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2 GAME PLAY Basketball is played between two teams of five players whose goal is to introduce the ball in the basket hoop. 4 parts of 10 minutes. The watch stop when there is no game. You can bounce, pass or shot.

3 The Ball Circumference: 68 – 73 cm Diameter: 23-24 cm
Weight: gr

4 AREA An attacking player without the ball can not stay there more than 3 seconds. Central Circle: jump by 2. Midline: 8 seconds to cross and field behind.

5 Score goals worth: Standard field: 2 points
Outside three-point line: 3 points Free throw: 1 point

6 Compliance Times Possession Time: 24 second
Time to move to the opposite side: 8 second Time attacking in the free throw area: 3 second Time-out: 1 minute.

7 VIOLATIONS Double Dribble: Travel: 3 o more steps with the ball.
Dribble – stop and dribble other time more. Bounce over his shoulder Throwing the ball into the air and catch it. Dribble with both hands at once.

8 Violations Foot: Back Field.
Volunteered to play the ball below the knee. Back Field. After going to the opposite field I can not go to mine .

9 Violations PERSONAL FOUL:
Is a physical contact with an opponent with ball or without. Can be made in attack (when my team has the ball) or In Defense when the opponnet has the ball. When a player do the 5 th foul leave the match.

10 Terminology Basket Canasta Hoop Aro Court Pista Ball Balón Referee
Bounce, dribble Dribbling Low dribble, control dribble Shot Canasta Aro Pista Balón Árbitro Bote Bote en carrera Bote de protección Tiro

11 Terminology Shooting Free throw shot Pass Change of direction Rebound
Rules Acción de tiro Tiro libre Pase Cambio de dirección Rebote Reglamento

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