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Presented by: Subek Shakya Sudip Shrestha Sujan Thapa.

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1 Presented by: Subek Shakya Sudip Shrestha Sujan Thapa

2 OverviewSystem ArchitectureUsed APIsCompleted ActivitiesChallenges FacedTo – Dos Contents

3 Overview Monitors our computers internet bandwidth usage. Records data in the database for future. Presents the data in graph. Is Open – source.

4 System Architecture

5 Used APIs Jpcap JFreeChart Objectdb

6 Jpcap-API Open source library for capturing and sending network packets. Can save captured packets to an offline file. Runs on: Microsoft Windows (98/2000/XP/Vista) Linux (Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu) Mac OS X (Darwin) FreeBSD Solaris.

7 JFreeChart-API Consistent and well-documented API, supporting a wide range of chart types. Supports many output types - Swing components including PNG and JPEG images.

8 Objectdb-API Database is a single file - easier backup, transfer and management. No proprietary API - managed only by standard Java APIs (JPA 2 / JDO 2). Suitable for database files ranging from kilobytes to terabytes. Can easily be embedded in applications of any type and size.

9 Completed Activities Proposal submission Codes for: Calculation of packet size every second. Writing into the database. Simple GUI.

10 Challenges Faced Packet capturing- since there are no any inbuilt Java libraries. Freezing issues – solved by making multiple threads. Making automatically updating JLables. Creating dynamic graphs/charts.

11 To – Dos TasksExpected date for completion Read from the database and display 15 th August, 2011 Create a user friendly GUI.17 th October, 2011 Make options for different chart displays 23 rd October, 2011 Customizable X-axis and Y-axis units of graph 25 th October, 2011 Documentation of software for user support 6 th November, 2011


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