility to make phone calls from a virtual world or web pages to real telephones via the telephone network. –Integrated streaming technologies that allow real time data types to be presented in the virtual world. –User interface that utilizes latest 3D technologies and standards Leading edge technology

29 Arena Lasipalatsi End user requirements ? Nothing special: Pentium 166 MHz, 32 MB, Full Duplex Sound Card, Microphone and loudspeakers, 128 Kbps ISDN- connection, Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.x, 3D accelerator recommended

30 Arena Lasipalatsi is there first as always How to offer new products and services utilizing existing network and forthcoming broader ones ? Integration of the latest knowledge and technologies is a good choice As long as people spend time using net we can charge Communication is no. 1 Facts behind

31 Role of HPY: Media in the network Transmission techniques –Internet –Arena –Digital TV Helsinki - Cultural Capital 2000

32 Network broadcast –Images, audio, video –City cameras –3D virtual model –Panoramas –Network broadcast as a whole Helsinki - Cultural Capital 2000 Means of media in the net

33 Helsinki - Cultural Capital 2000 Two level approach 1. Info centre -> Internet 2. Galleria -> broadband (Arena)

34 Helsinki - Cultural Capital 2000 Interactivity Email On-line text chatting Web phone Picture telephone Community services

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