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Mrs. Scala Mr. Hershberger content/uploads/2013/11/socialnetworking.png.

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1 Mrs. Scala Mr. Hershberger content/uploads/2013/11/socialnetworking.png

2 Do you belong to a social network? logo-005.png

3 How many social networks do you belong to?

4 Do you have people following you or as friends that you dont know?

5 Privacy settings are there for a reason! 20you%20know%20SNS3.jpg

6 Do your parents know you use these social networks?

7 Are your parents able to access your account?

8 Have you ever posted something on-line, via email, or in a text that you later regretted?

9 Have you ever been embarrassed or made fun of on-line or via text?

10 Once something is posted on-line it is out in the virtual world forever, even if you delete it. You Cant Take it Back Bulletin Board

11 Have you ever talked to someone that you didnt know on-line?

12 People arent always who they say they are on-line

13 Have you ever posted a picture or video of someone without their permission?

14 Do you use your phone at the dinner table?

15 Do you sleep with your phone next to your bed?

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