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Doing Business on the Internet 2010 – Part 1 8th Annual Rogue Valley Business Resource Fair October 2, 2010 Tips on effectively doing business on the internet.

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1 Doing Business on the Internet 2010 – Part 1 8th Annual Rogue Valley Business Resource Fair October 2, 2010 Tips on effectively doing business on the internet Web Site design and essential Internet marketing Techniques Internet Tools for Growing your Business Jim Teece

2 About this Session 8th year in a row New and Improved Three times the Fun! All Jim all the Time!

3 About Jim Teece President, CEO and CO-Founder of Project A, Inc. Ashland Chamber of Commerce, SOU Foundation Board Member, Asante Foundation Board Member. Past Boards & Committees Past President Ashland Independent Film Festival Board, Ashland Fiber Network, Past President of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, Past President of the Southern Oregon chapter of the Software Association of Oregon and Board Member, Past President of the SOTTC, Founder and Past Chair of the Ashland Economic Sustainability Committee. Fair, TV Show Teaching DBOTI and Internet Marketing since 1998.

4 Empire Building Project A (1990) Ashland Home Net (January 2008) Unicom AFN Customers (2008) (May 2008) Scarab Media (Medford) (February 2009) Planeteria Hosting (Santa Rosa, Ca) (June 2009) Open Door Networks AFN Customers (October 2009)

5 my Passions Education Small Business Health Care Local Government Community

6 About Project A Founded in 1990 Creators/Inventors of Site-In-a-Box(tm) - Clients include Ashland, Medford, Jackson County, City of San Diego, Colorado Springs, Titusville, Southern Oregon School Districts, eCommerce Solution Providers - Clients include Dr. Martens, Lithia Park Shoes, Raven Maps, Jonsteen Trees, StellarTone Digital Fabricators - Custom Database Developers - Clients include Apple Computer, Taco Bell, CB Richard Ellis, Asante, Lithia Motors, Fab Glass, Sinister Cinema Community Partners - FreBa, TodayInAshland, BISP, AshlandTV20

7 Doing Business on the Internet How many of us? Bank Online Pay bills Online Buy Supplies Online Use email for regular and preferred business communication

8 Doing Business on the Internet NOT Get Rich Quick NOT Low Cost NOT Easy Doing Business, Taking Care of Existing Customers, Attracting New Customers, Making a Profit, Developing a Sustainable Business Model

9 The Original WWW 1922 - Radio Worldwide Wireless RCA was formed because of security issues 1921 - 5 stations 1922 - 575 Radio changed the world, business, people, church attendance, newspapers. Mass Culture Time Slots, Prime Time, Lead-ins Advertising By 1926 failing at 15% a month

10 Commercial Beginnings Non-commercial net 1969-1994 Web Takes off Fascination and Functionality The Virtuous web cycle Consumers & Business Internet Access Web Sites & Web Content Popular Fascination

11 Is eCommerce Good for Oregon? Import Dollars from around the world Provide Opportunity regardless of Location Selling something made in Oregon means more jobs in Oregon One of Southern Oregons best kept secrets is that E-Commerce has become a major economic force and job creator in the Rogue Valley, Senator Ron Wyden, Sept 7, 2010

12 eCommerce Powells Books Store Motorcycle USA Gary West Meats OregonCountryBeef Musicians Friend Fire Mountain Gems Dr. Martens and Lithia Park Shoes Ashland Equestrian Center

13 Doing Business Business Plan Part Time, Full Time Marketing Sales Manufacturing Reselling

14 On the Internet Evil-Doers Paradise Virus SPAM Ad Ware False Emails Privacy On top of all that... Email SUCKS!

15 Business 2.0 Ethics Customer Service Roles and Responsibilities ISP You Customer Vendors

16 False Expectations Cost of doing business on the internet is low Privacy Policy? what privacy policy? Less customer service is required, if at all Email me dont call me Inventory? I can run my business from the beach I can make up for loss with more volume Forget going public - Im going to sell to Google!

17 QuickStart eCommerce Affiliations Association eBay & PayPal CafePress

18 DIY - do it yourself Business Plan Software & Hardware Graphics Photos Copy Banking Inventory License, Fees and Taxes

19 Easy to Maintain no HTML no Webmaster no Software Secure, Scalable, Simple Interfaces with eBay Lets you create your own affiliate program Finding the right eCommerce Solution

20 Critical Partners in doing business on the Internet Lawyer, CPA, Bank Product Vendors Merchant Services ISP Software Company Site Marketing Firm Customer

21 Site Marketing Global or Local? Who is your Target Audience? How do you create one-to-one marketing? Tricks and Tips to bring people to your site Hits versus Visits Data Mining

22 Other Partners Your Local Resources SBDC, JobCouncil, PowerUpAcademy Library Newspaper Community College University Online Resources Google Competition Vendors Services

23 Online Resources (froogle?) (Amazon) eBay Stores Yahoo Stores Bing Paypal and Google Checkout

24 Doing Business on the Internet eMail Marketing without SPAMing Building a loyal Audience Legal Issues Domain Names

25 Top 10 Tips for Success 1. Get Help 2. Follow Best Ethics & Tech Practices 3. Practice proper Netiquette 4. Align your expectations with reality 5. Dont stare at Google ratings all day 6. Dont Sweat the Small Stuff 7. Save your Profits 8. Listen to your customers 9. Marketing, Marketing, Marketing 10. Improve operations, site, technology constantly

26 Bonus Success Tip Know all critical partners in your business and have contingency plans ready for failure at any point in the chain.

27 Can you sell anything on the Web? Shoes Trees Maps Specialized Tools Inventions Books Photos

28 Active8 your Website News Alerts Subscription Site Wide Search Events Links Dynamic Site Map Printer Friendly Pages Email to a friend (share)

29 Community Operating System One Citizen, One Web Government Education Health Care Small Business Community

30 The future is yesterday… Mobile Global Faster Facebook Twitter SMS

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