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L.S.K. Makani How Africa can make the most of the Internet.

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1 L.S.K. Makani How Africa can make the most of the Internet

2 Before the Internet, Knowledge & communication …

3 School, University & Community libraries

4 newspapers too

5 Letters and Public Phones

6 Influence mostly one way Living within a WALL

7 We needed Approval to be

8 Advancement without us resulted in Customerism *

9 No influence on what you get. Your involvement is just in buying

10 Resulted in Mavhet akapenga amana * *Translations on last slide

11 But things are changing now… Well, mostly…

12 Mobile Phone & the Internet increasingly more accessible

13 Year Population Access to Mobile in Zimbabwe

14 Number of Internet Subscribers in Zimbabwe 2.5 Million* *January 2012 Estimate based on operator stats


16 Good to stay connected with friends & consume content freely

17 The internet is way more than social interaction & consumption of entertainment

18 We needed Approval to be

19 Its one of the most powerful tools ever created by man

20 …and there are just so many clicks you can make in a day

21 Use those clicks to… 1 2 3 Learn Connect Participate

22 1 2 3 Learn

23 Once you have access, the Internet is open

24 Numerous tools available now to help you access knowledge for free

25 A free world-class education for anyone anywhere

26 Learn and teach anything

27 Online courses from the world's top scholars

28 & many more….

29 Use the internet to freely acquire knowledge

30 Forget the teacher said youre daft Find methods that work for you

31 Apply locally & learn more by… DOING

32 1 2 3 Connect

33 Connect to things that matter to you

34 1.Companies 2.Leaders 3.Customers 4.People

35 less chit-chat, make meaningful connections

36 try to ignore what mainstream media is saying, find and connect to what YOU need

37 Connect with other Africans solving similar problems

38 1 2 3 Participate

39 Contribute and Share with people that share your passion

40 Africa has new ideas & perspectives

41 Use globally available tools to create & distribute solutions

42 Participate beyond Zimbabwe

43 Dont wait for the traditional channels

44 Realise that iwewe wakapenga!

45 Thank You Limbikani Soul Kabweza Makani Contact: Personal blog: http://kabweza.tumblr.com Facebook: Twitter: @aKabweza

46 Credit Internet Café sign on Slide 1 - UZ library picture on slide 3, – UZ Facebook page, People reading newspapers in slide 4 - images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2010/3/28/1269791438577/Harare-residents-read-new-001.jpg images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2010/3/28/1269791438577/Harare-residents-read-new-001.jpg Wall image on slide 6 by Oula Lehtinen, Containers image on slide 9,, Mobile phone mage on slide 12, Nokia website, Axe on slide 19, Quote and concept on slide 19 from Clock image on Slide 20, Picture of keys of slide 23, Che-burashka,Che-burashka Image of woman using laptop to study on Slide 29, Image of man working on electronics board on slide 31, AfriGadget, africa-2010-begins/ africa-2010-begins/ Image of handshake on slide 34, Social media on transparent board slide, slide 35 Image of African male scientist on slide 37, 620x480.jpg 620x480.jpg Germinating plant image on Slide 40, Great Zimbabwe image on slide 44, Translations Mavhet akapenga amana – literally the white people are crazy, and meaning they are super intelligent Iwewe wakapenga – literally you are crazy and meaning YOU are super intelligent

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