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Geospatial Sub Committee

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1 Geospatial Sub Committee
NWCG Geospatial Sub Committee GISS Webinar Wednesday February 12, 2014 1:00 PM Eastern Noon Central 11:00 AM Mountain 10:00 AM Pacific National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Geospatial Subcommittee (GSC)

2 Today’s Presenters Emmor Nile, OR (State) Sean Triplett, USFS NIFC
Andy Wilson, USFS Dale Guenther, USFS Kathie Hansen, NPS Dave Hammond, NPS Cameron Tongier, FWS NIFC Katy Madrid-Hipke, BLM NIFC Joe Kafka, BIA NIFC John Watermolen, NV (State) Curt Stripling, TX (State) Lorri Peltz-Lewis, USFS Andrew Bailey, DOI WFM-RD&A Tom Mellin, USFS Jodi Riegle, USGS

3 Introduction and objectives Sean Triplett USFS Fire & Aviation, Boise

4 Geospatial Resource Deployments

5 Objective: To inform wildland fire incident GIS resource people about the status of topics impacting the 2014 fire season. Overview: Sponsored by Geospatial Sub Committee (GSC) Questions submitted via or Webinar chat One hour in length Qualified GISS and GISS-T invited Situation unit leaders invited Webinar recording to be posted at



8 NIFC Fire Enterprise Geospatial Portal (EGP)

9 EGP = Authoritative Fire data + Visualization + Analytics
Accounts? Sean Triplett – Jill Kuenzi –

10 10.0, 10.1 or 10.2 ArcGIS version status,
USFS – ArcGIS 10.1 – Andy Wilson NPS – ArcGIS 10.1 – Dave Hammond FWS – ArcGIS 10 (10.1) Cameron Tongier BLM – ArcGIS 10 (10.1) – Katy Hipke Tribes & BIA – ArcGIS 10 (10.1) – Joe Kafka BIA is in transition from ArcGIS 9 to version 10 Approximately 70% of the tribes in the west have switched to version 10

11 States ArcGIS Status Curt Stripling, Texas
10 –WI, KY, TX, LA, AL, NC, VA, FL, SC 9.3.1 – GA, OK, MI, OH, VA, MS 9.3 – MN 9.2 – AR Be prepared with install media for AND 10. Flexibility/Adaptability will be key. Use contract computers where appropriate.

12 John Watermolen, Nevada
All western states are planning on using ArcGIS 10.x in 2014. OR, NV, AK,CA – 10.2 ID, WA, MT, UT – 10.1 AZ – 10.1 and 10.2 HI – 10.0 NM – 10.1 migrating to 10.2 this spring Be prepared with install media for AND 10. Flexibility/Adaptability will be key. Use contract computers where appropriate.

13 ArcGIS in 2014 Poll

14 FIMT for version 10.1 status
Sean Triplett (May 2013): ArcGIS Add-in, no longer an extension Works with 10.1 and 10.2 Beta in June 2014 Direct upload to EGP FIMT issues Acreage – equal area will be different from UTM acres, FIMT is more correct in terms of acreage Large fires (150,000 acres) -> PGDB


16 Training, S-341 Emmor Nile, Oregon

17 GISS Dispatch in 2013 Poll

18 Technology Rentals Lorri Peltz-Lewis USFS R5, California
Contract w/ Region 5 – 3 year option possible – includes: Computers, Plotter, Printer, Scanners, etc. GISS Computer: Win7 (64-bit), Intel i7, 16 GB RAM, 1280x960 resolution, Ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth, etc. GISS Software: ArcGIS 10.1 & 10.2 w/ current SP, 10 licenses, FIMT, DNR GPS, xTools, CALFIRE Tools, Google Earth, etc tested, CALFIRE being fixed. Full list of specifications available – Plotter – 36” min, postscript, 4-color ink, max memory, cables, etc. 1 new set of consumables (ink, paper, waste), recycled items not acceptable. Printer – 3 types – monochrome, all-in-one, color laser; All include cables, drivers (Win7 & WinXP Pro), Ethernet/USB, 1 full set consumables (recycled items not acceptable) Options include WiFi & print from mobile device Color Laser - 11x17” min. Scanners – pagesize only at this time, can include large format in future. Networking – switches, routers, cables Peripheral Devices – NAS, USB Keypads, can add to… Others - LCD Monitors & LCD Projector THXS to everyone that provided input – input welcome! Mid-season modifications are possible! Full list of specifications available –

19 GPS for Fire Managent & ICS - 2009
GPS & Mobile Technology on Incidents *Install DNRGarmin & DNRGPS 6.0! *GSC web site, Online Garmin GPS Training Overview of GPS Set up and Use of the Garmin GPSMap76S DNRGarmin & MapTech GPS for Fire Management Operations & ICS (course materials download) Garmin GPSMAP 60C/76C & DNR Garmin Garmin Pocket cards: GPSMAP 78/62, Montana, Oregon Mobile Technology in Fire & Aviation links you too -Online GPS training at BLM NTC site -The interagency course, GPS for Fire Management & ICS, materials are on the Geospatial Subcommittee web site under the training tab on the left hand side of the main page. You can see the URL on the screen -mobile technology information Data Management: Directory & Naming

20 Originally published by NWCG in 2006 GSTOP 2014 has been finalized!
GIS STandard Operating Procedures on Incidents Originally published by NWCG in 2006 GSTOP 2014 has been finalized! March/April 2014 electronic publication date Final version DID NOT change GISS PTB (2009) for final draft and after NWCG publication date The GIS Standard Operating Procedures on Incidents (GSTOP) document was updated for publication in 2014. Final draft document ready available for use at web site NO changes to the PTB – 2009 version is STILL VALID!

21 GSTOP Key Points “... will be met by all NWCG participating agencies.”
Data management, symbology and map products, data sharing, team transition 2014 main updates: Ch. 2 (data mgmt.), Ch. 5 (symbology), and Ch. 6 (maps) Ch. 7 reminder: datasets shared on a daily basis are fire perimeter and fireline layers Post data on a the NIFC ftp site, Many applications and sites depend on this: , ,etc. Not “optional” – its what is required of a trainee in a PTB so therefore it should be implemented by qualified GISS as well Most changes to data management – slight changes in directory structure and naming, new map symbols, map element requirements Go to to get the zipped directory structure for use on an incident, a spreadsheet for easy file naming, and the GSTOP style file for ArcGIS Reminder for data sharing!

22 Incident GIS Support services FTP.NIFC.GOV
New! NWCG Data Standards Web Page Updates

23 Wildland Fire Decision Support System
Update (Andrew Bailey, DOI - WFM RD&A) Request an account as a “Viewer” read access to WFDSS Non-Fed Government employees will have to take USFS IT Security Training Geographic Area (GA) Editor can sponsor state users Incident data downloads KMZ shapefile includes any perimeters in the system Here are some specific issues / concepts for GIS support. GISS supports FBANs LTANs other incident staff who use WFDSS to rather than desktop software Agency Administrators (primary user and customer) Examples of data needed Fuels Physical Geography Fuel Treatments Perimeters Barriers (Dozer line) etc. IR perimeters for upload to WFDSS, it is best to separate files for hotspot data and incident perimeters clearly named zip files upload hotspots as ignition sources, perimeters as perimeters.

24 Comments, questions?
Note that additional information from previous years is added as we receive it. Last year’s slide showed 36,601 perimeters. So we’ve added 5,533 in the past year. Post perimeters on the ftp site Standardize the directory structure Use standard shapefile format Adhere to the NWCG Daily Fire Perimeter Standard Provide accurate coordinates in the 209 Comments, questions? Users of the GeoMAC perimeter database: Inciweb Interior Operations Center News Agencies Red Cross Academia RDDS NHSS State EOCs Joe Public Comments, questions?

25 REST Services Dynamic KML Downloads
Dynamic KML Downloads

26 Rapid Data Delivery System - RDDS
Web-enabled data viewer for the preview and downloading of raster data. Users can quickly specify area of interest (AOI) and then download the selected raster data directly to their desktop. Incident Support Layers Active Earthquakes > 4 magnitude Active Volcanoes Active Wildfires Active Wildfire Perimeters Historic Fire Perimeters (2001-current) Thermal MODIS Remote Automated Weather Stations Downloadable Raster Products Ortho Imagery Digital Raster Graphics (24k/100k topo) Shaded Relief Digital Elevation Models Terrestrial Ecosystems (U.S./Africa)


28 Questions received via email
Conclusion Sean Triplett

29 End of webinar Be Safe

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