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Useful Chinese Internet Tools

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1 Useful Chinese Internet Tools
Martin Leung Shanghai Geeks

2 Agenda Cover main internet websites: Google (set translator on) Baidu
Taobao WeChat Free TV websites

3 Google Use Google Chrome Turn on translation of Chinese websites

4 Baidu Music Video Maps

5 Listen to Any Music Go to and click on music

6 Listen to Any Music In the search bar, type name of song you want to hear

7 Listen to Any Music On next page, choose to either stream the song or download to computer.

8 Listen to Any Music Live Streaming.

9 Listen to Any Music Download to Computer

10 Watch Any Video type in English name of the movie you want.

11 Watch Any Video Click on the Chinese name of the video.

12 Watch Any Video Copy the Chinese name of the video

13 Watch Any Video Go to or and paste Chinese name into search engine.

14 Watch Any Video Click through and watch video

15 Map any location in China
Go to Type an address using Pinyin

16 Map any location in China
Click on the “A”, and type a location in Pinyin

17 Map any location in China
Result shows the trip destination and condition on the roads.

18 Taobao

19 WeChat

20 TV Shows

21 Watch Any TV Show Website:

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