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Internet 101 Summer 2011. Basics.

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1 Internet 101 Summer 2011

2 Basics

3 Number of Users

4 What is the Internet?

5 Computer Parts Site Structure Basic Terms Connection Types Browsers Internet Basics Section 1- Internet Basics

6 Computer Parts

7 Modems Cable

8 ISPs

9 Internet Connections Dial Up DSL Satellite Cable Slowest internet connection Uses existing phone lines and a modem Generally the cheapest option; requires phone service Must dial up and disconnect when done Cannot use internet and phone at the same time Much faster than dial-up Connects though phone lines; does NOT require phone service Always on Internet and phone can be used at the same time Unavailable in many locations even where there are phone lines Much faster than dial- up; can be faster than DSL Uses cable connection; does NOT require a cable TV subscription Always on Only available where cable is available. Faster than dial-up Data is delayed Not good for real-time uses (gaming & videoconferencing) Connects via satellites Affected by rain or snow Does not require phone/ cable Use almost anywhere

10 WWW v. Internet

11 URL

12 URL Makeup

13 v Good v. Bad URLs

14 v Good v. Bad URLs

15 URL Shorteners w3/webwh.nsf/allbyke y/6CFCC1A6DA87D5A 585256618004A5489 v

16, tinyurl 5e6m33

17 404 Error

18 404 Error

19 Links

20 Website Structure

21 Browsers

22 What is a Browser?

23 Internet Explorer

24 Firefox

25 Chrome

26 Internet Basics Activity

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