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Network Services Programs

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1 Network Services Programs
U.S. General Services Administration. Federal Acquisition Service. Networx Overview Richard Williams Director, Service Development Network Services Programs Integrated Technology Services General Services Administration May 2012 Network Services Programs This session will present an overview of the GSA's telecommunications service program – Networx The principal objectives of the Networx program are : Meet the communication requirements of the Federal Government At a technically and cost effective manner

2 Network Telecommunications Services Background
Federal Telecommunications History – search for quality services at low costs Federal Telecom. Service FTS2000 FTS2001 Networx Key Elements Aggregated demand = highly competitive prices/services that meet Agency needs Each program – had unique strategy / lessons learned from past programs Program strategy formation – many stakeholders / takes time to develop It all began in 1963: with the original Federal Telecommunications System (FTS), followed by FTS2000 followed by FTS2001 Now Networx Federal Telecommunications Services (FTS) Provided by the AT&T (Bell) System for nearly 25 years (1988). Was not a competitive award. Predominately switched voice service to government agencies focused on providing a dedicated switch voice service for exclusive civilian Government use. 1st contract to realize the economies of shared usage of network facilities provided service to 350 CONUS cities and AK, PR, HI, VI, Guam FX lines FTS2000 1st competitively awarded contracts for voice, video, data, telecommunications and networking services to support Federal agencies in the achievement of their missions.   consisted of two 10 year fixed priced indefinite quantity of services for a fixed period of time; (IDIQ) Awarded to AT&T and Sprint on December 7, 1988 At award, consisted of 8 services Agencies were pre-assigned to either AT&T or Sprint Focused on providing intercity long distance telecommunications services and international services; Use of the FTS2000 contract services was mandatory for U.S. Government agencies FTS2001 2nd competitively awarded contract for same services, voice, video, data, services and networking services to support Federal agencies achievement of their missions.   At award, consisted of two 8-year IDIQ, fixed price contracts Sprint - December 1998, MCI/ Worldcom - January 1999 At award, 10 services There was a “Crossover” provision that enabled holders of MAA local service contracts to offer FTS2001 services and holders of FTS2001 contracts to offer MAA services Enabled AT&T and Qwest to offer FTS2001 services Resulting in 4 service providers – AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Qwest Networx Program 4th competitively awarded contract for voice, data, video services and networking services to support Federal agencies achievement of their missions Provides, among other things, continuity of services for FTS2001 Service providers – AT&T Sprint, Qwest, Verizon Business At award, 48 to 50 services Use is not mandatory Contracts expire 2017 NS2020 Strategy Requirements DRFP RFP Award Transition Development

3 Networx Program Provides highly competitive pricing: Voice Services
Data Services Video Services IP-related Services from the major telecom companies in the United States, with national and international coverage

4 Networx - Benefits Alternative Sources High Quality Service
Performance Based Contracts Competitively Priced Services Solution Path for Government Directives Operations support Successor to FTS2001 Program

5 Networx - Flexibility Agencies Wanted
Agency Requirements Networx Solutions Legacy and leading edge technologies Includes wireline, IP, optical, wireless, and satellite Transport | Access Wide range of options Metrics/SLAs Network Infrastructure Predictable Prices Best available pricing Fixed Prices 10 year pricing Competitively Awarded Prices Ease of use Flexibility for agency-specific needs Service Continuity Agencies required a high degree of flexibility Services and solutions would have to include leading edge implementations With predictable prices to suit Agency-specific needs With performance measures (SLAs), managed custom solutions responding to Security pressures after a 9/11 world To support from simple buys to complex task orders Simple buys (CLIN-based) Complex task orders Traditional, managed, custom solutions Solution Flexibility Full range of network security options (8 services) Traditional and web-based apps (13 services) Embedded Security Network Cloud based applications App, Mgmt, Security Svcs

6 Alternative Sources Dual Acquisition - Eight Contracts

7 Networx - 10 Year Acquisition Program Two Separate Multiple Awards
Five Service Providers AT&T Sprint MCI (Verizon) CenturyLink AT&T MCI (Verizon) CenturyLink AT&T Level 3 Networx is two separate acquisition contracts The Universal Contract which includes three Tier 1 service providers The Enterprise Contract to concentrate on IP-centric service provided to also include non-traditional telecomm providers Networx Universal Networx Enterprise

8 Universal and Enterprise Services
Telecommunications Services Wireless Services Cellular/Personal Communications Cellular Digital Packet Data Multimode Wireless LAN Paging Communications Transport Voice Circuit Switched Data Toll-Free Frame Relay Asynchronous Transfer Mode Private Line Combined Ethernet IP-Based Internet Protocol Content Delivery Network Premises-Based IP VPN Converged IP Layer 2 VPN IP Telephony IP Video Transport Network-Based IP VPN Voice over IP Transport Optical Synchronous Optical Network Optical Wavelength Dark Fiber Universal Contractors Qwest AT&T MCI/Verizon Unique to Universal Management and Application Services Land Mobile Radio Mobile Satellite Fixed Satellite Special Services Audio Conferencing Web Conferencing Call Center/Customer Contact Center Teleworking Solutions This slide depicts Networx catalog of services for both Universal and Enterprise contracts. Bidders did not have to offer all services. For example: those services highlighted in green are unique to the Enterprise contacts. Those services highlighted in blue are unique to the Universal contracts. Universal bidders were only required to offer 36 of the 48 services found in the Universal RFP. Enterprise bidders were only required to offer 9 of the 50 services found in the Enterprise RFP. The list reflects over a 20 year build up of services from FTS to Networx, from legacy to IP services. Dedicated Hosting Collocated Hosting Video Teleconferencing Storage Unified Messaging Internet Facsimile Managed Network Customer Specific Design & Engineering Collaboration Support Enterprise Contractors Qwest AT&T MCI/Verizon Sprint Level 3 Unique to Enterprise Security Services Access Services Managed Firewall Vulnerability Scanning Managed E-Authentication Intrusion Detection & Prevention Managed Tiered Security Protocol Anti-Virus Management Incident Response Secure Managed Broadband Access Wireline Access Wireless Access Satellite Access 8

9 Networx Universal (Defined 36 Services)
Awarded: March 29, 2007 AT&T Corporation MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business CenturyLink Average services per contractor – 41 Required Geographical Coverage CONUS - At least to 24,000 Gov. buildings & associated Serving Wire Centers OCONUS and Inter-national coverage Strong competition for best prices Compared to other contracts, similar service pricing levels are lower Length: four year base w/ three 2-year options – March 2017

10 Networx – Enterprise (Defined 50 Services)
Awarded: May 31, 2007 AT&T Corporation MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business CenturyLink Sprint Level 3 Average services per contractor – 31 Required Geographical Coverage CONUS - At least to 300 Gov. buildings and associated Serving Wire Centers OCONUS and Inter-national coverage optional Strong competition for best prices Compared to other contracts, similar service pricing levels are lower Length: four year base w/ three 2-year options – May 2017

11 Networx Security Services
Secure Managed Service Managed E-Authentication Service Intrusion Detection & Prevention Service Vulnerability Scanning Service Anti-Virus Management Service Managed Firewall Service Incident Response Service Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service

12 High Quality Service Transformative Technology

13 Converged Agency Network
Networx – Roadmap Optical Layer IPv6 Layer Voice Data Converged Agency Network Video Applications Storage Layered Security Citizen Service Agency Services Local Services VPNs Long Distance ATM Network Internet Private Lines With Networx, Agencies are transitioning their networks from traditional voice and data services to the more sophisticated form of Virtual Private Networks capable of supporting multiple users of both voice and high speed data applications simultaneously over common network resources provided by the Networx contractors. Networx acts as a catalyst for agency network convergence, delivery services over Ipv6/MPLS backbone built over an intelligent, fast to recover Optical Layer providing any-to-any access with layered security. There’s an added benefit, as Networx enables agencies to comply with OMB’s mandate for back bone conversion to IPv6 protocols. Multiple users use common network resources – better prices, less costs IPv4 Network

14 Network Services Growth
FTS2001 Networx Agencies are taking advantage of new technologies as evidence by the growth in Networx “Custom MNS/NB-IP-VPNS” of 41%, growth of IPS from 1% to 11% and the decrease in growth of point-to-point switched services, voice outbound, and Toll Free services.

15 NBIP-VPNS – A Cloud Service
Key Points Provides secure, reliable, private data transport between geographically dispersed locations. Facilitates OMB compliance to IPV6 backbones Managed Solution  shifts Capital and Operational Expenditures to the contractor. Agency Mobile & Remote Users Networx IP / MPLS Backbone High Speed Cable, DSL VPN2 IPSec SSL Ethernet VS (56K), ISDN (64K, 128K) VPN1 IP Packets MPLS Packets If your Agency is looking for an IP transport service to provide intranet capabilities, connecting its sites that are geographically dispersed while facilitating end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) to transport all types of traffic such as real-time, voice and video, a Network Based IP VPNS solution will be suitable. One of the most popular solutions as it provides the flexibility to transform Agency networks while keeping Capital Expenditures low (shared network) and reducing Operating Expense (fully managed) by transferring the management burden from the Agency to the service providers Agencies are able to concentrate on their core missions with the assurance that their networks are provided with security and traffic isolation

16 NBIP-VPNS – Contract Coverage
AT&T, MCI/Verizon, CenturyLink support NBIP-VPNS to CONUS, OCONUS, and many non-domestic locations Agency’s dispersed sites can be interconnected regardless of the continent where located Networx contractors serve thousands of sites across the world on their own networks Networx contractors hold commercial interconnection agreement with regional and international service providers all over the world which increase their footprints, thus making geographical coverage suitable to meet any Agency coverage requirements

17 Networx also Offers Managed Cloud Computing Solutions
Networx Hosted Solutions Shared Hosting Virtual storage Shared applications On-demand provisioning Pay-as-you go pricing IT assets off-premise High Dedicated Hosting* Management of servers, operating system, middleware for a variety of hardware platforms Performance management Restoration and backup IT assets off-premise * Application Hosting (optional feature) Private Data Center Collocated Hosting 24/7 secure Internet data center Internet connectivity Flexible bandwidth Basic maintenance and support IT assets are on & off-premise Self-Hosting Power, space, and bandwidth managed internally Secured facility In-house technical support IT assets on-premise 3rd Party Vendors Resilience on Public & Private Cloud Computing Co-located Hosting Services (CHS) Technical Summary Agencies that own and operate their own Web hosting environments but require direct high-speed Internet connections or more secure facilities may opt for Co-located Hosting Services (CHS). With CHS, Agencies are provided a secure space located in a contractor's Internet Data Center (IDC) which includes power supply, climate control, smoke detection, fire suppression, and site surveillance (i.e., motion detection, closed circuit television, etc.). DHS is fully managed by the Networx contractor. Facilities and equipment comprising the Web hosting environment are operated and administered by the Networx contractor. Low Low High Level of Virtualization Ability to Scale and Provision Computing Power Dynamically

18 Performance Based Contracts

19 Key Performance Indicators – measure service performance
Service Acceptance Performance Credits On-going Performance SLAs 1. Availability - Av 2. Time to Restore - TTR 3. Grade of Service - GOS 4. Bit Error Rate - BER 5. Latency 6. Jitter 7. Event Notification - EN 8. Response Time - RT KPIs Acceptance Testing Networx defines a set of Key Performance Indicators that must be met by the Contractors Used by Agencies to verify the quality of services At the time of the service ordering the Contractor must perform Service Verification Testing against the KPIs and the Agency has the option to conduct Acceptance Testing in order to accept the service During the time the service is provided, on-going performance checks have to be done in order to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) established by the Networx Contracts that can be customized by the Agency If the Contractor fails to meet the SLAs, credits will be due to the Agency

20 Service Level Agreements Ensure Performance
Universal contractors: - 16 Service-specific SLAs - 4 Service-independent SLAs Telecommunications Services Communications Transport – Voice – Circuit Switched Data – Toll-Free – Combined – Private Line – Frame Relay – Asynchronous Transfer Mode – Ethernet IP-Based – Premises-Based IP VPN – Network-Based IP VPN – Voice Over IP Transport – IP Telephony – Internet Protocol Optical – Synchronous Optical Network – Optical Wavelength Management & Applications Services – Dedicated Hosting Access Services – Wireline Access (Enterprise Only) Service-specific SLAs Aggregated-based Avail. (SDP-to-SDP) = 99.9% Latency (CONUS) = 70 ms Latency (OCONUS) = 150 ms KPIs Avail. (SDP-to-SDP) Latency TTR Assurance of on-going performance is done by establishing SLAs Networx defines two main types of SLAs, Service-specific SLAs which are measured on an aggregated basis, such as Availability and Latency Aggregated-based measurements are performed during a calendar month and can be aggregated by the Hierarchy Agency Code in order to link the service to a bill The Service Independent SLAs are Incident based and include repairs to the service and the enabling infrastructure as well as other operational functions Networx contracts provides the Agencies with highly performing services for Routine and Critical Users (Service Levels) at the best prices possible taking advantage of economies of scale Service-independent SLAs Incident-based 1. TTR (W/O Dispatch) < 4 hr 1A. TTR (With Dispatch) < 8 hr 2. Service Outage 3. On-Time Provisioning Contract-wide Billing Accuracy

21 Competitively Priced Services
Networx prices are typically 10% to 40% lower than FTS2001 prices, depending on service and contractor

22 Networx vs. FTS2001 Pricing Trends
Average FTS2001/Crossover Average Networx Universal Average Networx Enterprise

23 Networx vs. FTS2001 Pricing Trends
Average FTS2001/Crossover Average Networx Universal Overall Common Legacy Services (VS, TFS, DAA, PLS, FRS, ATMS, and IPS)

24 Networx vs. FTS2001 Pricing Trends
Average FTS2001/Crossover Average Networx Universal

25 Networx Pricing Tool Benefits Available through Pricing Tool
Price an entire network inventory Price individual services Compare prices between contracts within an acquisition Available through Pricing Tool Ten year pricing trends Key Performance Indicator (KPI) comparisons Un-redacted contracts Pricer Training & Service Guides Public Pricer URL: Networx Agency Pricer:

26 Networx – Pricing Information Access
Your Agency Traffic Pricer This slide depicts uploading an agency prices into Networx Universal for a price comparison. Vendor A B C

27 Network Billing and Inventory Management

28 Solution Path for Government Directives

29 Networx – IPv6 Implementation
Networx Contracts Section C : “The Networx contractor shall ensure that services delivered support Federal Agencies as required to comply with OMB IPv6 directives.” IPv6 requirements apply to all Networx IP-based services Agencies ordering services will not be charged for IPv6 support Some charges for equipment/software upgrades should apply Professional services for IPv6 migration strategy are available Managed Network Services (MNS) Customer Specific Design and Engineering Services (CSDES) Ordering Service: Notate Service Order for IPv6 requirement. No CLIN identifier required, hence no charge The Networx Contract includes requirements for IPv6 in 39 of the services Networx services transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6 will transform Agencies networks from centrally administered enclaves to policy based, integrated networks

30 Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS)
GSA/DHS MTIPS supports OMB’s Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) Initiative Each contractor built 2 Fully Redundant Domestic MTIPS Portals All Portals are certified by DHS for initial & ongoing compliance with the TIC Initiative Each Portal functions as an OMB approved Multi-Agency TICAP Agencies order a single CLIN for an MTIPS Port, includes: Access to External Networks (i.e., Public Internet, Business Partner Networks) Passive monitoring of traffic by contractor’s hosted Einstein Enclave Security Operations Center (SOC) that monitors and filters Government traffic flows (TIC Portal) Over thirty-five Agencies have ordered MTIPS service

31 Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS)
Insulates Agency’s internal network from the Internet and other external networks Goal: reduce external Internet connections, enhance security Tier 1 ISP TIC Portal Tier 1 ISP Agency Enterprise WAN & Users Tier 1 ISP US-CERT Operations MTIPS Transport To support TIC initiative, a modified Internet Protocol Service (IPS) was added : The Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service (MTIPS) Agencies can subscribe to MTIPS using both, Networx Universal or Networx Enterprise using a single CLIN for a single instance of the service The single MTIPS CLIN for the basic service includes the access and transport bandwidth to connect to the TIC Portal as well as the Security functions provided at the TIC Portal (i.e., SOC, EINSTEIN, Rapid Response Loop, Global Response Loops, Reports, Logs and Data retention). The MTIPS basic service connects the Agency’s WAN to the Internet via a TIC Portal where all inbound/outbound unencrypted traffic is monitored and filtered for unwanted malicious codes, SPAM, etc. by the EINSTEIN appliances and the Security Operations Center (SOC) The MTIPS allows the Agency to know near-real time when a threat is taking place and is empowered by the SOC to make decisions on how to protect its networks The EINSTEIN to US-CERT communications allows the Government to have a Global view of threats, therefore, global protection measures may be possible Tier 1 ISP TIC Portal Access Tier 1 ISP (SEDs) External Network 31

32 Networx NCS NS/EP Requirements
Services under Networx during NS/EP events conform to: Utilizing the NCS Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) Utilizing the NCS Wireless Priority Service (WPS) Utilizing the NCS Telecommunications Electric Service Priority (TESP) Complying with the Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) Protecting SS7 Signaling system and Satellite Command Links

33 Networx - Benefits Alternative Sources High Quality Service
Performance Based Contracts Best Priced Services Solution Path for Government Directives Operations support Successor to FTS2001 Program

34 Thank You For Your Interest

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