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THE INTERNET Chapter 13. Internet- Interconnection and Networks the Net Computers have played a significant role in our everyday life Growth in popularity.

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1 THE INTERNET Chapter 13

2 Internet- Interconnection and Networks the Net Computers have played a significant role in our everyday life Growth in popularity and networking of computers, intercommunication An enigmatic computer gizmo games, music, and generally entertainment much broader concept than mere entertainment and recreational activities Revolutionizing and enhancing the ways of human interaction and communication.

3 Internet … It consists of thousands of separately administered networks of various sizes and types. Each of these networks comprises tens of thousands of computers. Total number of users of the Internet is known to be in millions unparalleled degree of communication resource sharing information access The most powerful and important technological advancement since the introduction of the desktop computer

4 Evolution of internet 1969 ARPANET becomes functional 1984 ARPANET has more than 1,000 individual computers linked as hosts 1986 NSF connects NSFnet to ARPANET and becomes known as the Internet 1995 NSFNet terminates its network on the Internet and resumes status as research network 1996 Internet2 is founded Today More than 550 million hosts connect to the Internet

5 Owner Of Internet No one company or country can be considered as owner of Internet Ownership shared among various entities Coordination: Internet Society (ISOC) Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Internet Architecture Board (IAB) In the US – ICANN – Internet names and port numbers

6 Anatomy of Internet Host Application programs to avail services Network Two or more hosts communicating Router Routes the data to destination BA

7 Internet Terminology World Wide Web (WWW) the network of HTML files stored on Web servers and interlinked with hyperlinks Web page a hypertext document on the World Wide Web. Website A set of related pages published by an organization. Home page the Web page that appears when you start the browser, the index or default page of a particular Web server, folder, or person's Web site. Browser a software application used to access the World Wide Web and view web pages

8 Internet Terminology … URL hypertext transfer protocol = Protocol used for all files on the web. The added s indicates a higher level of security for information on those pages. Web server Name/Domain Name Path, Filename, Domain Name courses/mis-105.html Dom ain Description.eduA college or university.comCommercial business site.govU.S. Government / non- military site.netNetworks, Internet service providers, organizations & personal sites.milU.S. Military & Agencies sites.orgNon-profit organizations and others

9 Hypertext Electronic files containing links that can be selected to move to another part of the document or to another document altogether. A hyperlink is a command embedded in text or an object which, when clicked, will open another file, take you to another place in the same file or to a new location on the internet.

10 Internet Service Provider (ISP) Organization connected permanently to the internet, leases temporary connections to subscribers. ISP (Internet service provider) Regional ISPs provide Internet access to a specific geographical area National ISPs provide Internet access in cities and towns nationwide Online service provider (OSP) Has many members- only features Popular OSPs include AOL (America Online) and MSN (Microsoft Network) Wireless Internet service provider Provides wireless Internet access to computers and mobile devices May require a wireless modem

11 Servers … Servers computer that receives and fulfills requests to provide specific services on a network. A Web server is a computer that delivers requested Web pages to your computer Download to copy electronic data from another computer to your computer over a network. Upload to transfer a file from your computer to another computer.

12 Protocols SMTP: The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol utility translates between local and Internet mail formats, allowing clients to send/receive Internet e-mail. FTP: The File Transfer Protocol utility enables file transfers to and from the server. TCP/IP: the standard suite of protocols used to connect computers on the Internet and on intranets. NNTP: Network News Transport Protocol HTTP: See before

13 Connecting to Internet Computer & Modem Internet connection Types Dialup Cable Connection DSL Broadband Dedicated Leased Line ISDN Wireless Connection Internets Software TCP/IP Dialer Software Browser

14 Web Browser Online Demonstration

15 Internet Usages E-Mail FTP Telnet (Remote Login) IRC Chatting and Instant Messaging Internet Telephony Video Conferencing Commerce through Internet Mailing Lists

16 Electronic Mail Email Address Structure login@mailserver Checking Email Sending Email Email Attachment

17 How Email Works

18 Netiquette Rule 1: Remember the Human Rule 2: Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real life Rule 3: Know where you are in cyberspace Rule 4: Respect other people's time and bandwidth Rule 5: Make yourself look good online Rule 6: Share expert knowledge Rule 7: Help keep flame wars under control Rule 8: Respect other people's privacy Rule 9: Don't abuse your power Rule 10: Be forgiving of other people's mistakes ….

19 Search Engines

20 Refining Your Search Logical operators AND OR NOT Double Quotes () parenthesis for grouping (X OR Y) * Asterisk *biryani

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