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Point 5. Countries plans on Time Use Surveys

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1 Point 5. Countries plans on Time Use Surveys
Working Group on Time Use Surveys 10 April 2013

2 Two consultations on countries plans for the TUS
at the occasion of the DSS meeting in September 2012, at the occasion of this WG meeting April 2013 Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Croatia and Serbia, Netherlands, Romania 2 countries having conducted the survey did not reply the WG questionnaire (BG, EE)

3 Countries having the TUS: BG, EE, ES, IT, NL, AT, RO, SE, NO, RS
FR, HU, FI (2013) BE, DE, EL, PL (2015) No survey: CZ, DK, IE, CY, LV, LT, LU, MT, PT, SI, SK, CH, UK, HR Germany (Germany is only allowed to send total anonymised microdata by the legal base).

4 The same structure as in the previous wave Yes BE, BG, EE, IT, HU, RO, FI, SE, NO No ES, PL (slightly different) No clear DE, EL, FR, NL, AT All the countries conducted survey for a whole year (12 months) “with whom” “location” and “information on the use of a computer or internet” coded in all

5 Deviations from the HETUS 2008 guidelines Yes BE, ES, IT, FI, SE, RS, NL, AT (2000 guidelines), PL, NO (slightly different) No BG, DE, EE, EL, FR, HU, NL, RO

6 Age limits for respondents
<10 10+ 11+ 15+ No answer IT* (3+), NO (9,79) DE, EL, ES, AT, FI, NL, HU(10-84), PL(diary) FR BE (Collective HH or HH with only excluded), PL (ind quest.), SE (15-84), RS BG, EE, RO

7 How many diary days, and is a distinction made between working days and the weekend?
1 working day, 1 weekend day 1 day 2 days 2 weekdays and 1 weekend-day 7 days collection instead of 2 days No answer BE, EL, FR, PL, SE, RS HU ( for young or employed population), ES ( without distinction between working days and weekend), HU (inactive or old population), AT, IT* (with distinction) FI (with distinction) NO (consecutive) DE NL BG, EE, RO

8 Costs of data transcoding more than 25 000 €
Costs of the data collection cannot be covered Costs of data transcoding more than € Yes No No reply/not clear BE (partner), DE, ES, AT, RO BG, EE, EL, FR, IT, HU, PL, FI, NO, SR NL, SE

9 Legislative future of the survey
Legislative future of the survey ? A 15 countries see the Regulation as an appropriate option for survey implementation in the future. 10 prefer the soft low cooperation. The availability of funds assured with the Regulation underlined by several countries.

10 Methodological network for further developments on the TUS More than 15 countries interested in cooperation

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