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The International Research and Exchanges Board Media Technical Community of Practice session.

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1 The International Research and Exchanges Board Media Technical Community of Practice session

2 Strengthening Independent Minority Media Total budget $5.5 million over 5 years $ 462,000 for equipment Strengthening capacity of TV and radio stations in isolated communities Developing news and program making Improving technical quality Building networks covering 80-90% of Serbs

3 KOSMA Radio Network

4 5 stations with two extras Existing microwave network built by OSCE not functioning New Comrex broadcast Internet based system US technology

5 KOSMA Radio Network Designed by Rich McClear and Shkumbin Rama Distribute individual news items and broadcast simultaneously Outside broadcast capacity Share around 130 news items per month.

6 KOSMA Network Technical Specification ACCESS Rack installed in all studios for interchange ofACCESS Portable kits to all stations for Outside programs, remote interview,Broadcast, news gathering over public internet, OB reception etc.WIFI or POTS

7 COMREX ACCESS Uses BRIC technology to deliver broadcast audio over the public Internet User interface via standard web browser enables control from any location there's Internet access Backward compatibility to Comrex POTS codecs (including Matrix, Vector or BlueBox) Optional MPEG 4-AAC algorithms available for extremely high quality audio

8 COMREX ACCESS ACCESS will work on a wide variety of wired and wireless data circuits, including: Wired Ethernet Networks - Cable, DSL, T1, T3, etc. Wireless Networks - 802.11b,g,n WiFi 3G / 4G Cellular Data Networks - EVDO, UMTS, WiMax Satellite Terminals POTS Analog Telephone Lines Public Internet - Uses Revolutionary BRIC Technology, designed to overcome the innate unreliability of the public Internet

9 COMREX The Smart Codec MODEBIT RATES (KB/S)AUDIO BANDWIDTHCODING DELAY BRIC HQ1 – A2 Stereo good quality audio 4215 kHz60 ms BRIC HQ2 – A2 Stereo excellent quality audio 3015 kHz260 ms Linear PCM uncompressed audio 153620 kHz40 AAC 64, 96, 128, 25620 kHz300 ms AAC-LD 96, 128, 192, 256, 384 15 kHz80 ms

10 TV Mreza Network

11 4 stations with a hub in central Kosovo Equal partners though competitors as well New Streambox Internet based system US technology

12 TV Mreza Network Exchange news and longer programs Share 100-140 news items per month New Agrar, Slobodno Srpski and Kosnet INFO programs

13 TV Mreza Technical Specification Streambox SBT3-E5201 Encoder Streambox SBT3-D5201 Decoder

14 Streambox The network uses a virtual private network (VPN), built by Kosovo internet service provider Kujtesa Streambox technology to connect with each other to exchange both live and recorded videos

15 Streambox Chain method of sharing data Multicast / unicast Options: Store and Forward Bandwidth can be set up from 64 Kbps up to 8 Mbps Encoding Latency: Adjustable from 200 ms to 10 seconds Encoder Decoder Encoder Decoder Encoder Decoder TV 2 TV 1 TV 3

16 TV Mreza Back-up System FTP – File Transport Protocol is used as backup, in case of electricity power cuts, or in case of ISP failure

17 Radio Transmission Links Separate from broadcast licenses Add additional cost which stations cant afford Use free allocated frequencies through IP technology

18 Radio Transmission Links BRIC-Link is uniquely suited to point-to-point "nailed up" high-quality audio links over a variety of data networks, such as: ISM Band IP Radios T1/E1 Satellite WANs and LANs

19 Network Technical Problems Power cuts Inexperienced technical staff needs to be more familiar with IP technology. Unreliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) to guarantee 24/7 uplink Expensive Internet Service Cost


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