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Lesson 1: Search Vocabulary Source:

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1 Lesson 1: Search Vocabulary Source: http://www.teachnet-lab.olrg/is24/sposer/searching.htm

2 Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Category: Computers & Internet Number your paper: 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 1000,000, 150,000, 1,000,000

3 1,000 – What does WWW stand for? a. Wide World Web b. World Wide Web c. Web World Wide

4 5,000 – An introductory/title page of a site is called a: a. headline b. home site c. homepage

5 10,000 – What is a URL ( Uniform Resource Locator)? a. A website address b. An encyclopedia c. A help key

6 15,000 – Which is not an example of a search engine? a. b. c.

7 100,000 – Searching unproductively on the Internet in known as: a. crashing b. mashing c. thrashing

8 150,000 – If you wanted to reach the US Navy, what domain would you use?

9 1,000,000 – Which word is not used in a Boolean search? a. and b. but c. not d. or

10 Different Domain – commercial site ex.,, – government site ex.,, Check out this site for the Top 10 Government Sites: websites.html

11 .org – an organizations site ex –, – US military site ex. –, Edu – educational websites ex. –,

12 What is a Boolean search? Click on this site to see: ean/

13 How do I narrow down my searches? You are in a chemistry class, and you need to do research on the element mercury. Go to and type in mercury. What did you find?

14 2 Types of Searches 1. Subject indexes 2. Keyword searches

15 Subject Directories 1. Go to a search engine such as 2. Scroll down to a topic of choice. Ex – click on Health 3. Click on a health topic of choice; it will then give you a list of subtopics that are linked to more info

16 Key Word Searches Search TipPurposeExamples AndNarrows a searchJFK and assassination Mammoths and sabertooth tigers OrExpands a searchDinosaurs or prehistoric reptiles Anacondas or large snakes NotNarrows down a searchYork England not York PA

17 Other Search Tips 1. Use quotation marks to make all of your words appear together in a search. Ex – Sandra Kay Harmon 2. Case sensitivity – be sure to capitalize names, acronyms, cities, etc. Ex – search SPAM versus Spam

18 How do I know if Im on a valid website? 1. Can you find when the page was created? 2. When was it last updated? 3. Who is the person/agency responsible for updating the page? 4. Who is the author – someone from a school, government agency, organization or company? 5. Is the website biased – has someone expressed an opinion? 6. Are there links to other sites? Are they still active?

19 Evaluate a Website Save the Guinea Worm Geno Choice Blonds to die out in 200 years

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