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Rich Internet Applications: Audio and Video Dropbox, Conversations, and Mashups Scott Sterling.

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1 Rich Internet Applications: Audio and Video Dropbox, Conversations, and Mashups Scott Sterling

2 Some tech lingo TermAKADefinition Rich Internet ApplicationRIAAn embeddable web application EmbedLinkAn element added to a website. It is directly usable from the website. A linkhyperlink, linkAn object that takes you to a different website Center for Language Education and Research CLEARFederally funded language resource center

3 Where is my handout? We have some flyers available However, CLEAR has been working hard to create digital documentation o

4 What is a RIA? Rich Internet Application They are FREE to use Can be used in most course management sites (D2L, Moodle, Edmodo, Wordpres) Currently 12 different web applications No content, just functionality o You create the content

5 What is a RIA? (cont.) Pedagogically motivated Benefits o Allow shy/quiet students to talk more o Give students more chances to practice speaking o Can help ease stress in the classroom

6 What do I need to use the RIAs? A CLEAR account (free to sign up for) Basic computer knowledge o copy/paste o drop and drag o Identifying online elements (embed code, URL)

7 What will we talk about today? Audio Dropbox - online audio recorder Video Dropbox - online video recorder Conversations - simulated conversation Mashups - simple web page creator

8 Problem Your students are not getting enough verbal practice o 50 minutes divided between 20 students = 2.5 minutes of talk time per student You have one student who talks too much or one student who talks too little You are teaching a speaking class and want your students to practice speaking at home

9 One solution Use web-based tools that allow students to practice: o whenever o wherever o at their own pace

10 Audio DropBox This tool allows you to embed an audio recorder into your website Students recordings automatically get sent back to your Audio Dropbox account

11 Audio Dropbox: what the students see Start recording Upload recording Delete recording Recording time Recording Playback Stop button Recording indicator

12 Audio Dropbox: What you see

13 Live demo

14 Video Dropbox Similar to Audio Dropbox but it allows your students to record video of themselves

15 Video Dropbox: what the students see Buttons should look familiar to you

16 Video Dropbox: What you see

17 Live Demo

18 Problem My students need to practice for the AP exam, OPI, or a class speaking test My students have no idea how to interact with people from X I dont get to have many one-to-one conversations with my students

19 Our solution Use a static tool that simulates conversations o **CLEARs Conversations o CeLTA has practice OPI tests in Spanish, German, and French

20 Conversations Similar to an Audio/Video Dropbox o embed it into your website When students start app o they see a prerecorded question o respond immediately to it o repeat until all questions are finished

21 Sample Conversation

22 Conversations: student view Listen to practice question Select practice question Record Stop Listen

23 Student side Starts the app Playback responses Playback student responses only

24 Instructor view

25 Live demo

26 Problems These tools look great but I am not good at technology I want my students to design web pages for a project but I want to keep it simple I dont have a homepage/course management site

27 Our solution Use Mashup o A simple web page developer All of the examples today have been in Mashups

28 Mashups Allows you to create a web page and include various elements o Video (Youtube) o Audio o Embeddable elements (wikis, Conversations, Audio/Video Dropboxes o Text o Images

29 Student view

30 Instructor view

31 Live demo p2/index.php?code=editMashup&folderID=0& ID=23466

32 Your turn! Build an activity that helps solve one of these issues 1.You have a test scheduled for next Thursday. You want your students to practice asking for directions. 2.One of the goals for your course is to have students learn how to order food at a restaurant. 3.Students in your class are having trouble pronouncing certain sounds.

33 Share!

34 How to D2L!

35 Questions and play time Please ask any questions you have Use the rest of the time to design an activity you need for your class. I will come around and help everyone I can.

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